Chapter 628 Cronyism

Chapter 628 – Cronyism

“Big Brother Ye, where did you get such amazing stones from?” Zuo Liang’s eyes shone brightly as he looked towards Ye Zichen.

However, Ye Zichen had no time for him. He was busy wondering whether he should take out his phone and what he should do if the Heavenly Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven actually did send him a friend request.

“Big Brother Ye.”

“I picked them up from the side of the streets,” Ye Zichen replied in annoyance while wearing a frown. Then he sat down on a nearby chair and took out his phone.


I’ll have to face this sooner or later…

He opened up the app.

Ye Zichen’s worrying heart finally calmed down when he saw that there were no friend requests. He let out a long sigh, but couldn’t help but feel a little bit disappointed.

These stones can’t actually grant wishes. I suppose everything before that was just a coincidence.

As for the notification vibration, it was because the God of Thunder had just sent him a message.

“Sky Sovereign, I have some things I would like to request.”

Ugh, I haven’t even use any of my rights as the Chancellor of the Grand Secretariat, but I still have to deal with the things for the Jade Emperor now. Gah, I suppose I do have to work in this position.

Taibai Jinxing might have just been wiping the Jade Emperor’s ass all the time.

Ahh, speaking of which, I haven’t contacted him for quite a while. I wonder what he’s been busy with. He hasn’t contacted me either.

“What is it?”

“Sky Sovereign, it’s like this. Over the past few years, the heavenly soldiers’ equipment have been damaged a bit, I would like to request some military funding to get some new equipment for the soldiers,” God of Thunder replied.

“Then do it. Oh yeah, you should go and ask the God of Fortune for money, why are you asking me?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

“I should indeed go to the Gods of Fortunes, but you’re the chancellor, so I have to report it to you first to get your approval. Otherwise, I’ll only be ignored,” God of Thunder smiled wryly.

“Alright, then just ask the God of Fortune directly and tell him that I told you so. You can even send those gods a screenshot of our chat. If they still don’t believe you, then tell them to come and find me.” Ye Zichen really couldn’t be bothered with all that.

God of Thunder chuckled as his intimacy level increased by 50 points, then went off to look for the God of Fortune.

Seriously, coming to me for these tiny matters.

Ye Zichen closed the chat and shook his head with a smile. However, before he could even put his phone away, God of Fortune had sent him a message.

F*ck me, they’re seriously efficient!

Ye Zichen was momentarily stunned, then he clicked open the chat.

“Sky Sovereign, you agreed to fund God of Thunder?”

“Yeah, what is the issue with it?” Ye Zichen replied. “The heavenly soldiers are important people who protect the land of our Heavenly Court, isn’t it normal to let them be better equipped? What’s more, aren’t you on pretty good terms with God of Thunder? Why do you need to come to me for this?”

“Of course I’m willing to fund him, but the funding will take a lot of paperwork, it’s a lot of trouble,” God of Fortune sighed. “You know that we’re the five gods of fortune. Although I’m the God of Fortune proper, the power is split amongst all five of us. You heard of the martial and literi ones right? The Wenchang Monarch isn’t on good terms with me and I can’t be bothered with him…”[1]

“That’s simple. You’re in charge of everything related to wealth from now on. Just show that Wenchang Monarch or something our chat. If he can’t accept it, then tell him to come to me. Oh yeah, don’t just fund the God of Thunder, even though he was the one who came to me, the other generals’ soldiers might need new equipment as well, so fund them all,” Ye Zichen waved his hand.

Seeing that, God of Fortune was beyond excited.

After such a long cold war with Wenchang Monarch, it has finally come to an end.

I’ve finally got good backing!

“Understood Sky Sovereign, I’ll go do that immediately. Come over to the Heavenly Court when you have time, I’ll set up a proper banquet for you!”

“Go, go,” Ye Zichen smiled. He understood that perhaps his method of handling everything was rather unfair to Wenchang Monarch, but the latter wasn’t someone he was familiar with, while Zhao Gongming was someone he was close and on good terms with. In fact, Zhao Gongming could be considered to be amongst one of those who he had first established a connection with.

Their intimacy level reached 600, which was already in the admiration level. He wasn’t worried about Zhao Gongming betraying him at all.

What’s more, even if Zhao Gongming had the intention… He would be able to notice it with the system…

He can just directly fire God of Fortune any time he wants.


In less than thirty minutes, Ye Zichen received a friend request.

To no one’s surprise, it was one from Wenchang Emperor.


“Sky Sovereign, when we, the status of the Gods of Fortune were bestowed upon the five of us, Taibai Jinxing intentionally split the powers between us five for balance. It was also to ensure that nobody would be able to single-mindedly dictate everything when trouble arises, which will make us discuss more. You just came to power, how could you hand all the power to Zhao Gongming?”

Wenchang Emperor did not greet him, did not say anything else and instead said everything extremely bluntly!

Wow, very strong.

But I’m not afraid.

“You got a problem with that?”

“Of course. You’re messing around here!” Wenchang Monarch said fiercely. “Do you want to destroy the balance that Taibai Jinxing tried to keep? What’s more, I hear that you’re very close with Zhao Gongming. Immediately promoting those around you after taking to the office… Isn’t this just cronyism!?”


As expected of the Literari God of Fortune, he truly phrased everything in a sophisticated manner.

But… so what?

‘Lil’ Wen, you have to obey the will of the office. Taibai Jinxing is a senior who this sovereign respects, but he has already left the Heavenly Court. The Heavenly Court is in a huge mess recently. The Jade Emperor handed me this power out of his trust for me. I have my own ideas when handling things, so saying that it’s cronyism is too much!”

“But you…”

“Alright, this sovereign has a lot more stuff to handle. Zhao Gongming will be in charge of the policies related to finance from now on. Work hard for him. Ta ta.”


Ye Zichen deleted Wenchang Monarch from his friend list.

Cronyism. Yeah, he’s right. That’s what I’m doing.

So what?

He can only endure it!

What’s more, he’s not the only one who was stripped of power, yet he’s the only one who came to complain? Who does he think he is?


Wenchang Monarch’s intimacy level decreased by 100. Current intimacy level: 0.


Your intimacy level with Wenchang Monarch has leveled down. Current intimacy level: Cold.

“Decreased intimacy level? What’s he trying to do? Scare me?” Ye Zichen chuckled, then sent a message to Zhao Gongming. “Zhao Gongming, that Wenchang Monarch was disrespectful towards me just now. Strip him of his position as the Literari God of Fortune and tell him to go home. We’ll decide what to do with him based on his future performance. If he wishes to ask for forgiveness, then we’ll get him a job in the future, if he doesn’t, then let him just retire like this. Also, find someone to fill in the empty position yourself.”

With that, Ye Zichen turned to the group chat and sent out a notice.

System Notice: Due to Wenchang Monarch refusing to comply with the organization’s decisions and speaking very disrespectfully towards his superior, it has been announced that he shall be stripped of the position as the Literari God of Fortune. Due to his work for the Heavenly Court, he is allowed to keep his celestial position. This is effective immediately.


Wenchang Monarch kicked the golden toad in front of him to the ground the moment he saw the message.

“This is pissing me off!”

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  1. The five gods of fortunes in Chinese mythology are split into the: Martial God of Fortune, Literari God of Fortune, Loyal God of Fortune, Wealthy God of Fortune, and Side God of Fortune. The Literari God of Fortune is Wenchang Monarch, while the Martial God of Fortune is the God of Fortune proper, Zhao Gongming.

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