Chapter 627 I’m telling you, don’t even take a single step forward

Chapter 627 – I’m telling you, don’t even take a single step forward

She’s trying to screw me over...

That was the only thing Ye Zichen could think of.

The old man was Mu Chengtian’s teacher, and no matter how frail he was, Mu Chengtian was one of the Mu family. They say that you always have to look at who’s the owner before beating the dog.

Zuo Mo might be the young mistress of the Treasure Tower, so she can just curse at the old man for a bit.

But the Mu family is definitely going to cause trouble for a pure little guy like me if I beat these two up.

I’m not a pussy, I just really don’t want to get into more trouble.

“Young Mistress Zuo is truly funny. Him…?” Faint disdain surfaced in the old man’s eyes. “Ignoring the fact that this brat is of no threat to me at all, you really shouldn’t drag an outsider into our affairs. The Mu family is not a family that should be easily offended.”

I know right?

Ye Zichen nodded silently.

Zuo Mo smirked, then walked before him. “I’m just asking you this one time. Are you helping me?”

Zuo Mo’s tone was very calm, but it was that very calmness that caused Ye Zichen to felt like something was wrong. He really wanted to refuse, yet for some reason, he just couldn’t utter the words of refusal.

“You didn’t refuse me, so do it. I believe that you can deal with him,” with that, Zuo Mo stepped backwards and made way for Ye Zichen.

Now that it has already come to that, Ye Zichen didn’t say anything else. He merely shrugged, “Gramps, hurry up and take the sick and frail Mu Chengtian away. I don’t want to attack you guys, there really is no benefit to all this.”

“Who’re you calling sick and frail? Say that again if you dare!” Mu Chengtian trembled in rage.

“Huuuu.” Ye Zichen didn’t say anything and merely blew in Mu Chengtian’s direction.

“Ahh…” Mu Chengtian hurriedly grabbed the old man’s arm. From his wobbling appearance, if it wasn’t for that old man supporting him, Mu Chengtian really might have flown away.

“The truth cannot be denied,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth, then made a please gesture. “Just stop causing trouble here. Young Mistress Zuo already put it this way… Isn’t it shameful for you guys just sticking around and refusing to leave?”

“Zheng Qian,” Mu Chengtian murmured softly.

The old man nodded faintly, then put him to the side.

“This is related to the Mu Family’s face. Just what face do we have if we leave right now?” Zheng Qian turned around coldly as his robe fluttered loudly in the air and a sharp gaze surfaced in his ancient eyes. “Lady Zuo is one thing, since we’re family in the future, but this foolish young man…”

Zheng Qian cracked his neck and slowly walked forward.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen was completely speechless.

What the heck did I even do to you? I didn’t even say anything, how’s this my fault now?

He subconsciously glanced towards Zuo Mo and noticed that she had sat down on a chair and smiled towards him as if she was watching a show.

Then he glanced at the menacing Zheng Qian…

F*ck this, he really does think that I’m an easy picking.

“Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Consequences are dire if you choose to step forward even one more step,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and looked forward.

Hearing that, Zheng Qian laughed loudly as if he heard something hilarious, “Let’s see what you’re going to do to me.”


A Sky Immortal’s spiritual energy radiated forth and the terrifying pressure caused the Zuo family’s butler to can’t help but advise, “Mr. Zheng, no matter what, we’re in the Zuo family’s land. Fighting isn’t really right.”

“This kid insulted the Young Lord of the Mu family, what will happen to the Mu family’s face if I don’t teach him a lesson?” Zheng Qian snorted coldly, then turned towards Ye Zichen. “If you are apologetic about it, then apologize to my young lord. I can let you off.”

“You have to kneel while you apologize!” Mu Chengtian added.

“I’m going to repeat what I said again. If you take even a single step forward… the consequences will be dire,” Ye Zichen stood on the spot with a carefree smile.

Zheng Qian’s expression darkened, “You’re just too cocky!”

He stepped forwards.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile, “You really aren’t going to give up until you taste the consequences!”

At the same time, Ye Zichen also moved.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

In the time of a mere few breaths, Zheng Qian’s head swelled up like a pig’s head. Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. Ye Zichen picked him up by the collar and took a few steps and chucked him over the wall.

All of that happened in the span of but a few mere moments.

“Man, I told you so many times, but you refused to listen. Now, you finally stopped trying,” Ye Zichen commented, then put his hands in his pocket and walked back.

The Zuo family’s butler was completely shocked. Even with his strength, he didn’t manage to clearly see what the young man did.

More importantly, that was a Sky Immortal level expert. He was dealt with just like that!?

“Grandson, what are you still here for? Do you need me to provide meals for you?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at Mu Chengtian.

Mu Chengtian, who seemed completely dumbfounded, screamed out in a strange manner, then ran away like a rabbit whose tail was stepped on.

“Damn, you really can’t tell just how sick he is when he’s running.”

“It seems like you’ve gotten stronger since the last time we met,” Zuo Mo pursed her lips with a smile.

Ye Zichen nodded, “Kind of. But you really screwed me over big time. Now the Mu family actually has a grudge against me. My small force was just established. I’m pretty speechless about gaining such an enemy now.”

“You’re saying that you don’t make enemies everywhere?” Zuo Mo smiled meaningfully.

Ye Zichen did not deny it. He merely shrugged.

At this moment, the Zuo family’s butler walked over,” Young Mistress, the Mu family…”

“Ignore them. Never mind, get someone to send a message to the Mu family later and say that that Zheng Qian was pissing me off. If they are still angry about that, then come talk to me,” Zuo Mo’s tone was completely indifferent.

Hearing that, the old butler smiled wryly.

Fine, just like I thought, I have to deal with this in the end.

When the butler left from the hall, Zuo Liang spoke up, “Sis, it wasn’t a good idea for us to get the guy beaten up, right? Father’s definitely going to scold you when he returns.”

“It’s all your fault,” Zuo Mo bit her lips and smacked his head. “If you didn’t make that sort of shitty wish, then it wouldn’t have turned out like this!”

“I didn’t expect it would work that well!” Zuo Liang muttered.

Now that something like that had occurred, even Ye Zichen felt like the stones were amazing. He was just messing with Zuo Mo when he said that they can grant wishes, but judging on everything that had happened…

The wish to open Mount Biluo’s seal was granted.

The wish for me to come to the Zuo household was granted.

The wish for Mu Chengtian to come to the Zuo household was granted as well.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but squat down and look at the seven pieces of seven stones on the floor.

Zuo Liang and Zuo Mo also did the same.

Can they really grant wishes?

Ye Zichen refused to believe that!

“Get the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens to add me to his friend list if you can!”

The Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens was the most mysterious existence in the entirety of the Underworld. Ye Zichen had never seen him pop up even once in the Underworld’s group chat ever since he got in.

If something impossible like this happens, then…


Ye Zichen’s phone vibrated.

F*ck! It actually came true!?

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