Chapter 626 Mu Chengtian’s Visit

Chapter 626 – Mu Chengtian’s Visit

Mu Chengtian’s face was stark white like a piece of paper. Meanwhile, a butler-like elder stood beside him and helped him step over the measly ten centimeters tall doorsill.

However, merely the action of stepping over the doorsill took Mu Chengtian pretty much all his might.

“W-Why are you here?” Mu Chengtian’s chest heaved up and down as he pointed his finger at Ye Zichen angrily.

Zuo Liang was completely dumbfounded when he saw this. He looked at the shimmering stones on the ground in surprise and gulped.

It really was granted.

“Zuo Liang,” Zuo Mo bit her lips and shouted angrily at him. “You just made a wish didn’t you!?”

Zuo Liang smiled coyly when he saw his sister’s reaction, “Big Brother Ye said it wouldn’t work, so I wanted to try. Who would have expected that…”

“Then couldn’t you try something else!?” Zuo Mo clenched her teeth in anger. He actually made such a wish even after what I said to him. Ugh, is he trying to piss me off?

“Hehe…” Zuo Liang scratched his head and laughed dryly.

On the other hand, a hint of anger surfaced on the stark white face of Mu Chengtian, who was completely ignored by everyone else. “Do you guys think I’m not here!?”

“What if we do?” Zuo Mo frowned. “Who told you to come here? The Zuo household has no time for you.”

“Lady Zuo, isn’t your attitude a bit over the top?” the old butler said.

“Is this a place where you’re permitted to speak?” Zuo Mo squinted her eyes and snorted. “If we put it nicely, you’re Mu Chengtian’s teacher, but truth be told, you’re just his butler. You should really consider who the heck you are before speaking to me, got it?”

“Lil’ Mo, what are you doing?” Hearts nearly popped out of Mu Chengtian’s eyes when he saw how beautiful Zuo Mo looked, which also caused his tone to become a lot gentler. “Elder Zheng is my teacher.”

“I can’t be bothered with you. What did you come to the Zuo household for? If you want to talk to my father, then I’m sorry, but he hasn’t been around these few days.”

“It’s for the engagement,” Mu Chengtian forced a smile. “I’ve already brought the betrothal gift. It’s right outside your manor.”

“I seem to recall the engagement date being in three days. You’re too early. Also, I haven’t decided to get engaged to you yet, so don’t call me Lil’ Mo. You’re not that close to me,” Zuo Mo’s tone remained strong.

Mu Chengtian stuttered, but was unable to form a coherent sentence.

However, the elder beside him couldn’t stand it anymore. Thus, he snorted, “Lady Zuo Mo, no matter what, you’re the darling daughter of Tower Head Zuo. You should watch yourself when you speak. Every single one of your words and actions reflects upon the Treasure Tower. Being so unreasonable will only cause people to think that there is something wrong with your education.”

“You have no right to talk about my education,” Zuo Mo snorted.

“Oh, what’s this? I heard my Big Sister’s Zuo Mo’s really strong tone from miles away. Who pissed her off?” Zuo Qingcheng shook her waist as she walked in.

Mu Chengtian’s face instantly turned bright red when he saw her.

Although the Mu family and Zuo family were very close, he was unable to visit often due to his own body’s conditions.

The only reason he managed to get to know Zuo Mo was by chance. However, he had never seen Zuo Qingcheng before.

“I wonder…” Mu Chengtian gulped.

Zuo Qingcheng smiled alluringly, “This must be Young Master Mu, my sister’s husband, right? Truly, no words can describe you. Young Master Mu might not have seen me before. I am the Zuo family’s second young mistress, Zuo Qingcheng. My sister has always acted strong, so Young Master Mu might be in some trouble in the future.”

“Zuo Qingcheng, why are you always around at times like this?” Zuo Mo squinted her eyes with a smile. “It seems like the lesson last time wasn’t enough?”

Zuo Qingcheng’s shoulders shook for some reason.

Then, she walked beside Mu Chengtian and swept her fingers across his face with a smile, “I just wanted to see my future brother-in-law. If older sister doesn’t want me around, then I’ll leave.”

With that, Zuo Qingcheng left. When she got to the entrance, she stopped, then gave both Mu Chengtian and Ye Zichen a flirtatious look before disappearing from sight.

“Your eyes are going to come out of their sockets if you stare any harder,” Zuo Mo couldn’t help but complain when she saw Ye Zichen’s unmoving gaze.

Ye Zichen smiled coyly, then noticed the saliva about to drip out of Mu Chengtian’s mouth, “It seems like your hubby’s affected even more!”

Only then did Zuo Mo look over with a cold laugh.

“Lil’ Mo, don’t overthink,” Mu Chengtian hurriedly wiped away the saliva from his mouth after hearing Zuo Mo’s cold laugh.

“I’m not overthinking, if you’re interested in Zuo Qingcheng, then just get engaged to her. She seems rather interested in you as well, so you’ll be great together,” Zuo Mo shrugged. “But if you’re still insistent on me, then I’m sorry. Let’s be honest we’re impossible. Take away the gifts you brought over as well, I’ll go over to the Mu family on the set date.”

“Lady Zuo, I think you made a mistake,” the old man beside Mu Chengtian smiled. “We came here after a proper discussion between Tower Head Zuo and our master. They also checked the date and felt like the day three days later is no good, so they brought the date earlier to tomorrow.”

“Say that again!?” Zuo Mo frowned.

“I don’t mind even if I have to say it a million times. Tower Head Zuo and our master decided on that. So, Lady Zuo, do you have anything else to say?” the old man smiled.


Zuo Mo’s expression darkened and clenched her fists.


Ta ta ta…

A middle-aged man appeared quickly at the entrance.

Zuo Mo let out a long sigh, then pointed at Mu Chengtian and the old man, “Send our guests off!”

“Young Mistress, they are…” the butler revealed a hesitant expression.

Zuo Mo squinted her eyes and snorted, “What? Do my words mean nothing to you?”

“Young Mistress, they are the Mu family…”

“This is the Zuo household, not the Mu household. Don’t make me repeat myself. Send our guests off!” Zuo Mo glared at him angrily.

The old man raised his hand and pointed…

“You dare to point at me?” Zuo Mo’s expression turned cold, then chuckled. “I changed my mind!”

She turned over and fluttered her long eyebrows at Ye Zichen, who was standing behind her and watching the show.

Noting that, Ye Zichen felt something was up. “What?”

“Let’s make a deal,” Zuo Mo giggled and looked at him.

Ye Zichen nodded, “Go on…”

Zuo Mo giggled. “That guy pointed at me just now. I’m not happy. So how about you teaching him a lesson for me? I’ll give you a reward!”

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