Chapter 625 Divine Stone

Chapter 625 – Divine Stone

Dragon Balls.

Ye Zichen was confused.

I was just bullshitting, Zuo Mo actually took me seriously? What’s more, summoning the divine dragon needs all seven dragon balls, where did she find such things?

“So the divine dragon you summoned caused me to come,” Ye Zichen shrugged.

“I didn’t see the divine dragon, but I did make a wish and you came,” Zuo Mo muttered.

Ye Zichen didn’t say anything else, and merely raised his eyebrows with a smile. “That’s pretty amazing of you to actually collect all seven dragon balls by yourself.”

“No. The seven dragon balls were in my carriage when I came out of Mount Supreme,” Zuo Mo blinked.

Ye Zichen was momentarily shocked. Then he raised his eyebrows, “You’re talking about the divine stones I used to open up Mount Biluo?”

Yue Lao had asked him for those several times, and he thought that the black-robed person had taken them away.

It seems like the stones are still with Zuo mo...

“Yeah, the ones used to unseal Mount Biluo,” Zuo Mo nodded.

“Are they still with you?”

“I don’t know. They were here earlier, but I don’t know if they disappeared after my wish was fulfilled,” Zuo Mo pursed her lips. “I’ll take a look. If they’re still here, then I’ll bring them over.”

“Mhmm,” Zuo Mo walked out of the meeting hall.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen remained seated as Zuo Liang raised his eyebrows curiously. “Big brother Ye, what was those dragon balls things you were talking with my sister about?”

“You’re a kid, don’t be so nosey,” Ye Zichen crossed his legs. “Why didn’t you two go out to host any auctions? What? Do your auctions have off seasons?”

“Do you think I don’t want to go?” Zuo Liang twitched his mouth and sat down on the chair beside Ye Zichen and took a bite out of a fruit from a plate on the table, then complained. “You know my sister’s gonna get engaged to that brat Mu Chengtian. The Tower Head election’s coming soon, so I’ve got to stay home to be with her. After all, what if she gets bullied?”

“Hehe, so you want to be a knight!” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile. He could tell that the siblings were on great terms

“Hehe,” Zuo Liang scratched his head with a smile.

“You’re lucky, the stones are still here,” at that moment, Zuo Liang returned with seven shimmering stones, which she placed onto the table.

Zuo Liang’s gaze was instantly drawn by the stones. He looked intently at them, then raised his eyebrows. “These are stones that can grant wishes?”

“I’m telling you, these stones are amazing,” Zuo Mo smirked, then started explaining them to Zuo Liang. As for what she said, it was pretty much everything Ye Zichen had said to shock her. “After the divine dragon died, his soul remained in our realm. In order to make life better for us, the divine dragon left seven dragon balls. Collecting all seven can summon the divine dragon. When the divine dragon appears, the skies will rumble and the ground with tremble since it was so strong before that it’s appearance will bend even the will of the heavens. When he appears, you can make a wish which he’ll grant. The seven spheres you see right now are the seven legendary dragon balls!”

Zuo Mo spoked mysteriously and spoke out Ye Zichen’s bullshit like it was fact, while Zuo Liang listened intently and seriously.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head with a chuckle, then took out his phone to talk to Yue Lao.

“Sky Sovereign, what made you contact me?” Yue Lao’s message appeared on the screen. Not long after, he immediately added. “Oh, sorry. You’re the Chancellor of the Grand Secretariat now, so you came to check up on my work. Give me a moment, I’ll report to you about my work…”

Ye Zichen was speechless. He immediately replied in annoyance, “Stop pretending with me. I sought you out to return the divine stones to you.”

Divine Stones? Yue Lao frowned as he pondered in his heart. Didn’t Sovereign lose those? Why is he suddenly saying that he wants to return them? He can’t actually want me to return my shares to him, right?

Ye Zichen immediately sent a message when he saw that Yue Lao did not reply.

“Do you want them or not? Didn’t you say that the divine stones are items of a primordial age that you found with much difficulty? You were crying so hard when I lost them. Do you not want them now?”

“Sky Sovereign, if you return the divine stones, then are you taking back my shares?” Yue Lao asked.

“Of course. Those shares were to compensate you for the lost stones. We already agreed back then that you’ll return the shares to me after they’re found!” Ye Zichen replied.

“Then I don’t want the divine stones anymore,” Yue Lao shook his head. Although the divine stones were treasures from the God Realm, and were more than what met the eyes, but he had them for quite a while and never managed to figure anything out.

In comparison to a few stones which could only be used as the foundation for spiritual formations, he preferred the shares of the Heavenly Court’s Industry Zone.

“…” Ye Zichen was speechless. “Don’t try to act shamelessly with me.”

“Sky Sovereign, I’m telling you. Money is just materialistic things. You are a great person, so you shouldn’t care about these mundane things so much. The divine stones are different, they are divine items. You might be able to pry into more of the secrets of the heavens with them. That’s a great fortune.”

As the saying goes, he who stays near vermilion gets stained red; he who stays near ink gets stained black. Yue Lao was originally a very nice old man, but ever since he met Ye Zichen, he has already learned the way of sales and propaganda.

However, Ye Zichen only smiled as the master of it all.

“You have had the divine stones for quite a while. What did you manage to find?”

“Ha…” Yue Lao chuckled. “This little deity is untalented, and unlike the Sky Sovereign who is bound with great fortune. It may just be some mundane items in my hands, but it is completely different in yours.”

“Yue Lao, you’ve grown,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a wry smile. “Fine, since you don’t want it, then I’ll keep it. Oh yeah, how has the Heavenly Court Corporation been doing?”

“Our revenue is increasing daily. Although the Heavenly Court has been in a bit of a mess recently, it didn’t affect our corporation.”

“Alright. Compile a report of the revenue for me when you have time. Go and do your own thing. Oh yeah, don’t forget your proper job.”

“No problem, I’ll send it over to you tonight.”

After he quit the chat with Yue Lao, Ye Zichen felt two heated gazes staring right at him.

“You two…”

“Big Brother Ye, can you let me take a look at the dragon balls?” Zuo Liang’s eyes were filled with anticipation. It was clear that he believed it as well!

“This is just to mess with your sister. It isn’t actually a dragon ball. Only your sister’s dumb enough to believe it,” Ye Zichen chucked the divine stones into Zuo Liang’s hands.

Zuo Liang chuckled, “I’m just taking a look.”

After receiving it, he did as Zuo Mo told him, and placed it into the formation of the Big Dipper, then muttered, “Is this really as amazing as my sister says? If it really can grant wishes, then get Mu Chengtian over here.”

With that, a exclaim sounded out outside the meeting hall. “Why’re you here!?”

Indeed, the person who had just arrived was no other than Mu Chengtian!

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