Chapter 624 The Miraculous Dragon Balls

Chapter 624 – The Miraculous Dragon Balls

At the Zuo household.

Zuo Mo sat by the window with frustration writ upon her face, in an extremely feminine room as she looked at the seven divine stones in front of her.

She had found them in the dragon carriage when she departed from Mount Supreme. At the beginning, she was rather happy to find them because she could clearly remember what Ye Zichen had said. Collecting all seven of them could allow her to summon the divine dragon to grant her any wish.

When they used it before, a portal had opened, but the balls which were supposed to disappear actually ended up in her carriage. She had already made up her mind that she must keep the balls so that they could be used to fulfill her wish.

For example, when the competition for the Tower Head starts, or when she wanted to break off the engagement…

She wanted the divine dragon to arrive from the heavens and grant her wish.

It really did make her feel excited.

Yet, despite how grand her wishes was, reality was another thing all together. She didn’t end up leaving the seven dragon balls until then. Instead…

“Why isn’t it working? Didn’t he say that collecting all seven of them can summon the divine dragon to grant wishes? I have all of them and already made my wish. Why isn’t the divine dragon here? Is making Ye Zichen appear in front of me even more difficult than opening up Mount Biluo’s seal?” Zuo Mo pouted and looked out the window. She clearly remembers that when the envoy of the divine dragon appeared, rain clouds covered the sky in thunder and lightning…

Yet, right now… It was clear skies everywhere in sight. It didn’t seem like the divine dragon was going to appear at all.

It seems like my wish failed.

“Where did the damn guy go? He didn’t come to see me in so long. Does he not know that I’m the money provider behind his Leisure House? Shouldn’t he at least come and greet me?”

Ta ta ta…

Clear footsteps sounded out from outside the door. Not long later, the door to Zuo Mo’s room pushed open, and Tiantian ran in with a giggle.


Ever since they departed from Mount Supreme, Tiantian and Lil’ Lan, the winged dragon, stayed with Zuo Mo in the Zuo Household.

While she lived with Tiantian, she found that she begun to like the little cutie more and more. Tiantian was very different from the other children she knows. She was very obedient and sensible.

“Big Sister Zuo Mo, Daddy’s here,” Tiantian giggled.

Zuo Mo was momentarily stunned before her face lit up, “You said Ye Zichen’s here?”

With that, she begun to pace around the room. The Divine Dragon truly didn’t disappoint. My wish was indeed granted!

She bit her lips nervously, then ran in front of the bronze mirror to check out how she looked, then ran beside Tiantian, “Good Tiantian, take your daddy to the meeting hall. Big Sister will redo my makeup before going out.”

“But… Daddy’s already here,” when Tiantian finished, Ye Zichen appeared at the door to the room and waved towards Zuo Mo.

“Long time no see.”

“Ahh!” Zuo Mo exclaimed, then squatted down and covered her face with one hand as she waved towards Ye Zichen with the other. “Go out.”

“Don’t be like with me. It’s alright,” Ye Zichen directly walked into the room, then raised his eyebrows at the extremely girly room. “Zeze, I really didn’t expect this, but Princess Zuo’s room is rather cute.”

“Who allowed you in here? Get out. I’ll go and meet you in the meeting hall altar,” Zuo Mo muttered as she continued to squat on the floor.

Ye Zichen glanced at her, “Why are you covering your face? Was it ruined?”

“Daddy’s so dumb, Big Sister Zuo Mo wants you to see her when she’s pretty. Let’s go, let’s go, she’ll come see us later,” Tiantian yanked Ye Zichen and left like a miniature adult.

When their footsteps finally faded, Zuo Mo looked up once again.

Actually, at that moment, her beauty was still shocking if she was to venture out. However, she merely wanted to seem even more beautiful in front of Ye Zichen.

Man, the Zuo family is truly rich.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but gasp when he saw the garden of spiritual plants and the buildings that even had celestial grade treasures within them.

Only the Treasure Tower can afford all this. I doubt any other faction would be so luxurious.

When they arrived in the meeting hall, Ye Zichen chose to sat down on a chair. Approximately five minutes later, Zuo Mo walked out leisurely.

“You used so much time, but you don’t look so different,” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but snicker.

Hearing that, Zuo Mo nearly exploded her rage. It was her first time to intentionally put on makeup and make herself seem more beautiful for someone else, but not only did she not earn any praise, she actually got mocked.

“If you don’t stop smiling like a jackass, then… Consequences are dire,” Zuo Mo gritted her teeth in response.

Ye Zichen quickly sat straight like a primary school kid and schooled his features, “Is this okay?”

“I have no idea why, but I want to hit you even more now,” Zuo Mo clenched her teeth and lifted her hand, then put it down angrily.

After that, she sat down uncaringly in the chair opposite Ye Zichen, “Why did you suddenly remember to come over here? I’ve been rather busy recently, so I don’t have much time for you.”

“Since Lady Mo is so busy, then… I’ll leave?” Ye Zichen pretended that he was going to leave.

Zuo Mo’s hand trembled.

At the same time, Tiantian yanked Ye Zichen on the hem of his shirt, “Don’t go Daddy, Tiantian missed you so much.”

“Of course Daddy knows Tiantian missed me. I came to take Tiantian back. Your Big Sister Zuo Mo said she’s really busy and have no time for us, so let’s stop intruding on her,” Ye Zichen picked Tiantian up and sat her in his lap, then raised his eyebrows. “Thank you for taking care of Tiantian. We’ll stop taking up your time.”

“Ye Zichen!” Zuo Mo suddenly stood up from the chair.

Coincidentally, Zuo Liang entered the room. When he saw Ye Zichen, he immediately went over, “Big Brother Zichen, when did you get back?”

Then he noticed Zuo Mo’s expression and gulped, “Uhm…”

“Ye Zichen, must you trample on other people’s dignity? Fine, I’ll tell you the truth, I made a wish to see you. I don’t want you to leave. You happy now!?” With that, Zuo Mo’s tears flowed down like a waterfall. Only she knew just how much her dignity hurt as a strong woman to say something like that.

Ye ZIchen merely wanted to crack a joke. He didn’t expect everything to turn out like that.

He quickly put Tiantian down and walked over with a wry smile, “Don’t cry. I was just kidding. Lady Zuo is a queen, how can you just cry like that. Good girl, don’t cry now.”

He reached out with his finger to wipe away her tears, then couldn’t help but raise his eyebrow, “Oh yeah, you said you made a wish? Who did you wish to to get it granted?”

“W-Who else? Of course it’s the dr-dragon balls!” Zuo Mo choked out.

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