Chapter 623 We’ll Go Back

Chapter 623 – We’ll Go Back

Li Jiayi revealed a complicated expression when she heard the familiar voice.

This man had often been the cause of her mood swings in the Modern Realm, then… she arrived in this one.

The foreign environment caused her to nearly lose her mind until she met her dear mentor.

She felt like everything had ended and had to start over from the beginning.

She had once thought that she was the only one who had transmigrated. However, she once again met him here.

Is this fate?

Li Jiayi smiled wryly.

Then, after a while, she came back to herself and pursed her lips, “My master is hurrying me to return. I’m leaving.”

With that, Li Jiayi turned around to leave.

Ye Zichen quickly caught up and smiled, “Let me walk you out.”

It had been quite a while since they saw each other and as she smelled the scent of the man beside her… She began to fiddle with her hands.

Sensing the awkward atmosphere between them, Ye Zichen smiled and broke the silence.

“Why did you come to Maple City?”

“It was just along the way,” Li Jiayi answered causally, but the truth was that…

She had intentionally asked others for Ye Zichen’s location and deliberately came over to see him.

“Did everyone at Mount Supreme come out?”

“No, quite a lot of people are still inside. Mount Supreme is not open to the public and new people often go in to test their luck,” Li Jiayi answered plainly.

“I see,” Ye Zichen nodded, then suddenly didn’t know what to say.

Awkwardness surrounded them once more.

From the very beginning, Li Jiayi gazed forward as she fiddled with the hems of her clothes and occasionally stole a few peeks at Ye Zichen.

He feels more reliable and… manlier…

“H-How are you after coming here?” Li Jiayi suddenly asked after a long silence.

“I’m doing fine. You know me, I’m not the kind to let myself suffer setbacks,” Ye Zichen shrugged. “You were at my own faction just now. Leisure House… Hmm, it’ll be equal to your Hundred Flowers Gate in the future.”

“You’re still so amazing,” Li Jiayi smiled softly.

Ye Zichen nodded, “How’re you?”

“I’m doing pretty good as well. Master cares a lot about me and I’m very lucky to have the talent they always speak of. As the chief disciple, my junior and senior sisters are all very nice to me,” Li Jiayi smiled gently, while her body trembled a little.

Noticing that, Ye Zichen put his hand on her shoulder and comforted, “It must be very hard on you to arrive in such a foreign place, right? Don’t worry, we’ll definitely go back.”

“We will?” Li Jiayi’s eyes lit up and looked at Ye Zichen in surprise. “Can we really go back?”

“Of course. Believe me, we will.”

“Junior sister!” At that moment, a slightly displeased voice sounded out from behind the two.

They turned back and saw that a man in a red and yellow striped robe and carrying a long sword on his back was standing in front of the teleportation portal to the Hundred Flowers Gate with a frown.

“Senior Brother Yin,” Li Jiayi nodded towards him with a smile.

Ye ZIchen was momentarily stunned, causing him to raise his eyebrows, “The Hundred Flowers Gate has male disciples?”

“Most of us are female, but there is a line underneath Martial Uncle Liu who are mostly male. They are mainly around to protect the safety of us female disciples when we venture out,” Li Jiayi explained.

“But I feel like his protection puts you in more danger,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth.

The man with the sword also walked over and frowned towards Li Jiayi, “Martial Uncle wanted you to return, but since he still didn’t see you, he told me to come and get you.”

“I’ve troubled you, Senior Brother Yin. I met an old friend on the way, so I chatted for a while longer,” Li Jiayi replied.

“Old friend?” Senior Brother Yi scanned Ye Zichen judgmentally with an arrogant attitude that only served to discomfort Ye Zichen. Then, he twitched his mouth. “Heh, since you’ve already met, then hurry back. Martial Uncle is very worried about you.”

“Okay,” Li Jiayi nodded, then parted reluctantly with Ye Zichen. “Everything you said just now was true, right?”

Ye ZIchen naturally understood that she meant returning to the Modern Realm, so he nodded, “Of course.”

“I believe you. I’m off,” thus, she entered the portal reluctantly.

Only then did he walk over with a snort of disdain, “I don’t know what you promise junior sister. She is young and doesn’t know a lot about the world, so she might have been tricked by your flowery words. Regardless, she is still the chief disciple of our Hundred Flowers Gate. Brat… enough is enough is my advice for you.”


His sword flew up into the air and danced around.

Then, he retracted his sword and disappeared into the portal.

“What the hell!”

When Ye Zichen returned to Leisure House, he found Stone and co. wondering about how to deal with the area Ye Zichen melted.

When Stone turned around and saw Ye Zichen return, he immediately went over, while Xue Qi put on a strange look.


“I did all this?” Ye Zichen scratched his head with a coy smile.

Stone rolled his eyes in annoyance, “Yeah, it’s all you. Wow, you really are amazing. You managed to burn the house down and made a big hole in the ground.

“Sorry, sorry,” Ye zichen scratched his head, while he cursed the system.

This damn system. Just a simple Malteser from it caused such huge trouble and even increased the number of wings I have.

At that moment, Xue Qi walked over with a dark look.

He stared at Ye Zichen for a while, “Brother Ye, you… truly have nothing to do with the demons, right?”

“No,” Ye Zichen answered affirmatively. “I can assure you that I’m not someone from the Demon Race. I don’t want to explain in that much detail. Believe me if you will, but if you don’t… I’ll leave.”

“What’re you doing? We’re all bros here!” Stone hooked his arms around Ye Zichen and Xue Qi’s shoulders. “Let’s stop talking about all that. C’mon, let’s grab a drink.”

“Never mind, I still have some things to handle, so just drink with Brother Ye,” Xue Qi turned around to leave. However, right before he stopped, he stopped for a moment. “I believe you.”

Ye Zichen nodded towards him. Then after sending him off, he smiled. “I have some things to do as well. Oh yeah… Can you get me a room?”

“I already arranged it for you. Lil’ Lan, take your Big Brother Zichen to his new room,” Stone waved his head.

Lil’ Lan immediately skipped over and giggled, “Big Brother Zichen, let’s go.”

When Ye Zichen finally laid down on the bed in his new room, he thought back to what had happened earlier.

What worried him the most was actually the Blood Zombie.

We couldn’t find the jade pendant Yellow Hair lost. Could Hanba have gotten out of it?

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