Chapter 622 Three Pairs of Wings

Chapter 622 – Three Pairs of Wings

“Don’t you even think about reconstructing your body!” Luo Wei glared at Ye Zichen’s body angrily. Cracks appeared on the ground as he leaped high up into the air and punched the green barrier with both hands.

Yet, the power behind the punches seemed to be absorbed the moment it came into contact with the barrier.

Then, within mere moments…

The barrier reflected the absorbed energy.

Luo Wei immediately knew that it wasn’t going to be good, so quickly retreated…


However, he was still affected by the residual force, causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood due to him having already used a lot of his energy before.

He knelt down on the ground, looking rather frail and panted heavily.

“Father!” Luo Yang hurried over, but Luo Wei pushed him against the ground.

“Look at what you have done! He has already reconstructed his body. The best chance to kill him is gone now!”

“Father, Brother Ye isn’t someone from the Demon Realm,” Luo Yang couldn’t help but try again to reason on Ye Zichen’s behalf.

“Isn’t? You’re still saying that he isn’t right now...?” Luo Wei pointed at the unconscious Ye Zichen who levitated above the ground.

When everybody raised their heads to take another look…

Ye Zichen’s body had already been reconstructed. After his dead skin had peeled off, the new skin beneath seemed to shine like jewels. Yet, what truly made everybody speechless was the three pairs of black and white striped wings behind him.

“I’ve read about it in ancient texts that only Fallen can grow wings. The more wings a Fallen has, the more talented he is. Even since ancient times, the Demon Emperor recorded in the text only had three pairs of wings. He… He is comparable to the Demon Emperor!” Luo Wei said with bloodshot eyes.

The others were also stunned when they heard his words.


Demon Emperor.

“Ye ZIchen is definitely not someone of the Demon Race,” Li Jiayi said in an extremely certain tone. She looked up at the wings behind Ye Zichen. “I’m sure of it.”

“Sure of it!?” Luo Wei squinted his eyes as he snorted. “How can you be sure? Even if your master is here, she wouldn’t so as much dare to say that he’s not a demon!”

“What can you even do about it?” Li Jiayi smiled. “It’s already like this. Do you think you still have a chance to kill him?”

Luo Wei turned silent at her words.

He looked up at the barrier. Even as someone amongst the strongest in the Three Realms, he still couldn’t do anything against the barrier.

Even if the barrier disappeared, he couldn’t be sure that he could match Ye Zichen, who had three pairs of wings that signaled his talent as equal to the past Demon Emperor that had terrorized the entire six realms.

What’s more, he wasn’t even in peak condition.


The barrier shattered. A ray of light shone down from the sky and onto Ye Zichen, causing him to seem rather holy. At the same time, there was still a hint of black mist amidst the holiness, causing him to seem rather dark.

He opened his eyes and looked lifelessly in front of him.

This is a chance! Luo Wei gritted his teeth. This was his final chance to kill Ye Zichen. Luo Wei understood that it would only become increasingly more difficult if he allowed Ye Zichen to regain his consciousness.

He formed a claw with his right hand and reached towards Ye Zichen’s throat.

He already mustered up all of his spiritual energy in an attempt to kill Ye Zichen with one strike.


Yet, right as his hand was about to wrap itself around Ye Zichen’s throat, Ye Zichen lifted his hand and grabbed his arm.

“City Lord Luo, what is this for?”

“To kill you,” Luo Wei attacked with his left hand in a more troublesome position as he maintained a dark expression.

Ye Zichen pulled back and asked with great confusion, “City Lord Luo, when did I offend you?”

“Demon spies must die!” With that, Luo Wei suddenly stopped attacking and landed back onto the ground.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also stopped in the air. Neither of them made any other moves.

“What’s going on?” Stone scratched his head in confusion.

Li Jiayi glanced upwards. “They’re fighting using their primordial spirits.”

Approximately five minutes later. Luo Wei clenched his chest and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Ye Zichen also retracted his wings with a wry smile, “City Lord Luo, why did you choose to harm your primordial spirit like that?”

Ye Zichen handed a pill over.

However, Luo Wei slapped the pill away from Ye Zichen’s hand and looked up with a dark gaze and laughed. “I didn’t expect that this Silence would have allowed you to gain such strength. I, Luo Wei, is no coward. Do as you please!”

With that, Luo Wei let down his guard and glared forward.

“I won’t kill you,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile. “I’m not surprised that City Lord Luo thinks that I’m someone of the Demon Race. These wings are indeed the symbols of demons. But I am not a demon!”

“Ridiculous. Fallen are known as the royalty of the demon race, Chief Ye actually said that…”

“That’s all I have to say regardless of whether you believe me or not,” Ye Zichen shrugged. “As for killing you, that’s something I definitely won’t do. City Lord Luo, please take your leave!”

“Are you sure? As the city lord of Maple City, I do have a tremendous reputation. I already know about your identity as a Fallen. When I return, I’ll definitely contact my friends to deal with you,” Luo Wei squinted his eyes with a snort. “So stop pretending. Right now, my primordial spirit is harmed, and I definitely cannot match you, who has demonic blood flowing through your veins, in physical combat. Although killing me here will expose your identity, at the very least, you can say that you did something.”

“Please” Ye Zichen made a please gesture.

Luo Wei, who seemed like he was about to self explode, smiled, “It seems like your plans are greater than I imagined. Don’t regret letting me go today!”

With that, Luo Wei turned around and left.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen shook his head and landed onto the ground helplessly, then picked up the jade vial with a pill within and handed it over to Luo Yang.

“Here’s a Recovery Pill. Although it isn’t really useful for one’s primordial spirit’s recovery, it does have a bit of an effect on it. Give it to your father.”

“Alright,” Luo Yang put the pill away. Then couldn’t help but call out. “Brother Ye.”

“I’m not a demon,” Ye Zichen turned around with a soft smile and met Luo Yang’s sincere gaze. “Actually, I didn’t want these wings. They are essentially the most glaring stain on my life. But I can’t help it, I couldn’t refuse them. But I can promise you right now that I’m definitely not a demon. Quite the contrary, I have an unresolvable vendetta against the demons! Perhaps this is all baseless talk, but time will show you the truth and prove everything.”

“I believe you,” Luo Yang said with a smile. “Oh yeah, Little Sister Zuo Mo really misses you. If you have time, then go back and take a look. She seems really annoyed recently since she’s about to get engaged with the Mu Family sickly bastard and has been talking about you to me all the time.”

“Zuo Mo,” Ye Zichen paused for a moment. I seem to recall her mentioning that engagement thing to me. “I understand, I’ll find some time to see her.”

“Alright, since I’ve already passed along the message, then I’ll be off,” Luo Yang left the courtyard with a smile.

Then, Ye Zichen turned around and to see Li Jiayi’s beautiful face, “You came!”

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