Chapter 621 Must Kill

Chapter 621 – Must Kill

Ye Zichen’s body was completely dried up, making him seem like he had went through some sort of death trap. Alongside the slivers of smoke rising from his body, he seemed like he was going to turn into charcoal.

“B-Big Brother Zichen…” Xue Lan covered her mouth in disbelief.

Everyone else was also shouted when they saw the situation.

“He got burnt!” Stone exclaimed loudly, then reached out to try and touch Ye Zichen…

“Don’t touch,” Luo Wei stopped him.

“Then we’re just going to let Ye-zi lie here? Even if he died, we should give him a fancy funeral,” Stone’s eyes were wet when he spoke. Just how did my good brother get burned like this!?

“Dead? Big Brother Zichen isn’t dead… right?” Even Xue Lan had no confidence in what she said. Ye Zichen had pretty much turned to charcoal and there were no hints of life from him at all.

Is he really still alive?

“City Lord Luo, what do you…” Stone and Xue Lan were both too weak, so they hoped that Luo Wei could offer an alternative.

“There are no hints of life from Little Friend Ye,” Luo Wei let out a sigh. “I already checked out the internal situation of his body…” Luo Wei did not continue, but the results were clear from the shake of his head.

There was no hope.

“How could that be…” Xue Lan bit her lips.

Luo Wei also shook his head with a wry smile and slowly lifted his right hand. “Let Little Friend Ye rest in peace.”

With that, he mustered up his spiritual energy and begun to hurl it towards Ye ZIchen.

Everyone in the surroundings all lowered their heads in silence…


A ray of light accompanied with flower petals broke through the air and knocked Luo Wei back.

“Do you want to kill him?” The one who spoke up was a woman.

She was a woman that everyone couldn’t help but praise for her beauty when they saw her.

However, her beautiful face was glaring coldly at Luo Wei.

“Ye Zichen still has a spark of life within him. Your actions would have cost him his life,” the lady scolded.

Luo Wei’s expression was naturally rather terrible when he got scolded to his face. However, he held back his anger and frowned, “I wonder…”

“Heh, I am Li Jiayi from the Hundred Flowers Gate,” Li Jiayi squinted her eyes and snorted coldly.

Luo Wei paused for a moment, then smiled. “So the Hundred Flowers Gate’s chief disciple has arrived, but even if your Gate Master comes, he still has to act courteously towards me.”

“I have caused you much offense just now. If City Lord Luo has an issue with that, you may raise it with the Hundred Flowers Gate,” Li Jiayi cupped her hands with a smile. “But I wonder why City Lord Luo is holding hostile intentions towards Ye Zichen? I refuse to believe that you cannot sense with your Sky Immortal level that there is still a spark of life remaining in him.”

Xue Qi and co. Were shocked when they heard Li Jiayi’s words.

Xue Lan even grabbed LI Jiayi’s arm and shook it, “Big Sister, is what you said for real?”

“Naturally,” Li Jiayi’s tone was filled with certainty as she snorted and looked towards Luo Wei with her pretty eyes. “Ye Zichen is in the stage of ascension. His body will be regrown, but you want to kill him at his weakest hour? City Lord Luo, shouldn’t you explain your actions?”

“Ascension? Is Chief Disciple Li trying to lie with your eyes wide open?” Luo Wei’s expression turned cold. “This is clearly the Silence that only demons would go through. He is a demon, so shouldn’t I kill him!?”

“What!?” Everyone was shocked at the CIty Lord’s words.

Li Jiayi’s expression also drastically changed. She subconsciously took a step back and stood in front of Ye Zichen, then stared at Luo Wei in prevention of him suddenly attacking.

“As the Chief Disciple of the Hundred Flowers Gate, you should be working with the City Lord’s manor, but you are actually trying to protect a demon who’s going through Silence. Just what are you trying to do!?” Luo Wei scolded sternly, while the spiritual energy in his surroundings begun to rampage. “Move, I have to kill this demon spy!”

“City Lord Luo, don’t forget that Brother Ye was the one who helped your son survive,” Xue Qi said firmly.

Luo Wei snorted, “It’s just a trick. I was wondering why demons would attack me and how this brat managed to get out of the Demon Realm unharmed. That’s the Demon Realm, which opposed the God Race way back then. How could he have gotten out of there? Everything is a ploy. He’s a demon, and his current condition is proof of that!”

“Lil’ Luo, then are you saying that I’m the demons’ spy as well?” Zuo Zhencai snorted.

“That’s very possible,” Luo Wei squinted his eyes. “I hope you don’t fault me for that. Your appearance is simply too sudden. This is a special time, so I have to be wary.”

“I don’t fault you,” Zuo Zhencai shook his head with a wry smile, then continued with a terrible expression. “Being able to escape from the Demon Realm was very fortunate of me, but chaos is about to come. What’s more, I’ve been controlled by the Demon Realm for so long, so it’s fine for you to suspect me as a City Lord. However, Little Friend Ye has always been thinking on behalf of the Three Realms. That’s obvious from everything he says and does. He’s not someone of the Demon Realm…”

“I said it already, I have to be careful,” Luo Wei did not back down. “Although I do not want to believe that Ye Zichen is someone from the Demon Realm, but he… No, I have to kill him. I rather kill a million innocents rather than let go of a guilty person.”

“Sorry, I cannot let you make a move against him,” Li Jiayi stepped forward, and the corsage around her wrist begin to illuminate as her white dress fluttered in the winds.

Even though she was facing a City Lord, she still remained fearless.

“I’m an old man now, if you think that I’m someone of the Demon Realm, then take me as well,” Zuo Zhencai also walked over.

Not long later, Xue Qi and co. all stood opposite Luo Wei.


“Father, I can assure you that Brother Ye is definitely not someone of the Demon Realm,” Luo Yang dragged his weak body forward and stepped in front of Luo Wei. “You have taught me since I was young that you have to repay kindness to me tenfold, hundredfold and even thousand-fold. Brother Ye saved my life, so you can’t act like this.”

“Lil’ Yang, even you…” Luo Wei pointed forward with a tremble. He never expected that everyone chose to oppose him at such a critical moment. “Fine, fine! You’re forcing me!”

Dense spiritual energy surged forth, and Luo Wei used the pressure of it to press everyone in front of him to the ground and walked towards Ye Zichen. “Even if all of you will scorn me, I must kill him.”

At that very moment…

A green seed suddenly came out of Ye Zichen’s body, which was still lying in the hole in the ground. Then, the seed released a veil of light.

Ye Zichen’s body also gradually levitated off the ground and shimmered in midair.

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