Chapter 62 White Impermanence wants to add his WeChat

Chapter 62 – White Impermanence wants to add his WeChat

Ye Zichen did not immediately go and message Old Lord Taishang after reciving the news of their intimacy level rising.

Being in such a hurry would not end up in business. Ye Zichen was sure that Old Lord Taishang would take the initiative in contacting him.

It was as he had expected. The other side sent him a message only several tens of seconds later.

Old Lord Taishang: Fellow Daoist, I chatted with Yue Lao for a bit just now. You didn’t get anxious from waiting, right?

See? His attitude completely changed.

Ye Zichen: Not too much. I was merely wondering about Old Lord Taishang’s Nine Reincarnation Soul Pill…

Old Lord Taishang: The pill is definitely there, it’s just that…

Ye Zichen: Old Lord, just say whatever you want to say directly.

Old Lord Taishang: I heard that fellow daoist gave Yue Lao a box of Yuxi.

Old people like these were truly more interested in stuff like cigarettes.

Ye Zichen: This little deity can use cigarettes to exchange a pill from Old Lord.

Old Lord Taishang: Okay, but I want five boxes.

Five boxes!

Ye Zichen laughed.

That geezer sure was black-hearted enough. Ye Zichen had merely given Yue Lao two boxes of Yuxi in total.

However, it’s alright. Ye Zichen wasn’t afraid of him being greedy, he was afraid of him not wanting anything for Ye Zichen to trade.

A business transaction could be made when there were needs.

Ye Zichen: Alright.

Old Lord Taishang: Send it.

Ye Zichen: Wait a moment.

Ye Zichen let out a long sigh, then put his phone into his pocket before walking to the Black Impermanence’s side.

Ye Zichen was definitely a dangerous person in Black Impermanence’s eyes.

When he saw Ye Zichen walk over, he instantly cried once more, “Big bro, what do you want with me now?”

Ye Zichen reached out his hand to grab Black Impermanence’s arms and snorted.

“I have to go out shortly. I’m not fine with you staying here, so you’re coming with me.”

The Su family and a lot of experts from the hospital were waiting outside the operation room.

If Ye Zichen really could save Elder Su, then it would be a miracle in the history of medicine.

Although nobody thought that Ye Zichen could actually succeed, they did hope that they would hear good news.


The door to the operation room opened. Ye Zichen was holding something in front of him with his right hand and walked out from the operation room.

“Ye-zi, how is it?”

Su Yiyun was the first to rush over. Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and looked at everyone, “I need five boxes of cigarettes.”

“I’ll go and buy them immediately.”

“I’ll also need a juicer and a small cup.”

“I’ll buy everything for you in one go.”

With that, Su Yiyun ran outside from the operation room. Ye Zichen sat down on a chair to rest his eyes while maintaining the grabbing action with his right hand.

“Brat, what sort of tricks are you trying to pull!?”

Su Qihu walked over with a glare. Ye Zichen opened his eyes and raised his eyebrows, “Don’t care about what sort of tricks I pull, isn’t it fine as long as I can save him?”

Save him.

Could the things just now be used for saving Elder Su?

All of the doctors were shocked. They had never heard of how saving people required cigarettes and juicers after many years of being a doctor.

A light flashed across Deng Cheng’s eye as he asked with suspicion, “Little fellow, are you sure that you’re not kidding?”

Ye Zichen had a decent impression of Deng Cheng, because Deng Cheng did not have the usual prideful airs of people in high positions, and because Deng Cheng was very friendly.

Ye Zichen nodded towards him and smiled, “Of course I’m not kidding. It’s just that my method of treatment is different from yours.”

Deng Cheng stopped asking questions. Meanwhile, Su Yan stood at a close distance looking at Ye Zichen, while biting her lips.

It was very hard for her to describe her feelings towards Ye Zichen at that moment.

Thanks, admiration…

She wasn’t sure.

Merely half an hour later, Su Yiyun hurried back with a carton of Zhonghua and a juicer over,


Su Yiyun looked at Ye Zichen in anticipation after he handed over what Ye Zichen needed.

Ye Zichen laughed softly, “I can definitely save the old man.”


The door to the operation room closed once again.

Ye Zichen casually threw Black Impermanence to the corner and opened the row of cigarettes. He scanned it and directly sent it to Old Lord Taishang.


Old Lord Taishang received your red packet.


You received Old Lord Taishang’s red packet.

Nine Reincarnation Soul Pill x1

Old Lord Taishang was a honespt person, so he directly sent the pill over after receiving Ye Zichen’s red packet.

Ye Zichen: Thank you, Old Lord Taishang.

Old Lord Taishang: There is no need for thanks, it’s just business.

Old Lord Taishang was clearly very rational.

Ye Zichen took a look at the intimacy level that didn’t change. It seems like it wasn’t going to be that simple to increase his intimacy level with Old Lord Taishang.

As expected of the Three Pure Ones!

However, that didn’t matter, what mattered was that he had the pill.

Ye Zichen opened his WeChat Treasure Chest and withdrew the Peach of Immortality as well as the Nine Reincarnation Soul Pill.

A huge peach the size of seven or eight normal peaches instantly appeared in Ye Zichen’s hand, alongside a black pill.

“Lil’ Ye, this…”

Elder Su was a bit stunned. On the other hand, Liu Qing was no longer surprised, but the first time she saw this, her reaction as about the same as Elder Su’s.

“Elder Su, this is my secret. I hope you won’t tell other people.”

Ye Zichen had a serious look in his eyes.

Elder Su nodded understandingly, “This old man knows what should be said, and what shouldn’t be.”

Ye Zichen stopped worrying after hearing Elder Su’s steadfast reply.

“Then let’s start returning the soul to the body.”

Ye Zichen placed the Nine Reincarnation Soul Pill into Elder Su’s mouth in order to call his soul back, then squeezed out the juices of the Peach of Immortality for Elder Su.

Ten-odd minutes later…

Ye Zichen pushed open the door of the operation room and walked out tiredly.

He arrived in front of Su Qihu under everyone’s gaze and stared straight into Su Qihu’s eyes, “Don’t forget our promise.”


Everybody outside the operation room rushed into it. Only Su Yan stood in the doorway as her tears flowed uncontrollably.

“Ye Zichen, thank you.”

When Ye Zichen left the hospital, it was already early in the morning. There were very few cars on the streets.

Ye Zichen walked on the streets alone as the road lights extended his shadow.

“Ye Zichen, that guy seems to be following us the entire time.”

Liu Qing, who was beside him, twitched her mouth. Ye Zichen turned around and saw White Impermanence following him.

“Is something the matter?”

Ye Zichen stopped and watched White Impermanence swishing her sleeves around, trying to express something that he could not comprehend.

“Just say whatever it is.”

Ye Zichen felt that White Impermanence was rather pitiful. She had a husband that would flirt around outside, but she didn’t dare to say anything about it. What’s more, she even had to endure domestic violence.

He didn’t know whether the Underworld had marriage laws, but if the couple were here, a simple piece of paper would allow her to sue Black Impermanence in the court.

White Impermanence hesitated for a long time, then slowly walked towards Ye Zichen.

“Uhmm, can I add you on WeChat?”

Suddenly, a phone appeared in White Impermanence’s hand.

Ye Zichen subconsciously took a glance at it.

A knockoff.

Ye Zichen smiled after seeing this. So the Heavenly Court and the Underworld also used phones.

All of a sudden, a new business opportunity surfaced in Ye Zichen’s mind.

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