Chapter 619 Red Packet

Chapter 619 – Red Packet

Before Ye Zichen could even express his joy, the others in the group actually expressed an excitement that seemed to surpass even his.

In fact, the group instantly exploded.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Congratulations big brother, you got a promotion!

God of Thunder: Congratz, congratz!

Yue Lao: Congratulations to our supervisor for getting a promotion.

Canopy Marshal: Sky Sovereign, shouldn’t you show us some… you know.

God of Fortune: Yes, yes, yes. That’s right. The entire Heavenly Court is under Sky Sovereign’s command now. Wait a moment, Canopy Marshal, that was too much. He’s our supervisor, and you actually wanted to get something from him?

Barefoot Immortal: This is good news.

Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens: The future of the Heavenly Court is counting on you all.  Chancellor Sky Sovereign already has his token, so please cooperate with him.

Canopy Marshal: Beauty, let’s go out?

Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens: Screw off!

Immortality Peach Fairy: Hehe, Canopy Marshal is so embarrassed.

Canopy Marshal: Gah, you little girl, you actually dared to tease me.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Why don’t I, my older brother is your boss.

God of Thunder: Zeze, we don’t dare to screw Sky Sovereign over, but little Immortality Peach Fairy, shouldn’t you give us something now that your big brother got promoted?

Immortality Peach Fairy: What? I’m just a little fairy, what do I have that can make you great deities interested?

God of Fortune: Don’t you still have Peaches of Immortality?

God of Thunder: Yeah.

Immortality Peach Fairy: But…

Barefoot Immortal: Your brother is already the head of the Heavenly Court, so what are you afraid of? Send it, send it!

All of the deities in the group started agreeing with that. Immortality Peach Fairy thought about it. Yeah, my brother is the head now, so why should I be worried?



Although Ye Zichen didn’t say anything in the group, he had been paying close attention to it.

He immediately tapped the moment the red packet popped up.

You received Immortality Peach Fairy’s red packet.

Fifty-year-old Peach of Immortality x1.

Ever since the Great Sage stole another ground of peaches from the Immortality Peach Garden, the ones remaining were only the youngest and worst ones.

Canopy Marshal: Ten-year-old one…

God of Fortune: A twenty-year-old one…

Immortality Peach Fairy: Don’t blame it on me. Great Sage has been visiting rather frequently. These are all younger ones.

God of Thunder: I just took a look, Sky Sovereign got a red packet too.

I guess I can’t lurk anymore.

Thus, Ye Zichen could only speak up with a chuckle.

“You guys actually noticed. Ahem, I’m the Chancellor of the Grand Secretariat now, so I’ll rely on you all to cooperate with me.”

Yue Lao: Definitely.

God of Thunder: Sky Sovereign’s command dictates where I shall move in the future.

Erlang Shen: Holy crap, it seems like I missed a lot. Little immortality peach girl even sent red packets. What’s going on?

Canopy Marshal: Sky Sovereign got promoted and became the head of the Heavenly Court. We all have to listen to him now.

Erlang Shen : Oh my god.


A red packet suddenly appeared on the screen.

Since Ye Zichen was typing when it appeared, he didn’t pay too much attention to it. When he reached out to tap on it, it was already too late.

Ye Zichen could only feel a bit of regret when he saw he had missed his chance.

God of Fortune: Seriously, did the sun rise up from the west? Old Yang actually sent a red packet!

God of Thunder: Take a look at what he sent.

Erlang Shen: It’s just a bit of symbolism. If you’re so amazing, then you send some red packets. Cheapskate, you actually commented on me?

God of Thunder: You’re joking right? Fine, I’ll send it. It’s just a red packet.



This time, Ye Zichen was not typing, so he immediately tapped on the red packet when it appeared.

You received God of Thunder’s red packet.

Mystic Art of Thunder Control x1.

Golden Boy: Uncle Thunder, something wrong with your head?

Jade Girl: Mamma mia!

Nobody expected God of Thunder’s red packet to cause both Golden Boy and Jade Girl to exclaim. Not only that, everybody in the group immediately spammed the chat and said that God of Thunder was extremely generous.

Ye Zichen clicked open the red packet to see what other people got.

Extraterrestrial Thunder Stone.

Rootless Sacred Fruit.

Nine Leaved Divine Clover.

Every single item shown were things that Ye Zichen felt were extremely high class. Is this seriously the God of Thunder I know?

Is this that God of Thunder who refuses to spend even a single bit of cultivation experience?

God of Thunder: F*ck, hurry up and return everything to me. I sent the wrong stuff.


No wonder.

Everyone all mocked him, while God of Thunder continued to cry about getting the treasures back.

Ye ZIchen naturally quit the chat group. Mystic Art of Thunder Control…

That’s a treasure which would cost several million cultivation experience in the shop.

Mystic Art of Thunder Control: A mystic art to control thunder and lightning. It is able to summon the Profound Lightning of the Nine Heavens.


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but gasp when he saw the description. This is definitely a top class secret scripture.

I’ll learn it!


The system has detected that you would like to learn the Mystic Art of Thunder Control. This secret scripture will disappear after use. Would you like to proceed?



Usage failed. You do not possess the mutated Thunder attribute, so you are unable to use this secret scripture. It has been returned to your Treasure Chest.

You’re shitting me.

Ye Zichen looked at the notification in shock. It’s definitely shitting me.

I actually can’t use such a top class secret scripture?


System Notification: Just what are you thinking? Don’t you know what your constitution is like? You actually want to learn Leizhenzi’s mystic art? The only thing you can learn are those supportive spiritual techniques that doesn’t require any particular attribute. Oh yeah, congratulations on your advance to power.

“Whatever,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes with a snort. “How is it? You happy now? I finally got the position of the chief of the Heavenly Court.”

System Notification: Don’t talk to me like that. Are you going to tell me that it was useless?

“Haha,” Ye Zichen didn’t deny anything. “Then, what do you think we should do next?’

System Notification: Get rid of the Jade Emperor’s foolishly loyal ones and improve the deities’ impression of you. Oh yeah, now that you’ve gotten the identity as the chief, the Heavenly Court will be united one day. Now, all that left’s the Underworld and the Immortal Region.”

“You really have faith in me. But you want me to do something to the Underworld and Immortal Region as well? Say… isn’t that a bit too much?”

System Notification: What’s wrong with that? Isn’t our ultimate goal to unite the Three Realms to defend against the Demon Realm? Don’t you want to save Xiao Yumei?

Ye Zichen’s expression instantly darkened when Xiao Yumei was mentioned.

“I really didn’t want to mention it before, but since you got Grandpa Zuo out, couldn’t you have gotten Xiao Yumei out as well? Just what do you want to do?”

System Notification: Isn’t leaving her there fine? At the very least, your hatred towards the demons will not waver with her here. Everything we’re doing for you is so that you can deal with the Demon Realm.

“Wow,” Ye Zichen said darkly.

System Notification: I have no other choice. I’m just a selfish person like this. Act well according to what I said. Trust me, I won’t screw you over. You should understand that very well, right?


How could I not?

Ye Zichen smiled wryly. If there was no surprise, then according to what he had heard using the Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth and his guesses, the system was actually…

Honestly, he really didn’t want to admit unless he had no other choice.

System Notification: It seems like you understand very well, so I won’t say any more. Oh yeah, your strength might be a bit weak to handle what is to come, so I’ll give you a present.


Ye ZIchen was shocked.

At that very moment, a red packet appeared on the screen.

It was from the system!

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