Chapter 618 Chancellor of the Grand Secretariat

Chapter 618 – Chancellor of the Grand Secretariat

The Heavenly Court was truly a complete mess.

The Seven Fairies were jeopardized during their concert and Heavenly King Li, a higher-up, was poisoned. However, Jade Emperor, the lord of the realm, continued to enjoy himself and simply disregarded everything.

At the very beginning, he did try and help the Seven Fairies seek the culprit.

However, now, he just kept the Seven Fairies by his side and had them host private concerts for him. As for the Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li….

“He’ll be fine with Old Lord Taishang!”

Those were the Jade Emperor’s exact words...

If it was previously, Taibai Jinxing might have been able to handle the situation. Yet, because Taibai Jinxing was gone, the Heavenly Court truly did seem to be in a leaderless situation.

Although there was God of Thunder, Mother of Lightning, Canopy Marshal and Erlang Shen…

They were masters at fighting and warfare, but when it came to handling internal affairs…


That was why the fairy had something so worrisome in the group earlier. What she had said was only the tip of the iceberg. The truth was, that plenty of people in the Heavenly Court worried and made their own guesses in private. The only difference was that they didn’t display their opinion in public.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen’s strict and powerful words resonated with them.

What they needed was someone who can give them orders and tell them what to do next.




Ye Zichen’s phone practically exploded. There were endless rings with the system notification bar continuously refreshing.

Sudhanakumara’s intimacy level increased by 100.

Golden Boy’s intimacy level increased by 100.

Jade Girl’s intimacy level increased by 100.

Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens’[1] intimacy level increased by 100.

The notification bar was filled with notifications of the deities’ intimacy level increasing. Ye Zichen gripped his phone in surprise as he watched the scrolling notifications.

My random words just now actually managed to win over those deities?

Improving my intimacy level with them is way too easy!

Actually, it wasn’t that simple. The reason why his words had such a huge impact was mainly due to everything he had done before.

Sky Sovereign.

That was an extremely honorable title in the Heavenly Court. All those with that title were existences at the very top of the pyramid.


His name had spread far and wide in the Heavenly Court. Many smaller deities all admired and worshipped his mysteriousness, while other more major deities would heard of his title knew who it referred to, even if they didn’t know who he is.

All their food, clothes and daily products came from him.

The situation was like a small bamboo. It may only grow a few centimeters within a few years, but when its roots spread far and wide enough, it would be able to grow ten-odd meters in a few short weeks.

Ye Zichen did find himself fereling rather smug when he felt the support of so many deities.

But I can’t exactly just directly replace the Jade Emperor. No matter what, he’s already been the head of the Heavenly Court for several hundred thousand years and is in the group himself…

“Don’t stay stuff like that. The Jade Emperor is still the Jade Emperor, I’m merely his subordinate. He naturally is capable as the master of all. Do not say anything like that anymore. Otherwise, I will not be merciful!”

Nezha: <insert a tongue out emoji>

God of Thunder: Sky Sovereign, please cease your anger. Nezha is young, so he doesn’t think about what he says, so don’t take offence. But what do you think we should do? Right now, we do need someone who can command the deities in the Heavenly Court.

God of Fortune: Yeah. Sky Sovereign, what do you think we should do? We are truly leaderless right now.

Canopy Marshal: I won’t accept others giving orders, but I definitely agree with Sky Sovereign doing that.

Mother of Lightning: +1.

Barefoot Immortal: Technically, I shouldn’t interfere with the affairs of the Heavenly Court, but the Heavenly Court does require someone who can command everyone right now.

Profound Lady of the Ninth Heaven: Ahem, allow me to interrupt you all for a moment!

Yue Lao: What a rare guest!

God of Fortune: Apologies for not giving a welcome for your arrival, Profound Lady! Hurry up, sound the music...

Canopy Marshal immediately sent a voice message with songs about him playing in the background.

Canopy Marshal: Profound Lady, you wanna go out?

Profound Lady of the Ninth Heaven: Stop messing around. I came here to pass along a message from the Jade Emperor and Queen Mother.

Everyone grew silent once more.

Nobody said anything.

Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens wasn’t surprised when she saw this. It was rather easy to understand why the deities were acting like that. They were just saying bad things about the Jade Emperor, so they all went to hide.

As for the others…

Perhaps they were just snorting at the Jade Emperor’s extremely late orders.

Yue Lao: Ahem. Profound Lady, please speak. We’ve been waiting for the Jade Emperor’s orders for a long time.

Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens: The Jaded Emperor has decreed that Sky Sovereign Nameless understands him greatly and is truly loyal to the Heavenly Court. Thus, he has ordered me to decree that Sky Sovereign Nameless shall become the Heavenly Court’s Chancellor of the Grand Secretariat to handle all Heavenly Court matters.

Ye ZIchen was completely shocked when he saw the message.

So… I’m in power now?

Before he could truly realize what was going on, the Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens sent him a red packet.


You received Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens’s red packet.

Jade Emperor’s Token.

Jade Emperor’s Token: A token of the Jade Emperor, the Master of the Six Hwalls.

“Sky Sovereign, congratulations. The future of the Heavenly Court will be relying on you.”

When the Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens sent him the message, Ye Zichen was already dumbstruck. He gave me his f*cking token as well? Is he not afraid of me starting a revolution?

Or is this the Jade Emperor’s way of testing me?

“This is no good. I’ve gotten used to being carefree. I am truly worried to take upon such an important position!”

“Sky Sovereign, there is no need for you to worry,” Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens replied. “Actually, the Queen Mother has been paying close attention to the group and only asked the Jade Emperor after she saw what you said earlier. When the Jade Emperor heard that, he immediately agreed without thinking. It’s clear that he trusts you deeply.”

“Is that so!?” Ye Zichen replied with a smile.

“Let me tell you something in secret, but don’t tell others,” Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens said mysteriously.


“Actually, the Queen Mother has a slight problem with the Jade Emperor’s recent way of management, she has been feeling that you are more suitable to handle things. The Conference of the Three Realms will begin in approximately a year, she hopes that during that time, you… You understand, right?”

Ye Zichen was once again shocked when he saw this message.


Overthrow him, huh.

Although the system had been plotting all this, Ye Zichen was still a bit frantic when someone from the Heavenly Court mentioned that to him.

The Jade Emperor has been the master of the Heavenly Court for several hundred thousand years, are we really going to overthrow him?

What’s more, the six halls of the Heavenly Court all work together. It’s not going to be that simple.

“Profound Lady, please don’t speak recklessly,” Ye Zichen replied carefully.

“It seems like Sky Sovereign is an understanding person. Her Majesty said that we shall see if it is reckless talk. Do not let others know of this conversation. It is enough that you, Her Majesty and I know about this! Alright, I have to go and get skincare with Her Majesty, bye bye!”


Ye Zichen replied with a long sigh, while feeling even more shocked.

It seems like the Jade Emperor’s foolishness has reached a new high, otherwise, the Queen Mother wouldn’t have sent the Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens to tell me all that.

Head of the Heavenly Court…

If I really get a chance, I guess I should try it out!

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  1. Profound Lady of the Nine Heavens (九天玄女) is a goddess of war and justice. She is also often portrayed as a messenger of the Queen Mother.

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