Chapter 617 Establishing Dominance

Chapter 617 – Establishing Dominance

That was a question that Ye Zichen had pondered about for a long time. He did know that both thee Underworld and Heavenly Court had spies working for the Demon Realm, but he did not know who those people were.

If I can find out from the system… Then I don’t care if the higher-ups of both factions don’t trust me.

I’ll get my friends from those two realms and directly prosecute those spies for the Three Realms!

System Notification: Do you think that I will tell you?

“Why aren’t you telling me? Isn’t it fine if it stays between the two of us?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

System Notification: Do you think I don’t understand what you’re thinking? If I tell you, then you’ll definitely directly go and get those people. Sorry, that’ll disrupt my plans, so I can’t tell you.”

“Plans, plans, plans. What plans? Is your plan allowing the Demon Realm’s spies to cause those two realms to be swarmed in chaos? Do you want to see all of the Three Realms turn to ashes?” Ye Zichen clenched his fist with a frown.

System Notification: You can interpret it that way. I didn’t appear to save the Three Realms. Everything I want to do is selfish. There’s no helping it, that’s the kind of selfish person I am.

“Ugh, whatever.”

Ye Zichen returned his phone to his pocket and ignored the system. If he’s that sort of selfish person…

Then what about me…

Ye Zichen walked in front of Luo Yang with a wry smile.

Seeing Ye Zichen walk over, Luo Wei immediately asked, “Chief, is there a solution?”

“The poison in Luo Yang hasn’t gotten too deep in his system, you can directly force the poison out with your spiritual energy. But this will cause harm to your archeus, possibly causing your cultivation level to drop greatly. Make the decision yourself,” With that, Ye Zichen turned around.

Then, before he left, he reminded Xue Qi and co. to help arrange a room for City Lord Luo if he needed one.

When he returned to his room, he laid down on his bed and thought over everything that had happened recently.

People working for the Demon Realm were in the Heavenly Court and the Underworld. From the looks of it, the Demon Realm was plotting something major. They seemed to be merely laying the foundation right now and was only going to set everything alight when the right time comes.

“Just who was that person?” Ye Zichen muttered to himself. When he went to save Su yan, he clearly saw someone from the Heavenly Court chatting with Gu Li, but that person had covered his face.


Ye Zichen’s phone rang. He picked up his phone from the bedside table and saw that Old Lord Taishang had replied to his message.

“Sky Sovereign, you were looking for me? Everything else is alright, but if its for the pill refinement manual, then let me consider it a bit more.”

“I didn’t want to ask you for the manual. I wanted you to help me save someone, but there’s no need now. Oh yeah, are you still in the land of the fox yaos? How’re the Great Sage and Yuan Hong?” Ye Zichen replied.

“I’m not so sure. Old Li was poisoned a while back, and his situation grew a bit severe, so I went back to the Heavenly Court to take a look at him,” Old Lord Taishang replied.

“How is it?” Ye Zichen asked.

“It’s not looking good,” Old Lord Taishang knit his eyebrows tightly as he sat in the pill refinement room and recalled Heavenly King Li’s black face with a shake of his head. “The poison is deep in his body. Recently, everyone in the Heavenly Court has been really worried, but the Jade Emperor doesn’t seem to care and is merely indulging himself. The Heavenly Court is in a complete mess without Old Li. I’m getting ready to go into closed cultivation to help him refine a pill to cure him of the poison. I can’t allow the Heavenly Court to continue being in such a mess.”

“Is there anything I can help with?” Ye Zichen asked.

“Sky Sovereign, then can you teach me the art of spiritual guidance?” Old Lord Taishang rubbed his hands. “The chances of me refining the pill for Old Li would improve massively with that mystical art.”

“But I really don’t know how I’m supposed to each you,” Ye Zichen shrugged.

“Then never mind. Don’t bother me while I’m working to save Old Li,” with that, Old Lord Taishang shut down his phone and walked in front of the pill furnace. He sent all of the disciples, including his chief disciple, within out.

He could not allow anything to go wrong with the pill refinement this time, so he had to do everything personally.

Meanwhile, in the Red Packet Server.

Everyone in the Heavenly Court was worried just like Old Lord Taishang had said. Ye Zichen could tell from the way they chatted.

God of Thunder: I wonder if Old Li can be cured of the poison.

Canopy Marshal: Old Lord Taishang went over personally, he should be fine.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Nezha haven’t been playing ball with me.

God of Fortune: If he actually continued to play with you, then he really is way too immature!

Nezha: Just who the heck poisoned my dad? Come out here and fight me!

Nezha: You shameless bastard, you actually dared to use such shady methods against my father!

Muzha[1]: Yeah, get out here. I’m going to fight you!

Jinzha[2]: Don’t let me find out who you are. Otherwise, I won’t let you off. I know the culprit is within the Heavenly Court. Hmmph… Keep hiding.

Heavenly Soldier A: My god, the culprit’s actually in the Heavenly Court!?

Fairy A: What are we supposed to do? The Jade Emperor hasn’t been caring about anything either. Is the Heavenly Court going to decline? I’ve read plenty of books, and all of the dynasties those books mentioned declined like this. The Emperor isn’t caring about the issues, while the officials plot against one another.

Nezha: Heh, even though something so major happened, the Jade Emperor actually didn’t even come to see my dad. All he does is listen to songs and mess around. There’s no need for a Jade Emperor like him!

God of Fortune: Shh…

Nezha: I can’t say anything now? The Jade Emperor is foolish!


Fairy A was removed from the group by Only Idealism.


Only Idealism muted everyone.

“Little Sister Immortality Peach, Nezha’s mood might be rather unstable due to his father getting hurt. Go and accompany him more and don’t let him say those sort of things in the group anymore.”

“Also, the fairy who was spreading chaos in the group has already been kicked. The Heavenly Court has been established for several hundreds of thousand of years, it’s impossible for it to disappear just like that. Even if the Jade Emperor doesn’t care, we’re still here. Don’t start worrying for nothing because of this. If we do our jobs properly, then the Heavenly Court will not fail. Understand?”

“You guys getting worried here right now will only make those with ill intentions happy! They want to see you guys like that. Those in my group are all smart people, don’t you understand such simple logic?”

“Also, anyone who dares to spread rumors of this being the end of the Heavenly Court will be kicked!”


Only Idealism unmuted everyone.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Big Brother, I got it. I’ll stay with Nezha from now on.

Canopy Marshal: Man, look at the effect of Sky Sovereign speaking up.

God of Fortune: Yeah.

God of Thunder: Sky Sovereign is right. We can’t start getting too worried ourselves.

Nezha: Sky Sovereign, I was wrong. I won’t say such things recklessly in the group anymore. But I still want to say one more thing. It would be nice if you’re the big boss of the Heavenly Court…

The entire group grew silent.

Nezha: I think I said something wrong again. Alright, I’ll stop.

The reason that the group became silent was not because the deities didn’t want to say anything. Rather, it was because they were pondering about what Nezha said.

Would Sky Sovereign being the leader of the Heavenly Court really bring about a better situation than the Jade Emperor?

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  1. Nezha’s older brother, and Jinzha’s younger brother.
  2. Muzha and Nezha’s elder brother, and the eldest son of Heavenly King Li.

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