Chapter 616 - Poisoned

Chapter 616 - Poisoned


Luo Yang was half kneeling on the ground at the center of the courtyard as he held his head with his hand and revealed an expression of excruciating pain. At the same time, he continued to wave his hand and used his croaking voice to shoo everyone away.

“Brother Luo, hold on a bit more. Stone already went to find Ye-zi and them…” Xue Qi said. However, before he finished, Luo Yang suddenly leaped up and stared at Xue Qi with his bloodshot eyes and reached towards him.

“No!” Luo Yang used his remaining bit of reason to push himself on the head and slowly take a few steps backwards.

At that moment, a bird flew past his head.

He immediately leaped up into the air, grabbed the bird, then started tearing at it with his teeth.

Soon after, the bird fell from his hands as a dried corpse.

He felt he wasn’t in so much physical pain anymore, but he still sat down on the ground began to cry out in suffering.

“Luo Yang!” Ye Zichen and co. hurried over.

Hearing that, Luo Yang looked up. His bloody face was filled covered in terror while tears ran down his cheeks.

“How…” Luo Wei looked at the situation in shock, then notice the dried bird corpse beside Luo Yang.

“Lil’ Yang!” Luo Wei ran towards him without thinking.

Luo Yang shook his head intensely and scrambled backwards, “Don’t come over here. I can’t control myself!”

“Don’t be a fool, you’re still my son,” Luo Wei hugged Luo Yang and replied in a firm tone.

Luo Yang merely struggled a little before stopping and beginning to weep in Luo Wei’s arms. “Father, what is going on with me? I can’t control myself, I just… can’t…”

“Don’t worry, father’s here. I’ll definitely make sure that you get better,” Luo Wei hugged Luo Yang tightly.

Yet, at that very moment, Luo Yang’s eyes seemed to change once more.

He twisted his body painfully and surveyed the surroundings menacingly with his bloodshot eyes.

“No, I can’t endure this anymore. Father… Kill me!” Luo Yang wailed.

Luo Wei couldn’t help but feel tears flow down his eyes when he saw his child’s painful look, “Don’t be afraid. I’ll definitely get you treated.”

“Ahhh…” Luo Yang wailed in suffering. Then, all of a sudden, his expression changed, the he pushed Luo Wei onto the ground.

Luo Wei could resist, but when he saw how much pain his child was in, he did not muster up any spiritual energy at all. Instead, he stretched out his arm towards his son’s mouth.


At that moment, Zuo Zhencai hit Luo Yang on the neck, causing him to faint.

“Luo Wei, what are you thinking? Do you want to end up like him!?”

“Then what am I supposed to do? He’s my son,” Luo Wei, who always appeared as a strong man, couldn’t help but cry. “It’s not like you guys didn’t see how much suffering he was going through just now. I won’t let him harm others, but isn’t it fine for me to feed him with my own blood!?”

“Fool!” Zuo Zhencai scolded. “We can’t still control Luo Yang while he’s like this. Have you considered the future of Maple City if you end up like him as well? You are a peak expert in the outer section of the Immortal Region as well, and there are very few in the sacred land who is stronger than you. Do you want to see the Three Realms be burnt to ashes!?”

“Then what about Lil’ Yang!?” Luo Wei shrugged helplessly. “Can someone tell me just what happened to him?”

“I think he’s been infected by the Blood Zombie,” Ye Zichen stepped forward and recalled a situation during the fight earlier.

The old man seemed to have bitten Luo Yang once!

Hearing that, Luo Wei glanced over at Luo Yang’s neck. True enough, there was a row of teeth marks on his neck, which radiated with a faint black aura.

“Can you tell us the situation in more detail?” Zuo Zhencai asked.

Thus, Ye Zichen repeated what happened.

After they heard all that…


Luo Wei fell limply onto the floor like an airless balloon.

He could only look at his son with lifeless eyes when he heard that his son would turn into a Blood Zombie.

This is all my fault. If I had dealt with those demons who came to cause trouble earlier… If I directly rushed over here.

Then this wouldn’t have happened.

“Luo Wei, you don’t need to worry that much. Lil’  Ye told you very clearly that he knocked the old man back the moment that person even bit Luo Yang, so Luo Yang shouldn’t be poisoned that heavily. There might be a way to help him,” Zuo Zhencai comforted.

“Then tell me what I should do!” Luo Wei frowned.

Zuo Zhencai was momentarily stunned. Although he knew about Blood Zombies, he had no idea of how to force the Blood Zombie’s poison out.

“You can’t tell me, can you?” Luo Wei smiled wryly.

“City Lord Luo, don’t be so anxious, I’ll go and ask my friend,” said Ye Zichen.

“Yeah, Lil’ Ye’s friends might know,” Zuo Zhencai smiled. “Lil’ Ye’s friends are real experts, they might actually know how to solve the issue.”

Hearing Zuo Zhencai say that, Luo Wei nodded sincerely, “I’ll be counting on you.”

The first thing Ye Zichen did was to seek out Old Lord Taishang, the stubborn old man, but this time, no matter how many messages or video requests he sent, he didn’t get even the tiniest bit of response.

Then, he sought out Hua Tuo.

No response either.

Neither of them is responding… Ye Zichen licked his lips, then decided to seek out the system with a sigh.

“Hey, you there?”

System Notification: I really didn’t expect you to contact me yourself. Do you want to ask me about Blood Zombies?

Ye Zichen was already used to the system’s oracle-like ability.

“Since you know, then don’t leave me hanging. Tell me how exactly can it be dealt with?”

System Notification: The poison hasn’t settled down in Luo Yang yet. Just get his father to directly force the poison out from his body using celestial spiritual energy. But that’s going to use up a lot of his archeus and might even cause his cultivation level to drop drastically, so make sure to tell him the side effects beforehand.”

“Alright.” With that, Ye Zichen began to put away his phone.

However, to his surprise, the system actually spoke up once more.

System Notification: Was the blood scythe I taught you of use?

“It’s alright, I can’t say that it’s amazing, but it’s much better than Xuan-Yuan Sword,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang, who was standing in front of Xuan-Yuan Sword also heard that. She clenched her teeth and fist….

The white-shirted man signaled her to not get so feisty, then replied with a smile.

System Notification: That’s only because Xuan-Yuan Sword haven’t been unsealed yet. I’ll return Xuan-Yuan Sword to you a bit later. Then you’ll know why it’s called the number one primordial divine artifact.

“Oh!” Ye Zichen shrugged.

System Notification: Oh yeah, don’t interfere too much with the Underworld and Heavenly Court for now. They’ll deal with the situation themselves. But you can tell them that they have spies for the demons amongst them.

Hearing that mentioned, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, “You know who the spies are, right? Can’t you tell me who they are?”

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