Chapter 615 Blood Zombie

Chapter 615 – Blood Zombie


The eternally sharp blood scythe seemed to lose its sharp edge when it reached the middle-aged man. He held the tip of the scythe between two fingers, and when Ye Zichen tried to pull it out, he noticed that the scythe wouldn’t budge.

“I’m not your enemy.” The middle-aged man wore a light blue robe with images of a mountain sewn across it.

He smiled, then let go of the scythe. At the same time, Luo Yang also called out in surprise.

“Father!” With that, his face began to flush red in anger. “Damned geezer, where did you go? As Maple City’s city lord, you actually didn’t appear the moment something like this happened. Just what are you doing as the city lord!? Also where did the guards go? Are they nothing but rice buckets!?”

Luo Yang cursed as his body trembled. However, Ye Zichen and co. were able to realize what was going on from his words…

The person in front of them was the city lord of Maple City and the strongest on in the city!

Luo Wei!

“This was my mistake as the city lord. But believe me… Father was preoccupied just now, and the same goes for the city lord manor’s soldiers!” Luo Wei let out a long sigh, then shook his head as he glanced at the dried corpses.

Only then, did the city’s soldiers arrive. They silently endured the families of the deceased punching and waving their fists as the soldiers picked up the corpses.

They could not let too many people see what had happened in order to ensure that the city continued functioning as normal.

Yet, if anyone were to observe them more carefully, then one would be able to notice that all of the soldiers were injured.

“Did something happen at the City Lord’s manor?” Luo Yang couldn’t help but ask when he noticed that.

Luo Wei shook his head, then nodded before letting out a long sigh. He waved his hand over Luo Yang’s wound, causing it to heal at a visible speed. “The City Lord’s manor was attacked just now as well. They weren’t weak and managed to block off me and the soldiers. It was clear that they didn’t want us to interfere with what happened here.”

“An organized gang crime!” Luo Yang frowned.

“Probably not,” Ye Zichen walked over with squinted eyes and explained his reasons. “It might have been as the city lord said that those who attacked the City Lord’s manor did it to stop the City Lord from coming over, but it doesn’t mean that they know each other.”

Luo Wei glanced over when he heard the opinion and raised his eyebrows towards Ye Zichen with a smile. “Chief of Leisure House. At the start, I didn’t really have too much of an expectation for this new faction, but now that I’ve seen your strength, I truly anticipate what the power is capable of. Your blood scythe just now seems to be a blade of blood energy, right?”

“Indeed,” Ye Zichen was surprised. That guy told me that a blade of blood energy is a skill from the God Realm. The fact that this city lord can identify it shows that no city lords are not normal people.

“Your blood scythe is clear. It is apparent that your blood energy is extremely pure. It seems like you are no commoner from the fact that you were able to learn this mystical technique. But why do you say that the ones who attacked the city lord manner are not in a group with this old man?”

“There is dense demonic energy coming off this old man’s body alongside an aura I can’t identify. There is only demonic energy coming off from you guys, and none of the other aura,” Ye Zichen smiled with a shrug. “It seems like you were attacked by demons.”

With that, Ye Zichen snorted in his heart.

Man, I truly didn’t expect the demons to have infiltrated here so thoroughly. There are demons in the Heavenly Court, Underworld and even the outer areas of the Immortal Region. I wonder if there are those working with the demons within the sacred land of the Immortal Region…”

“Demons!” Luo Wei’s body trembled, then frowned. “Please do not make baseless claims. Do you have any evidence?”

It had already been several tens of thousands of years since demons had arrived in the Immortal Region. It was natural for Luo Wei to be shocked when he heard that the people who just attacked them were demons.

“I have a vendetta against the demon race. I only just returned from the Demon Realm several days ago…” Ye Zichen smiled, while the shock on Luo Wei’s face became even more apparent.

“Just returned…”

“This young friend is telling the truth,” at that moment, Elder Zuo walked out from the courtyard and smiled. “Lil’ Wei, I can’t believe that you became Maple City’s City Lord after so long!”

“Un-Uncle Zuo!” Luo Wei opened his eyes wide, then took a step back in shock. “Zuo Hongde told me that you…”

“What? Did he say that I was dead?” Elder Zuo smiled.

“No,” Luo Wei shook his head. “Hongde never told me that you passed away. He merely told me that you disappeared and that he was very worried that something had happened to you. All this time, both him and I were searching for news of you. Wait, what did you mean by what you said just now, could it be that you…”

Luo Wei didn’t dare to continue. If it was the truth, then it was way too shocking.

“This isn’t a suitable place to speak. Let’s chat somewhere a bit quieter,” Elder Zuo smiled.

Ye Zichen walked over, “Then come and discuss it in my manor, since everyone’s already over here.”

When they arrived in a meeting hall in Ye Zichen’s manor, Luo Wei stared straight at Elder Zuo when he sat down, “Uncle Zuo!”

“Actually, it was as you thought. I was indeed captured by demons,” Elder Zuo said calmly. “The demons were interested in the fortune and status of the Zuo family in the Immortal Region, so they wanted us to become their lackeys. What a joke, am I, Zuo Zhencai, a traitorous person!?”

Zuo Zhencai’s tone was full of pride.

Luo Wei pursed his lips, then glanced at Ye Zichen.

“This young friend did go to the Demon Realm, but he is from the Three Realms,” explained Zuo Zhencai.

Hearing Zuo Zhencai’s reply, Luo Wei let out a sigh of relief. However, his expression remained solemn, “I really didn’t expect that the demons’ claws have appeared once again. What are they trying to achieve? Also, are those people who attacked the city lord’s manor really not of the same group as the old man?”

“They aren’t,” Zuo Zhencai shook his head. “I don’t know about the people who attacked the city lord manor, but the person you took away just now was definitely not a demon’s underling. He’s a Blood Zombie, a zombie that can strengthen themselves by drinking a lot of blood!”

“Blood Zombie!?” Ye Zichen and Luo Wei frowned.

“You younger ones might not know about this. Blood Zombies first surfaced several tens of thousands of years ago. Back then, Hanba, the Yellow Emperor’s daughter, became the first zombie. After that, three more zombies appeared and became known as the Four Primordial Zombies alongside her. Houqing, Yinggou, Hanba and Jiangchen. The person just now increased his strength rapidly by drinking human blood, but it also made him go berserk. That made it clear that he is a Blood Zombie,” Zuo Zhenhai’s expression turned gloomy. “But the production of these Blood Zombies requires a Mother. He was definitely not the Mother, which means that… There is a Mother behind him. It seems like the age of chaos is about to befall us. Demons, zombies… There’ll only be chaos!”

“Mother? What do you mean?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“The Mother is the main body which is spreading everything. Normally speaking, they are able to spread their race by just biting the neck of a normal person once…” Zuo Zhencai smiled.

However, Ye Zichen shot up from his chair when he heard that. “Shit!”

At the same time, Stone ran into the room. “Ye-zi, the junior city lord went mad!”

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