Chapter 613 Bloodthirsty Old Man

Chapter 613 – Bloodthirsty Old Man

This guy’s way too cowardly!

Luo Yang frowned. Man, Zuo Mo praised his guy so much in at the Zuo household. Seriously, you really need to take a look at things yourself to see the truth. I can’t believe he agreed to compensate the old man.

I can’t let Zuo Mo continue to be with him.

Also, what did that old man say just now? Leisure House only established through Treasure Tower’s support? Doesn’t that mean that this guy’s leeching off Zuo Mo…


Luo Yang’s intimacy level decreased by 100. Current intimacy level: 0.


Intimacy level leveled down. Current intimacy level: Cold.

Ye Zichen, who was pondering how to mess with the old man, was momentarily stunned by the system notification. He looked towards Luo Yang in confusion and raised his eyebrows…

How’d I piss him off?

“Heh,” Luo Yang snorted coldly when he saw Ye Zichen’s gaze.

The elder naturally noticed the hostile look Luo Yang gave Ye Zichen, which only caused him to start thinking again, “Then chief, please show your sincerity.”

“How would this old sir want me to express my sincerity?” Ye Zichen smirked.

The old man raised a finger, “Ten million celeste.”

“Ten million celeste. Zeze, that’s not quite the same as what I hoped for! How about twenty million?” Ye Zichen asked in a testing manner.

Is there something wrong with this guy!?

Luo Yang and the old man thought at the same time. He’s adding more to the amount himself!?

However, the old man didn’t care. The more he got compensated, the better.

“Since chief is so willing, then I won’t refuse. Twenty million. As long as the chief can give me that much, then I can promise you that I will not do anything to the people of Leisure House. In fact, I will even protect them when I see them.”

With that, the old man reached out his hand.

Ye Zichen blinked and looked at his outstretched hand.

“What are you doing?”

“What do you mean? Of course I’m asking for the compensation,” the old man smiled.

Only then did Ye Zichen smile understandingly, “Oh, you thought that I was going to compensate you? You misunderstood, I was saying that you should compensate me.”

“…” the old man’s expression stiffened. He squinted his eyes and frowned. “Chief, this isn’t a good joke.”

“Who’s joking? I’m serious,” Ye Zichen smirked with a shrug. “Your words and actions just now have already severely wounded my weak little spirit. The twenty million celeste shall be your mental damage compensation for me. If you don’t compensate me…”


A wave of spiritual energy spread out from Ye Zichen’s body. He tilted his head with a smile, while a golden aura swirled around him.

“Then you can only leave your life here!”

Ye Zichen’s tone was firm.

Only then did Stone and Xue Qi smile in relief.

This was the Ye Zichen they knew. They could not believe the weak actions that Ye Zichen had performed earlier.

Luo Yang was rather shocked by the sudden change in attitude, but he quickly smiled faintly.


Meanwhile, the old man’s expression turned completely terrible. He stared at the smiling young man in front of him with a menacing look.

I’m actually being threatened.

Ever since he achieved the Sky Immortal level, the only threats that happened was him threatening others. Yet, he was actually being threatened by two young men.

The city lord’s son was rich and he couldn’t afford to offend someone equipped with an entire set of divine artifacts.

However, the Leisure House’s chief in front of him was merely at the complete stage of the Human Immortal level. He wasn’t scared at all.

“Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance,” the elder snorted sinisterly at Ye Zichen. “Compensation was the most peaceful way to solve everything. As the chief of Leisure House, every single one of your actions affected how this faction is going to do. Don’t destroy everything in order to act like a hero.”

“Let me return your exact words to you,” the golden aura around Ye Zichen became denser and an image of a dragon begun to coil around him.

“It isn’t easy to break through into the Sky Immortal level. Don’t make a mistake! Twenty million celeste might be a lot for others, but it shouldn’t be that hard to get for a person like you who managed to get into some fortunate situations!”

“Brat, you must have a death wish!” the elder’s expression turned even darker, then reached his hand out towards Ye Zichen.

The moment he reached out his hand, a fiery red figure appeared in front of him.


He felt his whole body smash against a wall. The old man looked up and saw that Luo Yang, the city lord’s son, standing in front of him.

“I already told you very clearly that fighting was not permitted within the city. Did you ignore my words?”

“It was that brat…” the elder pointed towards Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen immediately shrugged, “I didn’t make a move!”

The young man smiled, “You hear that? He didn’t make a move, the one who did was you! Since you’ve repeatedly broke Maple City’s rules, you will have to come with me to the city lord manor!”

Luo Yang slowly walked forward with his lance in his hand.

The old man, who was laying in the rubble of the destroyed wall, clenched his fist tightly…

“This is outrageous! Outrageous!”


Rampaging spiritual energy filled the area. The old man’s hair turned violet, while his eyes turned grey.

Ye Zichen was rather surprised by the familiar change, causing him to shout out, “Be careful!”

Luo Yang instinctually sensed the danger, but it was already too late when he tried to defend himself.

“Die!” the old man formed a claw with his right hand and scratched towards Luo Yang’s chest, ripping out a piece of flesh despite the latter wearing divine artifact armor.

“Ugh,” Luo Yang grunted, then took a few steps backwards.

The old man stood up with an hunched back like a beast and stared at the piece of flesh in his hands, then licked his lips.

After that, he tossed the piece of flesh into his mouth under everybody’s gaze, causing his lips and teeth to be covered in blood.

“All, so delicious,” the old man sucked his fingers, then his lips, cleaning up the blood. Then, he walk forward.

“Become my dinner!”


The old man disappeared from the area with a speed that surpassed even a Sky Immortal leveled master.

All Ye Zichen and Luo Yang could see was a black figure continuously move through a crowd of citizens.

Screams after screams rang out in Luo Yang’s ears. Then, the citizens standing where the black figure passed through all fell onto the ground like dried-up corpses.


The merchants all begun to scatter.

Luo Yang ignored his injuries…. “Stop!”

He had a responsibility to protect the citizens of the city as the city lord’s son. He could not allow the old man to continue.

Yet, the old man’s speed seemed to raise several times after absorbing the human blood.

He passed through the streets like a phantom…

Bang… Bang…

As more and more citizens fell onto the floor, Luo Yang clenched his fist and glared. “You animal!”

At that very moment….


A crimson blade of air shot towards the street and hit the old man.

Ye Zichen walked over with a sinister look in his eyes, while carrying a huge blood-red scythe on his shoulders.

“Let’s end it right here.”

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