Chapter 612 The City Lord’s Son

Chapter 612 – The City Lord’s Son

A white-robed elder stood on top of a huge green geomantic compass floating in the air and glanced down as he caressed his beard with his right hand.

Seeing him, Xue Qi’s expression drastically changed as he whispered to Ye Zichen, “That’s him.”

Ye Zichen nodded with a smile and looked at the elder.

Judging from the fluctuation of spiritual energy emanating from him. He is a mid-stage Sky Immortal, but it seems like it’s spiritual energy is not quite there yet. It’s clear that he reached this stage with pills or perhaps due to getting into some sort of fortunate event which pushed his level up.

Basically, he’s pretty much just at the level of an early stage Sky Immortal.

The elder had an arrogant expression and clearly did not take Stone, Xue Qi and the rest seriously.

“I said I will come, so naturally, I came. Puny Leisure House, you’re nothing without the Treasure Tower’s support.”

The citizens of Maple City all looked over and couldn’t help but wonder why the elder was so daring as to fly so high in Maple City.

The City Lord had already forbidden flying over a hundred meters above ground within the city.

That elder was clearly a lot higher up than a hundred meters...


At that very moment, a huge palm appeared in the sky and rushed downwards. The elder’s eyes twitched, then immediately took out a sword to defend against the blow.


The collision caused a huge wave of spiritual energy to spread out. Ye Zichen put up a defensive barrier without any hesitation and protected everyone in the courtyard.

At that very moment, a young man in fiery red armor walked over with a lance in his hand.

Ye Zichen glanced at the young man’s set of equipment, then turned towards Xue Qi, “Who’s this guy?”

“Luo Yang, the son of Maple City’s city lord!” Xue Qi replied. “Rumors have it that Luo Yang is called an extremely rare prodigy. Even the Azure Sky Pavilion’s Pavilion Head Ruan Qingtian cannot match up to him. He achieved the complete stage of the Human Immortal level when he was nineteen, he chose to go on a journey to try and break through once more. Now that three years have passed, he probably broke through already.”

Ye Zichen nodded. So he’s a child of an official.

No wonder he’s so rich.

Man, look at that equipment. Let’s ignore the weapon and armor for now, even the accessory on his wrist seems to be a divine artifact.

I guess he’s an only child, so he has all the love of his family!

Of course, he wasn’t a disappointment at all. The fact that he entered the Sky Immortal level at such a young age means that his future is unmeasurable. Now, if you compare him to Qiu Yuan from Pool City…

They’re both sons of a city lord and an only child.

But that kid just doesn’t like cultivation. I think he did manage to get Mount Supreme’s inheritance, but I wonder just how strong he’ll be when he comes back out.

“Maple City had forbidden flying within the city a thousand years ago. Do you want to challenge the city lord’s manor!?”

The elder squinted his eyes as he glanced at the young man before feeling his eyes twitch.

Although the young man was young and merely just reached the Sky Immortal level, he was armed from head to toes with divine artifacts. Even a mid stage Sky Immortal like the elder was unable to do anything. What’s more…

The elder understood very well how he himself had even managed to reach the mid stage of the Sky Immortal level.

“Apologies, I have always been alone in my travels. It is my first time here, so I did not know the rules. I will land,” the elder forced a smile and landed.

The young man snorted coldly and walked beside him, “Show me your residence permit.”

The elder quickly did as he asked.

The young man took a glance at the permit, “It’s not forged, so you are a guest here. Let me remind you one more time, flying is not permitted. It won’t be resolved so easily the next time I see you doing that.”

“Yes, yes,” the elder forced another smile and put away the permit. “I would like to know, if I would like to teach your citizens a lesson, would…”

“A lesson? Ahh, I get it,” the young man glanced over at Ye Zichen and smiled. “Maple City forbids combat, but you can deal with your grudges in private. The city lord manor will not care about you outside Maple City, nor would we even be bothered to. However, do not fight in the city. The guards might not get involved with battle involving Sky Immortals, and my father would also turn a blind eye to it, but you were unfortunate enough to meet me… I love getting involved in these situations!”

With that, he glanced over at Ye Zichen once more and muttered silently to himself. So this is the Ye Zichen lil’ sis Mo mentioned. Zeze, I don’t see anything special about him. Can he… get involved with her engagement? She might as well let me just kill the Mu family’s sickly bastard directly.

A complete stage Human Immortal against a Sky Immortal… This old man’s not too strong, he has the strength of an early stage Sky Immortal at best, but even so, that’s not something that a Human Immortal can handle. This is going to be all I can do. As long as Ye Zichen is in the city, I can ensure his safety.

But then again, I do want to see them fight. Lil’ sis Mo pretty much praised him like a god, so I really am curious.

Ye Zichen couldn’t read minds so he had no idea what Luo Yang was thinking. However, the young man’s gaze completely unnerved him, causing him to shrink his neck.

At the same time, the elder snorted, “Brat, you should be the Leisure House’s chief that’s always missing, right?”

“That’s right,” Ye Zichen nodded.

Leisure House? What the hell is Leisure House!? Did the factions and powers change in the years that I wasn’t here? Luo Yang muttered silently to himself.

“That’s good. Your people were disrespectful towards me.”

“So?” Ye Zichen smiled.

“I’m not an unreasonable person. Pissing me off was unfortunate for a newly established power like yours. Now, compensate me with ten million celeste, then I’ll leave it at this. How’s that?” the elder snorted sinisterly. “of course, you can choose to not compensate me, but then your people can only turtle inside Maple City. If you leave the city, do remember that the area outside is unsafe, so you shouldn’t blame others if they die. Since you have the Treasure Tower’s support, it means that you don’t lack money, so just treat it as paying for your safety. How’s that? Chief!”

Stone couldn’t stand it anymore, and begun to curse, “If you dare to do anything to the people of Leisure House, then I’ll kill you.”

“I never said that I would do anything to the people of Leisure Hose. What’s more, you? Even if you come at me with full force, do you think can you even threaten me?” The elder smiled fearlessly. In his opinion, these people were merely some puny Human Immortal fries.

The only person who could threaten him was Luo Yang and as long as Luo Yang did not act biasedly, he was unmatched here.

“You…” Stone wanted to walk forward, only to get stopped by Ye Zichen.

At the same time, the elder also spoke, “What do you think, chief?”

Luo Yang also looked over curiously. He really wanted to see if Ye Zichen was as strong as Zuo Mo said.

He even made up his mind that if Ye Zichen refuses to compensate the elder, then he’ll just stab the old man with his lance!

Yet, Ye Zichen’s response was not what he expected at all.

“Compensation… That sounds nice.”

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