Chapter 610 Leisure House

Chapter 610 – Leisure House

On a hill in the fox yaos’ back mountains.

Su Liu’er walked through the wind blown grasses, while the cool breeze of dusk caused her hair to dance in the air.

The white-shirted man followed behind her.

After a while, Su Liu’er stopped and turned around, “Senior, what would you like to talk to me about?”

“Liu’er-jie, there is no need to address me as senior,” the white-shirted man put his hands behind his back. Su Liu’er didn’t answer, and merely continued to listen. “Actually, I asked you to come over to talk about…”

“If it’s about my lil’ sis, then there is no need for us to talk,” Su Liu’er shook her head with a smile, then got ready to leave.

“Does Liu’er-jie hate the Yellow Emperor that much?” the white-shirted man did not stop Su Liu’er, and merely spoke as she passed by him.

Su Liu’er turned around and looked at him coldly, “If it wasn’t because I was weak back then, I would never have allowed lil’ sis to leave with him. It’s not just hate. If he appears in front of me right now, then I might just directly kill him. That’ll put an end to everything.”

“Actually, some things are not as you think,” the white-shirted man replied.

“Senior, I respect you because you are strong, also because you helped me quite a bit. That’s why I treat you with respect. Although I am not as strong as you, but if it is about lil’s sis being with that reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, then no matter what you say, I can only tell you no!” Su Liu’er turned around indifferently once more.

The white-shirted man let out a long sigh, then shook his head, “I need you to not interfere with Ye Zichen and Su Yan!”

“On what grounds?” Su Liu’er snorted. “Do you want to use violence? Don’t think that I’m afraid just because you’re strong.”


Raging cold winds raged through the surroundings. Yet, the white-shirted man did nothing to shield himself and allowed the blade-like winds to sweep across his face. At the same time, he took out a white crystal coin from his pocket.

“What about now…”

“You…” Su Liu’er suddenly stopped.

The white-shirted man placed the coin into the shocked Su Liu’er’s hands, “Your mother left this behind. Your father once said that you should satisfy any request of whoever finds this. I’m going to use it now. Please do not interfere with Ye Zichen and Su Yan anymore.”

“Where did you get this coin!”

“Naturally, I got it from this world,” the white-shirted man replied.

Su Liu’er pursed her lips and gripped the coin tightly with her right hand. She didn’t want to agree to the request, but she didn’t want to go against her now deceased parents’ will.

“Liu’er-jie, I have other things that I want you to take a look at.”

With that, the white-shirted man took out a crystal sphere and placed it in front of Su Liu’er. The crystal sphere played countless scenes out. As Su Liu’er watched on, her expression gradually turned pale.

“Would you like to change your mind now?” the white-shirted man said after putting the sphere away.

Su Liu’er squinted her eyes and surveyed him with a meaningful look, “Who exactly are you? Where did the scenes from just now come from?”

“I experienced it myself!” the white-shirted man replied firmly, then caressed the crystal sphere with a wry smile. “This crystal sphere might be the only thing that can allow me to remember what happened where I lived.”

Su Liu’er’s expression drastically changed. She pursed her lips and recalled the scenes she saw in the sphere.

Could I have seen the future!?

“Who exactly are you! Why do you care so much about Ye Zichen? Could it be that… you’re a mentor of one of his past lives? Or a relative of his?” Su Liu’er interrogated.

The white-shirted man shook his head, “I’m not a mentor, nor do I count as a relative. As for who I am… I can tell you, but please do not tell others.”

“Alright,” Su Liu’er nodded in confirmation as the layer of mist on the white-shirted man’s face begun to fade.

At that very moment, Su Liu’er stood completely still in shock.

The white-shirted man, who had a long scar across his face, smiled wryly in self-mockery, “Do… you understand everything now?”

Meanwhile, at the Immortal Region…

The area outside Maple City was already died red with maple leaves, presenting a different sort of mesmerizing beauty in comparison to the land of the fox yaos.

In fact, Maple City was named after these falling leaves of autumn, and the people from the other cities, or even those from the sacred land of the Immortal Region would often visit in autumn just to look at the scenery.

Ye Zichen felt a sense of shock when he finally returned to where the Spiritual Breeze Villagers stayed.

The manor had already expanded and was already connected with all the other manors that Zuo Mo had gifted him. What’s more, there was also a huge sign in front of the original manor.

Leisure House!

This was something that Ye Zichen had mentioned absentmindedly to Xue Qi before going to Mount Supreme. He had told Xue Qi that he wanted to establish a faction, and even thought of the name – Leisure House…

The reason he had chose the specific name was to show that he wanted those people who lived in seclusion to join them and represented the mindset of them being able to do their own things.

Yet, if someone was to wrong them, he would have people to call upon!

I can’t believe that Xue Qi actually managed to get this all together

“Zichen-ge,” Xue Lan, who was wearing a crown of maple leaves, skipped over with a look of joy in her eyes. When she got in front of him, she took off the crown and placed it on Ye Zichen’s head.

“Lil’ Lan,” Ye Zichen rubbed her head.

At that moment, Fatty Yin spoke up, “I’ve escorted you here. Now, the future’s on you. Oh yeah, I left a trump card for you here, use it well>”

He patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder, then turned around to leave.

Ye Zichen glanced at his back and muttered, “What trump card…”

“Big Brother Zichen, where did you go? We missed you so much,” Xue Lan giggled and walked into the courtyard with Ye Zichen. There were plenty of unfamiliar faces in the courtyard, and some of them were being taught by Yellow Hair.

“I’m teaching you the social etiquette of the upper class. Us, the Leisure House, is the House amongst the outer region of the Immortal Region, understand? That means we’re equal with the Treasure Tower and the Mu Family. If you don’t pay attention to your etiquette, then that’s not just making me lose face. That’s causing the Leisure House and even my boss to lose face!” Yellow Hair put his hands on his lips and rambled.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. This guy’s strength has truly rocketed. He was merely in the mid-stage of the Human Immortal level before I left, and now he’s actually at the early stage of the Sky Immortal region. He really is an expert in the Three Realms now.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile and walked over when he saw the group turn silent from the scolding.

“Yellow Hair, you know social etiquette?”

“Of course I… Oh, Boss!” Yellow Hair quickly bowed when he saw Ye Zichen. “Boss, these brats are too dumb, so I have to teach them a lesson.”

Ye Zichen glanced at the group. Most of them were middle-aged people, and were between the early stage and complete stage of the Human Immortal level…


“Why’s he here?” Ye Zichen stared at the elder amongst the group and muttered. “Is he the trump card the fatty left me?”

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