Chapter 61 The chance is here

Chapter 61 – The chance is here

Ye Zichen opened the chat group and saw that most of the people inside were bragging. Ye Zichen typed out a message, hesitated for a moment, then deleted it without daring to send it.

He was afraid of being found out.

It was better to send his question through private message.

Ye Zichen clicked on his chat with Erlang Shen…

Ye Zichen: Bro, do you have anything that can increase the duration of a lifetime?

Erlang Shen: How… Why would I have something like that. Those durations are merely for mortals, the lifetimes of us deities are eternal.

Ye Zichen thought to himself, it truly was like that, when he read Erlang Shen’s reply, but he at least had to ask who would have something like this.

Ye Zichen: Then do you know who does?

Erlang Shen: There shouldn’t be anyone in the Heavenly Court with something like this. However, the Peaches of Immortality from the Queen Mother’s Immortality Peach Garden’s are able to increase the duration of a mortal’s life time. If you really want one, the monkey should have some. If you want peaches, he’s definitely the one to go to.

Ye Zichen: Thanks.

Ye Zichen immediately opened his chat with the Monkey King after exiting the chat with Erlang Shen.

Ye Zichen: Great Sage.

Monkey King: What business do you have with Old Sun? Did you get some good treasures again? <insert a row of anticipation emojis>

Ye Zichen smiled wryly, then typed on the screen.

Ye Zichen: This little deity has a request for Great Sage.

Monkey King: Go on.

Ye Zichen: I wonder if Great Sage has any Peaches of Immortality from the Immortality Peach Garden?


Ye Zichen felt a bit anxious when he saw that the Monkey King had suddenly stopped replying.

Elder Su needed the Peaches of Immortality to extend his life.

After a long time, the Monkey King finally replied with a message that turned Ye Zichen completely speechless.

Monkey King: How did you know that Old Sun has some Peaches of Immortality? Did the news of Old Sun stealing peaches get leaked?

The f*ck, he stole peaches again.

The Monkey King had stolen peaches from the Immortality Peach Garden in Journey to the West.

He didn’t think much of it when he was younger, but after growing up, everyone started to make fun of the Monkey King.

Who was the lamest person in Journey to the West!?

Answer: Sun Wukong.

As for the reason…

He had managed to freeze the all fairies of the Immortality Peach Garden, but he didn’t do anything except going in to eat peaches!

Thinking about that, Ye Zichen had a thought.

If he could learn the Body Freezing Technique from the Great Sage…

Zeze, then wouldn’t he be amazing.

Wait, no, his purpose was to ask for a Peach of Immortality.

However, Ye Zichen felt a bit shameless, so he couldn’t help but ask.

Ye Zichen: Did you freeze the fairy again?

Monkey King: How did you know!? <insert several shocked emojis>

F*ck, he’s truly lame!

Ye Zichen mocked the Monkey King several times in his heart. However, what the Monkey King had said did reveal that the Great Sage did indeed have Peaches of Immortality.

Ye Zichen: Don’t care about how this little deity found out. Great Sage, can you give this little deity a Peach of Immortality?

Monkey King: Old Sun, I, didn’t steal much, this is a rare good.

The underlying meaning was that Ye Zichen should exchange for it with his ‘sincerity’.

Ye Zichen: Great Sage, this little deity needs the Peach of Immortality desperately. As for the item of exchange, wait for this little deity to go back before sending it to Great Sage.

Monkey King: Then what are you using to exchange for it?

Ye Zichen: Two rows of Wahaha.

Monkey King: And two cup noodles.

Ye Zichen: Deal.


The Monkey King sent a red packet over the moment he sent the news.


You received the Monkey King’s red packet.

Peach of Immortality x1

Ye Zichen clicked open the Treasure Chest and read the Peach of Immortality’s effects.

Peach of Immortality: A 500 years old Peach of Immortality from the Queen Mother’s Immortality Peach Garden.

Effects: Improve health and lengthen lifespans. Increases lifetime by 20 years.

Ye Zichen finally stopped worrying after seeing that.

He already found the thing he needed to increase a person’s lifetime, the remaining thing was to return the soul to the body.

Ye Zichen thought about it for a while, then decided to ask the Great Sage just in case.

Ye Zichen: Great Sage, do you have anything that can return the soul to the body?

Monkey King: Nope, but if you want something like that, you’ll have to find Old Lord Taishang. That old brat’s Nine Reincarnation Soul Pill is a pill to return the soul to the body. But that old Daoist might not give it to you.

Old Lord Taishang!

Ye Zichen sighed in his heart.

Actually, he already thought about how Old Lord Taishang would have something to return the soul to the body, but he didn’t add Old Lord Taishang as a friend yet.

He had only added three people from the group: Yue Lao, Erlang Shen and the Monkey King.

What’s more, they had taken the initiative and added him, and their intimacy level were all above Friendly.

If he wanted the Nine Reincarnation Soul Pill, he had to take the initiative this time and add Old Lord Taishang as friend.

Nobody knew what was their intimacy level…

Ye Zichen thought about it, then sent a message of thanks to the Monkey King. He immediately replied with a message that told him to hurry up and send the treasures over before the two stopped chatting.

Ye Zichen opened the member list of the WeChat group and clicked on Old Lord Taishang’s icon.

To add or not to add, that is the question.

Ye Zichen thought about his bet with Su Qihu and Elder Su, who was floating behind him.

He made his decision.



I have accepted your friend request. Now let’s chat!


Ye Zichen immediately glanced at the intimacy level.



Old Lord Taishang: ?

Ye Zichen had never met any deities that would send just a symbol.

He gulped, then bravely sent a message.

Ye Zichen: Old Lord Taishang, this little deity has a request to beg of you.

Old Lord Taishang: ?

It was another f*cking question mark.

It seems like this Old Lord Taishang was pretty cold.

However, if Ye Zichen recalled at the intimacy level of cold, he could understand there wasn’t anything else the other person could reply him with.

If Old Lord Taishang was any more intimate, the intimacy level wouldn’t be cold.

Ye Zichen: I want to ask Old Lord Taishang for a celestial pill.

Old Lord Taishang: What pill?

Ye Zichen: Nine Reincarnation Soul Pill.

There were no more replies.

Even though Ye Zichen waited ten minutes, Old Lord Taishang did not send any reply.

It truly was as the Monkey King had said. This pill was definitely rather valuable, so Old Lord Taishang was reluctant to give it out.

Ye Zichen sent another message with the mindset of just giving it a shot.

Ye Zichen: Old Lord, is that alright?

Old Lord Taishang: What is your celestial title? Why have I never heard of you?

It’s finally here.

Ye Zichen’s heart jumped.

That was exactly what he was worried about. Celestial title, how could he have any celestial title.

Ye Zichen let out a long sigh, then got ready to show off.

Ye Zichen: I am Erlang Shen’s brother and am good friends with Yue Lao.

Old Lord Taishang: Oh? <insert three shocked emojis>


Your intimacy level with Old Lord Taishang increased by 20. Current intimacy level: Cold.

Bringing people up truly was good.

It seemed like the Heavenly Court was more or less the same with the mortal realm. As long as you would bring people up every now and then, everyone are good friends.

Ye Zichen beat the iron while it was hot after seeing a sliver of hope.

Ye Zichen: Old Lord, if you don’t believe it, then you can ask. As for my celestial title, this little deity would really find it inconvenient to say it.

Old Lord Taishang: Oh.

Old Lord Taishang did not even reply him after ten-odd minutes.

Just as Ye Zichen was getting impatient…


Your intimacy level with Old Lord Taishang increased by 80. Current intimacy level: Friendly.

Ye Zichen nearly jumped up in excitement after seeing this message.

It’s Friendly now.

According to his experience dealing with these deities. As long as the intimacy level was friendly, his false identity would definitely not be seen through.

Most importantly, the chance has come!

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