Chapter 609 The Great Sage’s gossip

Chapter 609 – The Great Sage’s gossip

During the seventh hour after Hua Tuo walked out of the golden barrier of light, the sky began to light up and Old Lord Taishang also finished refining all the pills.

Fortunately, the Great Sage and Yuan Hong also woke up after he had placed the pills into their mouths.

Despite that, it was only natural for them to feel weak, so they both stayed in the land of the fox yaos and could only leave Mount Huaguo to the other two spiritual monkeys to handle.

“Great Sage, how’re you feeling?” Ye Zichen placed two bottles of Wahaha beside the Great Sage.

The Great Sage scratched his head with a wry smile after opening a bottle and drinking a few mouthfuls, “Not too bad. I, Old Sun, truly got screwed big time. I didn’t expect there to be such an expert in this world.”

“Yeah,” Ye Zichen sighed, while the conversation between the white-shirted man and Fatty Yin, that he had overheard, echoed in his mind.

I really was an idiot. Even the Jade Emperor could detect me using the Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth.

No, even Zuo Mo could detect it.

The white-shirted man is clearly stronger than anyone of this three realms, and I actually decided to pry on their conversation so foolishly.

Ugh, now I only got more annoyed after hearing them talk.

“Su Liu’er, when are we getting married?”

Yuan Hong, who was bundled up with bandages, followed Su Liu’er around the fox yao’s courtyard and yammered on about them getting married.

According to what he said, the reason he had managed to live was purely because of his lingering thoughts for Su Liu’er.

Otherwise, he would have passed on to the afterlife ages ago.

“Who wants to marry you? I’m only ignoring you because you’re wounded, but don’t get an inch and ask for a mile. Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson.”

Su Liu’er, who was rather annoyed from getting followed around, stopped walking. Then, she looked at Yuan Hong, who was following her like a lost puppy, with a frown.

“Then just kill me. If you aren’t going to marry me, then I don’t want to live anymore,” Yuan Hong chased after her shamelessly still.

Su Liu’er lifted her hand with clenched of her teeth, but eventually put her hand down again and then ran away.

“They’re truly a pair of loving frenemies,” Old Lord Taishang shook his head with a smile. He walked in front of Sun Wukong and checked his pulse. “You’ve recovered pretty well. You’ll be that annoying monkey spirit that’s causing trouble for people once more soon enough.”

“You actually dared to call I, Old Sun, a monkey spirit!?” the Great Sage glared before snorting. “But seriously, thanks for all this.”

Old Lord Taishang shook his head with a smile, “It was all thanks to Hua Tuo’s medical skills. But the Underworld has been really busy recently, so he went back rather early. When you have time, go over to the Underworld and thank him properly. Oh yeah, I asked Hua Tuo earlier. He said that the reason the two of you managed to survive was all thanks to a firm thought in your minds. Yuan Hong did his best for Su Liu’er, and you…”

Old Lord Taishang smiled meaningfully.

At that moment, Ye Zichen suddenly recalled the words the Great Sage had said on the verge of his death.

This is surely a huge piece of gossip!

The Great Sage to felt rather uncomfortable when faced with the heated gazes of the pair.

“Why are you looking at I, Old Sun. If you continue to, then I, Old Sun, will….”

“Ahh, monkey, don’t get annoyed,” Old Lord Taishang twitched his mouth. “Canopy Marshal had leaked something to me before, he said that back then, you had… some… for a woman…”

“Take this!” The Great Sage immediately took out his Ruyi Jingu Bang and rushed towards Old Lord Taishang.

Ye Zichen sat down on a stone stool and watched over the lively atmosphere.

“Time’s up,” At that very moment, Fatty Yin suddenly appeared in front of Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen glanced up, then put down the bottle of Wahaha with a wry smile, “So soon?”

“You’ve been with the fox yaos long enough. He said that it’s time for you to go to where you should go,” Fatty Yin replied plainly. “C’mon.”

“Then why didn’t he come with you?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Haven’t the two of you been avoiding each other? Are you actually going to meet him if he comes? Tsk, that’s why this is all my job now,” Fatty Yin grit his teeth with disdain, then muttered. “If he could come, do you think that I would be willing to leave my darling Zhuzhu?”

Ye Zichen was rendered completely speechless, but he did understand the logic behind the fatty’s words.

That guy won’t come to see me. Even if he does, I wouldn’t meet him.

Ye Zichen patted away the dust from his pants, then looked at the area around him a bit reluctantly with a smile. “Can I say my goodbyes?”

“It would be best not to,” Fatty Yin turned around and shook his finger. “That guy said that leaving after telling them would be more troublesome. He knows who you want to say your farewells to, but he told me that if you decide to do so, that person would definitely want to leave with you. However, Su Liu’er would not permit it, so that’s just asking for trouble.”

“Why would Su Liu’er object to Su Yan leaving with me!?” Ye Zichen frowned.

“How would I know,” Fatty Yin shrugged irresponsibly. “I merely came to pass along the message. I have no idea what that guy is thinking about.”

Ye Zichen nodded, then calmed down.

Since that guy said that Su Liu’er wouldn’t permit it, then she definitely won’t. It’s clear that he has experienced that sort of situation before.

“He told me to tell you to focus on what you should be doing. He’ll handle Su Liu’er.”

“Then… Let’s go!”

Thus, Ye Zichen and Fatty Yin disappeared from the land of the fox yaos in a flash of light.

“Why isn’t Ye Zichen here yet? I’m going to call him to the table,” Su Yan glanced at the empty seat of Ye Zichen at the able and put her chopsticks down before standing up.

The white-shirted man sitting opposite her smiled, “He already left.”

“What?” Su Yan was momentarily shocked. “Why didn’t he take me with him? I don’t want to stay here anymore!”

“Lil’ sis!” Su Liu’er slammed her palms down on the table, shocking everyone else.

“Just how many times do I have to tell you? You aren’t allowed to have any contact with him! Was this lesson not enough? You nearly died in the Demon Realm because of him. The Great Sage and Yuan Hong also got dragged into it, and yet you’re still thinking about following him!”

“I just want to be with him,” Su Yan frowned. “Big Sis, if you didn’t confiscate my phone and I could have contacted him, or been by his side, then I wouldn’t have been in any danger. And even if I did get into danger, he’ll protect me. I’m going to find him!”

“Stop messing around!” Cold air began to radiate out from Su Liu’er, causing everyone in the room to shudder.

Su Zhu pulled on Su Yan’s clothes in an attempt to get her to quiet down…

Yet, Su Yan continued to glare at Su Liu’er without backing down.

“Yes, I am messing around. I like being with Ye Zichen. So what? Is there anything wrong with that!?”

“It seems like big sis has been way too nice to you recently, you’re actually arguing with me now,” the aura of cold from Su Liu’er became even stronger. The people in the surroundings wanted to go over and tell her to calm down a bit, but since she was at the height of her rage…

The white-shirted man put down the chopsticks in his hand and smiled, “Liu’er-jie, can we talk?”

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