Chapter 608 Should I understand?

Chapter 608 – Should I understand?

A cool breeze blew past them.

The grass on the mountain wavered in the winds.

Ye Zichen looked intently at the white-shirted man beside him. The man yanked up a strand of grass, placed it into his palm, then turned around…

“Why are you suddenly asking me who I am?” His tone was extremely calm.

Ye Zichen let out a soft sigh, then thought back to what the others had said to him. “I’m just very curious. After all, it’s like you’ve experienced everything I’ve been through in person.”

“You should know how strong I am. I’m a Sky Supreme, someone above these three realms, and far surpassing an Immortal King. You are merely a complete stage Human Immortal. Isn’t it all too simple for me to know what you’re going to go through?” the white-shirted man continued to answer in a matter-of-fact manner.

Ye Zichen frowned, “But, Lu Lu said that your scent…”


The white-shirted man turned away and ran towards the barrier of light before Ye Zichen could finish. Ye Zichen could only stared at the situation blankly, then finally follow when he considered what might have happened.

The Great Sage and Yuan Hong were still within the barrier of light, but Hua Tuo had already walked out.

“I’ve succeeded,” Hua Tuo smiled towards Ye Zichen and indicated towards Yuan Hong and the Great Sage.

Ye Zichen looked over and saw that the hole on their chest have been filled somehow, and color had returned to their faces. What’s more, he was also able to faintly feel their breath.

“Thank god,” the white-shirted man let out a long sigh of relief.

At that moment, Hua Tuo spoke up, “It’ll be up to the Old Lord’s pills for when they’ll be able to wake up. I’ve done all I could.”

“Elder Hua, thank you for your hard work. Your room has been prepared already, so please come this way,” Ye Zichen smiled and made a please gesture.

Hua Tuo nodded with a smile, then followed Ye Zichen.

Meanwhile, the white-shirted man remained outside the barrier of light and choked as he looked at the Great Sage and Yuan Hong. “Thank goodness that you two are fine. This is… wonderful.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell little brat Ye? Why do I feel like this is the best moment to do so?” Fatty Yin suddenly appeared with a bowl of washed grapes.

“Haha…” the white-shirted man’s chuckle became ice-cold. He turned around and reached towards his neck. “You actually dared to come and see me alone. You couldn’t even do what I asked of you. Seriously, is there anything that you can do? I really want to strangle you right now.”

That action caused the fatty’s bowl of grape to drop. Seeing that, Fatty Yin quickly used his spiritual energy to cause the grapes to stop in midair before they touched the ground.

“Don’t… These are grapes that Su Zhu washed for me.”

An hour later…

The white-shirted man and Fatty Yin sat outside the barrier of light with the bowl of grapes that Fatty saved between them.

“Lil’ Zhu-jie washed them for you?”

Fatty smiled proudly as he popped one into his mouth, “Of course, you might not have guessed this, but our relationship improved massively.”

“Oh? Do tell,” the white-shirted man’s interest in gossip awoke.

Fatty Yin smiled, “Su Zhu actually said that I’m pretty nice, but am just too fat. I didn’t tell her that I exchanged this body using some merits. I already made up my mind that I’ll get my main body over here after dealing with your stuff over here. Hmph… I’ll definitely be able to win her over.”

“Your loser main body?” the white-shirted man shook his head. “Let’s be honest, that’s not as good as this fat one.”

“How did we get together? Was it using this fat body?” Fatty Yin raised his eyebrows.

“It was with your main body,” the white-shirted man shook his head with a chuckle. “But the main reason the two of you managed to get together was because of that war. Women love heroes, and your actions were befitting that of a hero. It was normal for her to fall for you.”

“Really? Hahaha… How long is it till the war? I’ll get my main body ready to come over then and display my might!” Fatty Yin rubbed his hands in excitement.

“It won’t ever happen,” spiritual energy surged around the white-shirted man as he stared forward. “I came back to stop all of that. I will not allow that sort of devastation to happen once again. But… although changing history sounds ridiculous, I still have to try. What’s more, didn’t I succeed with the Great Sage?”

Fatty Yin was momentarily stunned. Then he patted the man’s shoulder. He was probably the person who understood the white-shirted man the most in the world.

He understood very clearly just what sort of determination the white-shirted man had when he came back to the Three Realms.

“But, I have to remind you about one thing,” Fatty Yin looked at the man. “Ye Zichen has already started to suspect something of your identity. You won’t be able to hide it for much longer.”

“He already sought me out just now,” the man smiled with a shrug. “Actually, it’s pretty normal. All sorts of disguises are pointless in front of Lu Lu. I can fake everything except my scent. That’s something which cannot be changed.”

“You’re just going to continue to hide it like this?” Fatty Yin raised his eyebrows.

“It’s not really hiding it. Just what am I supposed to say to him in this sort of situation?” the white-shirted man glanced at the fatty. “The day where Ye Zichen and I truly meet is the day I leave this place. He’s still too young. He won’t be able to handle the future. That’s why I have to stay behind, and at the very least, help him handle it all.”

“You truly think a lot for yourself!” Fatty Yin chuckled. “Then you might as well just grab him and directly give him the power? I don’t believe that anyone can match him if he had the strength of a Sky Supreme. As a Sky Supreme, he would even be an extremely valuable asset in the Upper Three Realms!”

“Stop saying something so pointless,” the white-shirted man rolled his eyes. “You clearly know that I’m incapable of doing that for him. What’s more, who said that a Sky Supreme is unmatched here? An old monster of the Sky Supreme level also arrived in the Demon Realm.”

“How’s that possible!?” Fatty Yin shot up from the ground. “You said that there are two Sky Supreme level existences in the Three Realms!?”

“Perhaps it’s because of me,” the white-shirted man smiled. “You should know that the Great Sage and Yuan Hong died of heavy injuries back then, but the old monster didn’t show himself. Perhaps my appearance broke some sort of balance, causing that monster to appear.”

“This is seriously getting more and more troublesome,” Fatty Yin was speechless. He quickly called forth the Eight Formation Origin Chart. “I feel like I’ve been tricked. I don’t want this shitty anything anymore. Have it back!”

“You sure?” the white-shirted man smiled. “You were able to slaughter your enemies with that. Su Zhu only changed her mind about you after you used the its mirage formation to trap a hundred something thousand elite demons!”

“I didn’t say anything,” the fatty put the Eight Formation Origin Chart away.

At that very moment, the white-shirted man waved towards the area in front of him.

“Do you understand now?” the white-shirted man muttered quietly.

At the same time, Ye Zichen, who was using the mystical arts of the Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth to spy on the pair, also put his hands down dejectedly.

“Should… I understand?”

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