Chapter 606 A Love-Hate Relationship

Chapter 606 – A Love-Hate Relationship

Report to the Heavenly Court?

Since the Great Sage is the Victorious Fighting Buddha of the Heavenly Court, then it’s natural for me to find them, but I don’t seem to recall his little brother Yuan Hong being related to the Heavenly Court?

What’s more, this is the land of the fox yaos in the Endless Beast Region. The Heavenly Court and the Beast Region…

They don’t even speak.

They fight!

Am I really going to report this to the Heavenly Court?

Ye Zichen felt a bit hesitant.

The white-shirted man immediately said to him once again, “Get Old Lord Taishang in the Heavenly Court, and Hua Tuo in the Underworld!”

With that, the white-shirted man walked beside Su Liu’er and glanced at her, before grabbing Yuan Hong from her arms.

“What are you doing!?”

“Saving him,” the white-shirted man replied plainly.

Su Liu’er immediately handed Yuan Hong over and pleaded, “I beg you, please save him.”

“Mm,” a faint golden light enveloped the white-shirted man and the two injured people.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen got into contact with Old Lord Taishang.

“Old Lord!”

In order for Old Lord Taishang to get the message right away, Ye Zichen spammed him with several tens of messages, then directly sent a video chat request.

“I’m really busy right now. If it’s nothing special, then wait till I’m free.”

With that, Old Lord Taishang moved his hand over to turn off the chat. He still thought that Ye Zichen wanted the pill refinement secret manual for him. That was the most important thing to him, so he didn’t want to hand it over.

Ye Zichen naturally understood what Old Lord Taishang was thinking. “I don’t want the secret manual, I want to ask you to save someone.”

“Save someone? If it’s a normal mortal, then you’re enough. Why do you need me?” Old Lord Taishang raised his eyebrows. “What’s more, I specialize in pill refinement. The pills I refined aren’t suitable for mortals.”

“It’s to save the Great Sage.”

“The monkey?” Old Lord Taishang. “What happened to him? Is he dying? That’s great news. I never liked him.”

“Oh, then keep gloating. There’s no need for you then.” Ye Zichen turned off the video chat coldly, then sought out Hua Tuo of the underworld.

In terms of medical ethics, Hua Tuo was definitely one of the best people. Ye Zichen merely spoke about the situation briefly before Hua Tuo agreeing to hurry over as fast as possible.

After chatting with Hua Tuo, Ye Zichen noticed that Old Lord Taishang had sent him a bunch of messages.

“The monkey’s seriously going to die?”

“That’s impossible. He’s the monkey with the Fiery Eyes of Truth, he’s damn sturdy. How could he die?”

“Hey, is he seriously in trouble?”

“Hurry up and tell me your location. I’ll come over there immediately.”

The reason Old Lord Taishang had spoke like that during the video chat was mainly because he didn’t really believe what Ye Zichen said. He knew very well just how strong the Great Sage was. The Great Sage was completely fine even in Old Lord Taishang’s pill furnace, and even managed to get a pair of Fiery Eyes of Truth out of it.

He really didn’t believe that the Great Sage could come into such danger.

Yet, when he saw how cold Ye Zichen was when he turned off the video chat, he felt something amiss…

That’s why he sent so many messages to Ye Zichen.

“The back mountains in the land of the Endless Beast Region’s fox yaos, on the Central Continent outside the Immortal Region.”

Ye Zichen left the chat after sending the message, and instead sat on the ground to stare closely at the white-shirted man who was keeping the Great Sage and Yuan Hong alive.

He… should be the system, right?

Ye Zichen muttered silently. Yet, a lot of his actions confused Ye Zichen.

He calls Su Liu’er Liu’er-jie.

He seems to know everything about what I will experience in the future, as if he has been through all that.

I’ve never been able to see his face, since it seemed to be hidden and censored.

Just who is he!?

Ye Zichen muttered to himself.

At that very moment, a spiritual fluctuation occurred at the portal.

Everyone in the back mountains immediately looked towards the portal vigilantly. Since we were causing trouble in the Demon Realm earlier, are they attacking now that some of us are injured?

“We meet again.”

The people who walked out of the portal were Gu Li and Su Yiyun, while Su Yan and Lu Lu stood beside them.

“Lil’ sis,” a hint of light returned to Su Liu’er’s dimmed eyes. Yet, she couldn’t help but yell coldly when she turned towards Gu Li. “What do you want!?”

As she spoke, she also subconsciously protected the white-shirted man, Yuan Hong and Sun Wukong with her spiritual energy. She understood very well that they could not afford to get harassed under these circumstances.

“Master of the Fox Yaos, you are truly amazing. But don’t fight with me, I didn’t come here for that,” with that, Gu Li shoved Su Yan and Lu Lu forward. “That senior asked us to bring them over, but don’t overthink things. We didn’t come to ask for peace.”

“Zichen,” Su Yan and Lu Lu ran towards Ye Zichen together.

Ye Zichen was momentarily surprised, before he pushed them behind his back, and squinted his eyes coldly, “It’s impossible even if you do want peace.”

“Haha…” Gu Li snorted. “No matter what you say, I’ve already brought them over. That’s that.”

“Why didn’t you bring Xiao Yumei back!?” Ye Zichen interrogated Gu Li.

“You have to ask your good bro about that,” Gu Li indicated towards Su Yiyun. “Who knows what sort of secret technique he used to actually evade that senior’s detection. But then again, Xiao Yumei is his new pet, so it makes sense for him to be reluctant to part from her.”

“Su Yiyun!” Ye Zichen looked towards Su Yiyun darkly. He could still remember every single one of the stabs.

“Let’s go back,” Su Yiyun turned towards the portal.

Ye Zichen clenched his fist and cursed, “If you dare to touch even a single strand of hair on Xiao Yumei, I’ll never be done with you.”

“Mm,” Su Yiyun continued to answer indifferently before entering the portal.

Gu Li looked meaningfully towards Su YIyun, then back onto Ye Zichen, before he shook his head with a chuckle, “Bye bye.”

After he stepped into the portal, the portal disappeared.

What they didn’t know was that…

“Do you want to die!?”

The moment Gu Li entered the portal, Su Yiyun suddenly turned around and grabbed him by the neck.

“Don’t try and challenge my bottom line again. Gu Li, it’s extremely simple for me to kill you!”

“Kill me? Don’t kid yourself. Do you want to ruin this huge plan of yours by killing me?” Gu Li pushed his hand away with a smile. “You managed to stay undercover for so long for some shocking ploy, right? But that senior isn’t Black Dragon, do you think you can continue on with it?”

“Heh, just think about yourself first,” Su Yiyun looked at him sullenly. “Don’t think that I don’t know what you’ve been doing.”

“Yeah, yeah. But, thinking about it, it really is interesting. One doesn’t know what’s going on, and the other is hiding everything. If this was a tv show, then it would definitely top the charts! What a love-hate relationship. Hahaha…” Gu Li chuckled, then twitched his mouth. “Hey, can you give me a hint of what you’re planning? Let’s be honest, neither of us are actually devoted to the Demon Realm, so it’s fine if you tell me, right?”

“You want to know?” Su Yiyun chuckled. “I’ll tell you right before you die!”

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