Chapter 605 Escaping from the Demon Realm

Chapter 605 – Escaping from the Demon Realm

“Yuan Hong!”

Su Liu’er cried out as she saw Yuan Hong, who had defended her, fall down in a pool of blood.

“Su Liu’er is the woman I, Yuan Hong, have my eyes on. Whoever dares to attack her is making an enemy out of me!”

“Hey, Liu’er, we’ve known each other for so long already. Give me a chance.”

“Don’t be so mean to me. I’ll listen to you even if you don’t scold me.”

Scenes flashed through her mind. She is the clan cheif of the fox yaos, and everything she did was related to whether the clan would decline or prosper.

She had given up on her personal life for the sake of her clan.

Yet, he had never complained, not even once, and he had merely guarded silently by her side.

It had been over ten thousand years, and even an ice-cold heart would have been melted by Yuan Hong’s fire-like passion.

“Yuan Hong, don’t die,” Su Liu’er hugged his neck, while droplets of tears dripped onto his face.

“Why are you crying? I feel like I’m rather lucky. Although I’m dying, I’m dying for you,” Yuan Hong slowly lifted his hand to try and wipe away the tears from her eyes, but the light in his own eyes slowly began to dim.

“Yuan Hong, I’ll promise you. If you live through this, then I’ll go on a date with you. I’ll put the fox yao clan aside, I’ll leave it to Lil’ Zhu, I’ll marry you, okay?” Su Liu’er cried uncontrollably.

Hearing that, Yuan Hong chuckled, “Sure, if I don’t die, then I’ll make the entire three realms know that you’re my wo…”


The hand which was caressing Su Yan’s face fell limply onto the ground.

Su Liu’er’s pupils contracted as she hugged Yuan Hong’s body, which was already had started turning cold.

“Yuan Hong, you can’t die! Didn’t you say that you’ll marry me?” Yuan Hong…”

“Great Sage,” Ye Zichen had scrambled to Sun WUkong’s side frantically. He took out some healing pills and stuffed them continuously into the Great Sage’s mouth. “Great Sage, you’re the Victorious Fighting Buddha! You’re supposed to know the Seventy-Two Transformations and have seventy-two lives!”

“I, Old Sun… Didn’t expect to be caught off guard here,” the Great Sage chuckled, then he looked towards the sky with a wry smile. “I… really want to see you again.”

“Why did this happen!? I clearly came back to change the future! Why!? Am..Am I really the scourge!?” The white-shirted man stared dumbly at the two people who had fallen down before him. This scene…

The same place, the same event.

Even what they said sounded so similar.


“Hmmph, yaos actually dare to act out of line in the Demon Realm. You must have a death wish.”

A white-haired elder walked out of the palace. The elder wore a long purple robe with the images of poisonous insects embroidered on it. He also had a small beard, which he would caress whenever he spoke.


Su Liu’er and Ye Zichen looked towards the elder together with spiteful rage.

“Oh? Some yao scum are actually still alive,” the elder snorted.

Su Liu’er slowly put Yuan Hong flat onto the ground and stood up.

Her icy blue dress fluttered, while her hair also turned a pale blue.


Raging winds swept forth with snowflakes, while the temperature dropped even further.

“Prepare to pay with your life for Yuan Hong!”

Su Liu’er glared at the elder.

The elder laughed indifferently, then slapped towards Su Liu’er. “You’re just a mere insect, and yet you dare to talk to this old man like that? Die!”

Su Liu’er was unable to defend against the elder’s slap of anger.

When Su Liu’er noticed the mountain-like difference between them, she gave up resisting.

Worst come to worst, I’ll just go with Yuan Hong.


A raging fluctuation of spiritual energy seemed to blow people off their feet.

Su Liu’er looked up and saw the white-shirted man stand in front of her.

“Go,” the white-shirted man waved at the group behind him.

Ye Zichen and Su Liu’er picked Yuan Hong and the Great Sage off the ground, then disappeared from the Demonic Dragon Palace in a flash of light.

“Zeze, a Sky Supreme. There’s actually such a powerful being in the three realms?” the elder shook his head with a smile, then turned towards Black Dragon. “Are you the master of this realm?”

“Yes, senior,” Black Dragon nodded, but didn’t even dared to breathe.

The elder nodded, “Not bad, I can tell that you should have ascended already. Why didn’t you? Do you not want to give up the power here?”

“As a demonic junior, how would I dare to forget the teachings of my forefathers? It’s only because the ley line of these three realms was sealed, and I have been unable to locate it. That’s why I’ve remained here,” Black Dragon replied with a bow.

Although he didn’t know who the elder was, the elder’s strength was something that he could sincerely respect.

“Mm, ley line,” the elder nodded. “Don’t worry about the ley line. I’ll be staying here in the coming times. Also…”

“Senior, please,” said Black Dragon.

“I sense two auras from other realms here. Both of them are of yaos!” The elder replied.

“Yes,” Black Dragon nodded, then pointed towards Gu Li. “He caught them.”

The elder glanced over at Gu Li for a while.


“Senior, I am Chiyou’s reincarnation. I did stay with the humans before I awakened, but I have already turned my back on the dark side and became one of the Demon Realm’s citizens,” Gu Li hurriedly replied.

“Chiyou’s reincarnation… Turned your back on the dark side!” The elder repeated quietly, then sighed. “Just what is right, what is wrong… Nobody can make that judgement. Go and release the two yaos. The experts earlier were here for them, right? Right now, this demon realm isn’t powerful enough, so you should not make an enemy out of an expert of that level. I already punished the reckless yaos, so release the rest.”

“Understood,” the demons nodded.

At that very moment, Kui Yin also crawled out of the ruins. He looked at the elder standing in front of the Demonic Dragon Palace with a smile, then dragged himself away silently.

Back in the land of the yaos, Fatty Yin was chatting with Su Zhu. However, although Su Zhu was replying to his words, she did not seem to be paying attention to him.


The white-shirted man appeared with Su Liu’er and Ye Zichen.

Seeing that, Su Zhu hurried over.

When she saw the Great Sage and Yuan Hong, who Ye Zichen and Su Liu’er carried, she immediately covered her mouth to prevent herself from screaming, while her eyes filled with shock.

“Sis…” Su Zhu said. How’s this possible. Putting Yuan Hong aside from now, the Great Sage is one of the strongest beings in the Beast Region.

He’s even the Heavenly Court’s Victorious Fighting Buddha!

How could they…

Fatty Yin was also shocked. All of a sudden, he remembered the words the white-shirted man had told him, then slapped himself and cursed himself for being an idiot.

“I’m sorry,” Fatty Yin walked over with his head lowered.

The white-shirted man lifted his hand, then put it down with a sigh.

“Ye Zichen, contact the Heavenly Court!”

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