Chapter 604 Unchangeable History

Chapter 604 – Unchangeable History

“Lord Black Dragon, I’ve never seen him in the Demon Realm before,” one of the Twelve Demon Sovereigns spoke up.

Black Dragon nodded.

He had already been the master of the Demon Realm for over a thousand years, yet he had never even heard of someone like that.

Yet, judging from the person’s aura, he surpassed the Twelve Demon Sovereigns, and even Black Dragon, the master of the Demon Realm.

“Can he equal the white-shirted person?” Su Yiyun couldn’t help but ask Black Dragon.

Black Dragon raised his eyebrows as he thought, “He might be able to.”

“I see!” Su Yiyun nodded faintly, then stopped speaking with a dark expression.

Meanwhile, the white-shirted man was smiling wryly in self-mockery when he saw Kui Yin getting ready, “Ahh, it was like this back then as well. Although you do not have a good impression of the Demon Realm, it is still your home.”

He slowly raised his hand, and as he did so, the laws of the entire universe seemed to swirl around him.

“I could not match you in strength back then, but now…”

He flicked his hand and reached towards Kui Yin before he finished, “You can’t stop me!”

Kui Yin, who had already gotten ready, felt the air of the entire realm press down on his body. He tried his best to break through the restraint…

But, the white-shirted man merely pointed at him.

Kui Yin instinctively guarded with his arms.


He slid backward as his feet dragged out two long lines on the ground. Purple blood dripped from the corner of his mouth, and his crescent-shaped eyes finally opened up, revealing a heated gaze.


Kui Yin, like all other demons, was someone who relied on brute strength.

They were a race that was created with a powerful physique. They believed that raw physical power gave them strength, and in from their perspective, only the hypocritical scum of the God Realm relied on spiritual arts and techniques instead of physical strength.

They only believed in their own physcial strength…

Physical power above all else!

No matter what spiritual technique the enemy may use, just shatter it with one punch.

Every step Kui Yin made created a new crack in the ground. Yet, the white-shirted man merely watched on indifferently as Kui Yin ran towards him.


The white-shirted man’s fist met Kui Yin’s.


Kui Yin’s arm bent out with a loud sound, while it instantly seemed to distort as he flew backward.

Dong. Dong. Dong.

His body collided and broke through the structures outside the Demonic Dragon Palace, before he finally landed, he had fainted in the ruins of the buildings.

Black Dragon and the Twelve Demon Sovereigns felt their eyes twitch at the sight before them…

Is he even human!?

“I love using my fist as well.”

The white-shirted man shook his head and the golden aura behind him began to fade. Ye Zichen frowned. For some reason, he could feel a hint of familiarity when the man swung his fist.

That feeling…

Ye Zichen looked down at the Bone Ring on his own finger. The image behind that man seems to be from the dragon race’s secret manual, which the old dragon god taught me.

Could he be a dragon?


At that very moment, a flash of golden light sparked in the distance.

The man looked up in confusion as the spot of light neared.

“Great Sage!”

“Bro, I, Old Sun, have come!” The Great Sage soared over on his cloud, with Yuan Hong, Su Liu’er and co. behind him.

“Who told you all to come over!? Did Fatty reach the portal too late?” The white-shirted man shouted in his frustration.

The Great Sage rolled his eyes, then ignored the man and walked over to pat Ye Zichen’s shoulder. “Thank god you’re fine! What’s with the blood on you?”

“It belongs to others,” Ye Zichen smiled at the Great Sage.

The Great Sage nodded in satisfaction, “Good, good.”

“Why did you come here!?” The white-shirted man seemed a bit worried as he looked around to search for Fatty Yin.

“My lil’ sis made the fatty stay behind in the back mountains of the fox yaos.”


The white-shirted man stomped on the ground, then turned around to look darkly at Black Dragon and co. The demons all lowered their heads. They really couldn’t do anything against him.


“Where’s my little sis?” Su Liu’er swept her gaze around, but did not see Su Yan anywhere.

“She…” Just as Ye Zichen began to speak, the white-shirted man walked over in front of the group with a frown.

“Go on back first. I’ll save Su Yan later!”

“No!” Su Liu’er refused determinedly. “I have to bring my lil’ sis back now.”

With that, nine white tails appeared behind her, while her clothes slowly began to turn a pale blue.


Cold wind swept up the sand and pebbles from the ground and rushed into the Demonic Dragon Palace.

Su Liu’er stepped forward as she stared coldly at Gu Li, “Return my little sister to me.”

“Can you guys stop messing around now? Come with me,” the white-shirted man grabbed Su Liu’er’s arm and tried to drag her backwards.

“Let go of me!” Su Liu’er glared at him. Although she clearly knew that he was not someone she could compare up to, she would allow nobody to stop her from saving her little sister!

“Liu’er-jie, can you just listen to me for once? Leave quickly! I’ll definitely save Su Yan, and I won’t let her face any danger!” The white-shirted man pleaded with Su Liu’er.

Su Liu’er struggled out of his grasp, “I’ll save my own little sister myself since Ye Zichen didn’t!”

Ye Zichen stood off to the side and watched the situation unfold speechlessly. What’s going on? That man can clearly destroy everything.

Wouldn’t it be over with him just killing all the demons? Why is he dragging Su Liu’er back?

Also, why is he calling Su Liu’er Liu’er-jie? What the hell is up with that?

Also, why does he have that censor on his face? Is he that scared of being seen?

“Hurry up and hand my little sister over,” Su Liu’er glared at Black Dragon, Gu Li, and the other demons as the temperature dropped further. At that moment, there was already a layer of frost coating the inside of the palace.

Su Liu’er’s nine tails danced in the howling winds.

Black Dragon squinted his eyes.

“Nine Tail Heavenly Fox, isn’t this a primordial divine beast from the upper Yao Realm? Why did you come down to these lower three realms?”

But oh well, she’s merely halfway into the Immortal King stage, that isn’t really that much of a threat to me. Only the white-shirted man feels dangerous.

“Gu Li, let the girl go.”

Yet, just as Black Dragon was about to give in, the Great Sage couldn’t endure it anymore, “Why waste our breath with talking to the demons? Just smack them all down!”

With that, he immediately charged into the Demonic Dragon Palace, and Su Liu’er also followed closely without any hesitation.

“Don’t!” The white-shirted man shouted. He reached out in an attempt to bring them back…

“A puny yao actually dares to step into the Demon Realm? You must have a death wish!”

“Su Liu’er,” Yuan Hong immediately charged in front of Su Liu’er and used his body as a shield.

The white-shirted man took a step back, looking very dejected.

For some reason, two huge bloody holes appeared on both the Great Sage and Yuan Hong. They stumbled, then fell to the ground as the light in their eyes went out.

“Why!? Why did it end up like this!?”

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