Chapter 603 Unable to Withstand Even a Single Blow

Chapter 603 – Unable to Withstand Even a Single Blow

Su Liu’er frowned as she looked at the fatty who stood in front of the portal to the Demon Realm. It had already been several days since Ye Zichen had gone through the portal. As she thought more about it, she did feel a bit bad for making him go to that sort of dangerous place all alone.

Yet, when she decided to go to the Demon Realm, Fatty Yin had appeared in their lands and stopped her and her group.

“Senior, just what are you trying to achieve by stopping us!?”

Yuan Hong, the Great Sage and co. also stood beside Su Liu’er. They were planning to go to the Demon Realm together, but they were stopped by Fatty Yin.

“Are you trying to seek your death by going to the Demon Realm?” Fatty Yin glanced at them with a solemn look on his chubby face.

“Hey, you’re friends with Ye Zichen, right? We’re going to go save him,” Su Zhu said.

Fatty Yin glanced at her, then smiled randomly. “Of course I believe you. I, Lord Fatty, actually managed to get such a pretty wife. I hope that guy didn’t trick me, otherwise, I’ll beat him up no matter where he is.”

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Su Zhu held herself by the shoulders, then stepped backwards.

Fatty Yin rubbed his chin with a smile, “Don’t be so scared of me. You’re my wife in the future. We don’t know each other too well right now, so let’s get to know each other better?”

“If you want to get to know her, then go on. Don’t try stop Old Sun from saving my bro!” The Great Stage stepped forward, and slammed down his staff onto the ground. “Hurry up and move aside before Old Sun attacks.”

“Don’t even think about it. Nobody here can go there,” Fatty Yin strengthened his tone, and stared at everyone with his green pea-like eyes.

That guy emphasized that the Great Sage, who was in the golden armor, and Yuan Hong, as people I cannot allow to go over at any cost.

Actually, Fatty Yin had asked that guy why that was the case. He was still able to recall the wry and self-mocking smile on that person’s face.

“I finally returned here to change history.”

That was all that person had said before patting Fatty’s shoulder and leaving. The reason Fatty Yin had come to the land of the fox yaos, was to fulfill what that guy had asked him…

To stop them!

“I, Old Sun, have a terrible temper…” Great Sage Sun scratched his face, then pointed forward with his Ruyi Jingu Bang. “Hurry up and move out of the way, or I’m going to be merciless!”

At the Demonic Dragon Palace.

The appearance of the white-shirted man surprised everyone.

Su Yiyun frowned, then subconsciously moved backwards.

“Zeze, you’re in a rather pitiful state,” the man helped Ye Zichen sit up, he then took out a jade vial. From it, he took out a jade green pill and pushed it into Ye Zichen’s mouth.

Then, he looked up towards Black Dragon up on the throne, and smiled, “Black Dragon.”

“Who are you!?” Black Dragon glared at the person. Yet, the face of the man was a blur, so he couldn’t tell that the man looked like at all.

However, from the man’s tone, Black Dragon could tell that the man was very familiar with him.

“Do you know where this is? You actually dared to come here to act so outrageously.”

“It’s the Demon Realm, I’ve been here quite a few times,” the white-robed man smiled, then looked towards Gu Li with squinted eyes. “I wanted to point you in the right direction, but it seems like I thought too much into it.”

Black Dragon looked at Gu Li with a confused frown. He haven’t been here for long, and no one else had come to the Demon Realm recently.

This man actually knows me, as well as Gu Li.

“Ahhh…” Ye Zichen, who had his eyes closed, begun to cough intensely. Not long later, he opened up his eyes. His wounds had already fully healed, and it was only because of the blood on his clothes that he looked absolutely terrible.

“You’re awake,” the white-robed man smiled.

Ye Zichen looked up in confusion at the man, “You…”

“Came to save you,” the white-shirted man patted his shoulders, then smiled towards Lord Black Dragon. “I’m going to take him away. You got a problem with that?”

“Ridiculous!” Black Dragon stood up from the chair and laughed mockingly. “You want to take him away just like that? Are you taking us, the Demon Realm, seriously!?”

“I really am not,” the man shrugged with a smile. He grabbed Ye Zichen by the shoulder and began to walk out. “Don’t get in my way. If anyone dares to attack me, then this won’t end as easily as this.”

“Outrageous! Get them!” Black Dragon shouted the moment the white-shirted man finished speaking.

The Twelve Demon Sovereigns left their seats at once, and blocked off the door to the palace.

“Ridiculous,” the white-shirted man curled his lips, and snorted. “Scram!”


The Twelve Demon Sovereigns standing in front of them, were sent flying, then fell onto the floor and coughed up blood. Both the Twelve Demon Sovereigns and Black Dragon had expresions of absolute shock.

These are the strongest of our demons’ fighting force, yet, they were defeated by a mere word….

They couldn’t even withstand a single hit!

Just how strong is this person!?

Even the Jade Emperor nor Great Emperor Equalling Heaven wouldn’t be able to do that!

“You’re a person from up there,” Black Dragon gripped the armrests of his throne with a tremble.

The white-shirted man turned around and shrugged, “Perhaps, but regardless of where I’m from, I can tell you very clearly that you won’t be able to stop me.”

“It seems like there’s something interesting going on here.”

At that very moment, a short young man with a strand of dog-tail grass in his mouth suddenly appeared in front of the Demonic Dragon Palace.

The young man had pitch black skin, curly purple hair, and eyes in the shape of crescent moons.

“Mo Di!”

Ye Zichen was surprised. This person was someone he had met in the Modern Realm, he never expected to see him here.

“Oh, it’s the son of a saint and a demon. What a coincidence,” the young man spat out the strand of grass and waved towards Ye Zichen. “Why did you come here to the Demon Realm? Oh wait, I forgot to comfort you. The place you lived seems to have been frozen, right?”

“Kui Yin!” the white-shirted man smiled. However, Ye Zichen could sense that he was not as calm as he was while facing Black Dragon and the demons.

“You’re calling me?” the young man squinted his eyes and looked towards the white shirted man in confusion. I’ve never used this name before, but…

It sounds pretty nice.

“Sure, you like it, right? I gave you the name back then as well.”

“Although I don’t really remember you, but I like this name quite a lot. Alright, then I’ll be called Kui Yin from now on,” Kui Yin shook his head with a smile. Then, he slid his right foot backward, and released a suppressing aura from his body. “Even though you gave me my name, you… still have to die!”

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