Chapter 602 Delay

Chapter 602 – Delay

Time seemed to stand still within the Demon Dragon palace.

However, Black Dragon’s expression seemed to have changed over ten times within a time of thirty seconds.

“Little friend Ye, this joke isn’t funny at all,” Black Dragon maintained his warm smile, and looked towards Ye Zichen. “Don’t forget, this is the Demon Realm you’re in.”

“Of course I know that,” Ye Zichen shrugged. “But I really don’t know where the ley line is. I’ve been trying to contact the Yellow Emperor these past three days, but he’s been ignoring me!”

“Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance. Tell me! Where is the ley line!?” Black Dragon’s tone had already turned sullen. He stared at Ye Zichen, and tried to pressure him into saying it.

“I wouldn’t know even if you give me ten thousand more chances. Seriously, I’m not lying, I really don’t know where the ley line is!” Ye Zichen sighed. Why doesn’t anyone believe the truth these days. “How about giving me two more weeks, and let me try to see if I can contact the Yellow Emperor?”

“Someone come!” Black Dragon roared angrily. Two men amongst the Twelve Demon Sovereigns walked over, and grabbed hold of Ye Zichen. “Grant him death!”

Black Dragon had already lost all his patience, but he still wanted to make a final gamble.

In his opinion, everyone would choose to submit when faced with death. He wanted to use this way to get the information he wants from Ye Zichen.

However, he was still going to be disappointed…

Ye Zichen truly didn’t know the location of the ley line.

A dark sphere of light had already appeared in the baldie’s hand. The sphere seemed to possess a bit of devouring ability, so several cracks appeared in the space around it.


At that very moment, Su Yiyun stood up from his chair.

Everyone looked towards him. Ye Zichen’s eyes also twitched, and he began to wonder.

Could it be that…

“Master Su, what do you mean by this?” Black Dragon’s expression was still sullen. He was in a terrible mood as they have not yet located the ley line.

“Since Lord Black Dragon wants the ley line, killing him isn’t going to help with anything. In the end, you still wouldn’t find the location of the ley line,” Su Yiyun smiled.

“Then is Master Su saying that I have to worship him? Heh, I’m not that sort of person,” Black Dragon squinted his eyes as he gave a cold laugh.

“Hmm, Brother Su was university roommates with Ye Zichen in the Modern Realm, they were like brothers there. Brother Su, you should explain what you’re doing, right?” Gu Li smiled sinisterly.

Black Dragon also looked towards Su Yiyun.

“Gu Li, what do you mean by that!? Su Yiyun is my man! He’s the formation master I brought over to the Demon Realm. What right do you have to randomly slander him!?” Li Min’e stood up angrily.

“Heh, only Brother Su knows what he’s thinking. None of us can read minds. People all have their secrets. If Su Yiyun doesn’t want to save Ye Zichen, then why did he stop us from capturing the Yellow Emperor so many times, and even go as far as to plead mercy for him right now?” Gu Li smiled.

LI Min’e bit her lips, and walked beside Su Yiyun to grab his arm, “Su, tell them that you aren’t doing it to save him!”

“Who says I’m going to save him!?” Su Yiyun laughed coldly, then took out a sharp dagger. “Brother Bael killing him with a Darkness Devouring Sphere is being too nice to him. There is a torture technique called Lingering Death in the Modern Realm. It is one that involves slicing across his body using a small knife, causing him to be unable to die, yet feel pain that is beyond death. Perhaps, he might tell us the location of the ley line while begging us to kill him off. Isn’t that great for everyone? What’s more, even if he doesn’t say anything, and just bleeds to death, we don’t lose anything, and it’ll make us feel pretty good!”

“It seems like we are indeed too kind compared to Master Su,” Bael couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile.

“I really didn’t think that Master Su had this up his sleeve,” Black Dragon smiled faintly. “Then we’ll do as Master Su said. If you please!”

Su Yiyun nodded, then walked in front of Ye Zichen with the knife.

At that moment, Ye Zichen’s spiritual energy was already sealed. He couldn’t use any spiritual techniques and couldn’t even summon his armor.

He stared straight at Su Yiyun who was smiling devilishly, and watched on as Su Yiyun slapped the dagger against his face.

“Meeting me is your misfortune!”

“Ol’ Three!” Ye Zichen frowned.

Su Yiyun slapped him and cursed, “Who’s your Ol’ Three!? Don’t try and curry favor with me.”


Su Yiyun pierced the dagger into Ye Zichen’s arm, causing a bit of blood to spurt out.

Ye Zichen grit his teeth, while a huge droplet of sweat fell down from his face.

“Lord Black Dragon asked you about the location of the ley line. If you don’t want to suffer so much, then say it. That stab was merely the beginning, so consider properly,” Su Yiyun wiped the blood from the dagger on Ye Zichen’s face.

Ye Zichen looked up at Su Yiyun, “I don’t know.”

“That’s strong, but that’s useless here!”


Su Yiyun stabbed into Ye Zichen’s arm once again, and it was the exact same place where the first stab was. The dualism of the pain was more than he could handle, causing him to scream out.

“You’re going to speak?”

Su Yiyun maintained his coldness.

All of the Demon Sovereigns felt a chill down their spine. They never expected Master Su, who was normally rather easy-going, to actually show such a vicious side.

Only Gu Li maintained his mocking smile of disdain.

“I have no idea. Ahhh!”

The moment Ye Zichen finished his response, Su Yiyun stabbed into his other arm.

Blood continuously flowed down Ye Zichen’s arms and down to the floor. Not long later, a pool had surfaced on the ground.

“You sure you aren’t going to say it? I won’t pierce it into you where it’ll be critical. I’ll mess with you slowly. We have plenty of time to spend.”

Ye Zichen was already covered in sweat. It looked as if he was just dragged out of water. He panted heavily, while he glanced at Su Yiyun with his bloodshot eyes.


Ye Zichen spat on Su Yiyun’s face.

Su Yiyun wiped the saliva off his face darkly.

“Spit on me, spit on me. Try spitting on me again!” Su Yiyun stabbed into Ye Zichen’s thigh thrice.

Ye Zichen opened his eyes wide and cried out in pain.

Even Bael couldn’t stand it anymore. The scene was too pitiful… “Master Su, let Old Bael end him!”

“Back down!” Su Yiyun glared at him. ‘He actually dared to spit on me. Only by messing with him until he dies can I satiate my rage.”

Then, just as he was about to stab down once more, a white-robed man appeared in the hall.

“I’m here!”

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