Chapter 60 I’m a ghost servant

Chapter 60 – I’m a ghost servant


Black Impermanence raised his hand and hit White Impermanence hard on the head.

“Stop bullshitting, how could a mortal even see us?”

Black Impermanence ignored his retarded woman and walked over towards Liu Qing with his huge chain, while putting on a kindly appearance.

“Little sister, do you want to get reincarnated to be human? Older brother is the Black Impermanence of the Underworld, I can take you to get reincarnated.”

“Aren’t you just an intern!”

The White Impermanence muttered.

As the ‘customer base’ of the Underworld had gradually increased, so did the number of ghost servants in the Underworld. For example, the Black and White Impermanence that had come to capture the deceased this time were the subordinates that the two Lord Impermanences of the Twelve Yin Generals had hired.

Liu Qing blinked, and looked towards Ye Zichen, who was at the side.

Since the two of them had been together for a long time, they did have a certain level of cooperation.

Liu Qing understood what to say just based on his looks.

“Black Impermanence-gege, is what you said true?” Liu Qing showed a look of really wanting to reincarnate.

“Of course, as long as you come with us, I guarantee that you can get a good home.”

White Impermanence rubbed her head and walked over, however, her words a had a hint of threat to it.

Liu Qing did not care about the White Impermanence’s threat, she didn’t even think about leaving with the Black Impermanence.

She merely asked for fun!

“But…” Liu Qing hesitated for a moment. The Black Impermanence quickly spoke up, “But what?”

“I don’t want to leave my boyfriend.”

Liu Qing immediately hugged Ye Zichen’s shoulder. Seeing that, the Black and White Impermanence revealed an understanding expression.

Normal ghosts would slowly forget about their experiences in the mortal realm, but a virgin ghost girl wouldn’t.

She would remember everything that had happened during her lifetime, and would stick to someone that was very important to her while she was alive.

Especially men…

The Black and White Impermanence’s chains were unable to chain up ghosts like Liu Qing that died before their time. This was the sole reason why they did not use force.

White Impermanence was happy that this pretty ghost hesitated but the Black Impermanence was annoyed.

“Little sister, humans and ghosts are different. It’s impossible for you to be with your boyfriend. Also, you will hurt him by absorbing the yang aura from him if you stay at his side.”

The Black Impermanence advised with a caring voice. However, the White Impermanence said indifferently on the side, “I think that’s pretty good.”

Black Impermanence raised his hand to hit the White Impermanence once again in anger, even Ye Zichen couldn’t stand this sort of domestic violence anymore.

He raised his hand and grabbed Black Impermanence’s arm and threw him to the side.

“This is your woman, she should be cared for by you with your life. She isn’t supposed to be hit by you.”

“Are-Are-Are you a human or a ghost?”

Ye Zichen’s move completely stunned the Black and White Impermanence How could a mortal see them, much less grab him?

“Of course I'm human, when my yang aura is so strong.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes towards Black Impermanence and walked towards White Impermanence.

White Impermanence was shocked. She stood in her place and looked at Black Impermanence, who fell onto the floor. For some reason, she wasn’t worried at all.

Thinking about Black Impermanence’s actions of being a ghost servant throughout so many years.

The two of them might truly have been married when they died, but they only had the name of a couple left now.

“Go and chat with Liu Qing and Elder Su over there. You guys aren’t going to be able to take these two ghosts away.”


White Impermanence nodded, then walked towards Elder Su and Liu Qing.

However, when the White Impermanence spoke, she actually no longer screeched.

Ye Zichen didn’t notice this detail as he walked towards Black Impermanence with his hands on his waist.

“Stay away from me, I am a ghost servant of the Underworld.”

Black Impermanence raised his dry hand and pointed at Ye Zichen. Yet, his trembling tone revealed the terror buried in his heart.

A mere mortal could actually see him, and even catch him…

“I don’t care if you’re a ghost servant or not. What? You can take me away?”

Ye Zichen raised his hand and slapped the Black Impermanence.


Black Impermanence didn’t react, but Ye Zichen sucked in a breath of cold air and shook his hurting hands.

His face seemed to be made out of stone.

“Slap yourself!”

Ye Zichen placed his hands behind his back and ordered Black Impermanence to act.

“I am a ghost servant.”

“Ghost servant my ass, it doesn’t matter even if Yama comes.”


Black Impermanence clenched his teeth and slapped himself.

“You’re pretty amazing when you can only bully a woman,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows at Black Impermanence, who was on the floor. “Slap yourself two more times, you are the kind of people I dislike the most.”

“Don’t cross the line too much, I am a ghost servant.”

“Are you slapping or not? If you aren’t, then I’ll help you,” Ye Zichen glared.

Seeing that, Black Impermanence gulped, then slapped himself two more times.

Ye Zichen finally nodded in satisfaction after seeing that.

“Go and apologize to your woman.”

“Don’t cross the line too much, I am a ghost servant.”

“Are you going or not?”

Black Impermanence directly stood up, walked over in front of White Impermanence and gave a deep bow, “Sorry.”

“Be more earnest.”

Ye Zichen raised his foot to kick him. Black Impermanence looked backwards, but when he saw Ye Zichen glare at him with wide open eyes, he instantly shrank his neck and apologized to White Impermanence, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have hit you.”

“Slap yourself two more times.”

Slap slap.

Black Impermanence perfectly carried out Ye Zichen’s request, then got thrown back into the corner.

“Tell me, who told you to come and capture Elder Su?”

Black Impermanence already lost all of the resistance that he had at the start. If Ye Zichen was a ghost, he might have opposed with force.

But Ye Zichen was human…

Ghost servants had regulations stating that they couldn’t make a move on living people without any orders. If they broke it, then they would be dispersed to nothingness.

Actually, this regulation was rather good, since mortals were unable to see ghosts, and ghosts were not allowed to make a move on people. This also ensured peace between the two realms.

But f*ck, this guy can see ghosts.

What’s more, the guy could even catch him.

“Hero, this little one was merely carrying out orders, it is unrelated to this little one.”

He was so terrified.

Black Impermanence’s submission was something that Ye Zichen did not expect, but he wasn’t the kind of person that liked to bully the weak.

Since the other person had submitted, he had no interest in bullying him anymore.

“I’m telling you, you can’t bring these two ghosts away.”

Black Impermanence instantly cried, “Hero, we can choose to not bring that virgin ghost girl away, but we must bring the geezer away. His time is already up, the higherups sent us over to take care of him.”

“He’ll be alive later.”

“Hero, stop kidding. Mortals have a set period of life, when it is used up, then it is over. What’s more, soul departure has already occured, even if you find a way to allow him to get more time to live, there’s no way for his soul to return to his body.”

Ye Zichen thought for a moment, then pointed at Black Impermanence, “Squat here. See if I don’t beat you up if you dare to stand up.”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

Black Impermanence squatted obediently in the corner, while Ye Zichen walked back over to the others.

“How is it? What did he say?”

Liu Qing asked.

Ye Zichen shook his head in reply, “Black Impermanence said that Elder Su’s time is up. However, from his words, there seems to be something that can increase the time someone has. But then he said something about soul departure…”

“Soul departure is the separation of the soul from the body,” White Impermanence spoke up with an older-sister-type voice.

“Then how can I return the soul to the body?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“I’m not sure, but the Heavenly Court…” White Impermanence paused, then said. “Sorry, I really want to help you, but regulations prohibit me from saying too much.”

“What you have said already, it’s enough…”

Ye Zichen smiled. Everything was good when the Heavenly Court was mentioned.

After all, he had the Heavenly Court’s WeChat group!

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