Chapter 599 Given You Everything

Chapter 599 – Given You Everything

“Brave young man, let’s go!” Xuan-Yuan Sword called out in Ye Zichen’s mind. From her tone, it wasn’t hard to tell that she was in a really good mood after the seal coming undone.

“Let me feel what it was like to sweed through the Three Realms back then. I’ll just chop the wings off this winged scum!”

“Calm down,” Ye Zichen replied in his sea of consciousness, then gripped Xuan-Yuan Sword tightly and slowly looked up.

He slashed out.

Although it was merely a casual slash, Gu Li frantically lifted Chiyou Sword to defend against it. Yet, the blade of air merely went through Chiyou Sword and attacked Gu Li directly.


Violet blood spurt out from his mouth, while a new franticness filled his eyes.

Ye Zichen’s strength did not change at all. The only thing that changed was Xuan-Yuan Sword.

Even Ye Zichen was stunned after seeing its effects…

So strong!

He couldn’t help but call out in his mind.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang chuckled in his sea of consciousness, “The Yellow Emperor was merely a complete stage Sky Immortal back then. Why was he feared even by those in the God Realm? It’s because of me. Back then, I killed plenty of ‘gods’. This is nothing compared to that!”

It wasn’t hard to tell how proud she was from her tone.

Gu Li clenched his chest with a troubled manner and panted heavily. Violet blood also flowed out of his mouth as he coughed.

“Why did it turn out like this!?” Gu Li hammered the ground with his right hand. I actually lost to Ye Zichen again. “I can’t accept this!”


At that very moment, a huge noise rang out in the sky above them.

Ye Zichen looked up…

The old man grabbed Lu Lu, who was covered in blood, by her head, and descended in front of Gu Li.

“You don’t look to be too successful here,” the old man smiled. Then he chucked Lu Lu onto the ground, causing the latter to writhe…

“What did you do to Lu Lu!” Ye Zichen lifted his sword and pointed it at the old man.

The old man merely smiled, then crooked his finger towards the side…

Then, Su Yan appeared in his grasp.

“Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan. I guessed it was you when I went to the Modern Realm, but Lord Su kept on interfering and did not allow we Demon Sovereigns to act. It seems like today is the day that I, Sun Bin, makes a huge accomplishment,” the old man smiled, and snapped his finger at Su Yan.

Su Yan immediately felt sleepy. Then, she slowly closed her eyes, while the old man chucked her beside Lu Lu.

Lu Lu continued to writhe on the floor, while blood seeped out from her mouth.


“You are seeking death,” Ye Zichen glared sullenly at Sun Bin.

However, Sun Bin merely smiled, and let out two ghosts from the crystallized skull, who stationed themselves above Lu Lu and Su Yan. “To be honest, I might not be able to defeat you since you have a divine artifact. But, if you want to fight, then I can immediately get my darling to engulf these two kids. Do you want to bet on that?”

With that, the two ghosts reached out towards Su Yan and Lu Lu.

Ye Zichen immediately cried out, “Don’t! I’ll listen to you. What do I need to do for you to let them go?”

“Throw me your weapon,” the old man smiled.

“No!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang yelled in Ye Zichen’s sea of consciousness. “The only reason you can bargain with them right now is due to me. If you throw me out there, then you lose all your bargaining tools. Ye Zichen, we might as well risk it. No one will refuse to submit when their lives are at stake.”

“Here,” Ye Zichen ignored Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s words. Although he understood what she spoke was the truth, he could not afford to let Su Yan and Lu Lu to be in danger.

“Ye Zichen!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang cursed in Ye Zichen’s sea of consciousness.

The old man smiled, then made a strange gesture.

Not long later, a triangle-like mark landed on Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s blade.

“Hehe…” Xuan-Yuan Xiang suddenly laughed. “Ye Zichen, are you truly the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor? Ask yourself honestly, are you worthy? Are you truly ready to accept everything of the Yellow Emperor? Look at you, I’m sealed, and we’re done for. I don’t mind. I’m an artifact spirit and I can wait for my next master, but you? Ye Zichen, your indecisive personality will sooner or later cost you your life!”

“Sorry, but I can’t be as cold blooded as you. I can’t possibly watch them die. Even if it is only a one in ten thousand chance, I’m willing to try,” Ye Zichen replied calmly.

“But don’t you feel like using the unsealed me to deal with the demons have a greater chance of saving them?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang interrogated.

“I have my own thoughts on this. Sorry,” Ye Zichen replied, then looked towards the old man. “You’ve sealed Xuan-Yuan Sword. Now, can you let them go?”

“Beast Fire!” Gu Li stood up with a cold laughter.

“Here!” Ye Zichen forced the Beast Fire out of his body without any hesitation. However, it only made his face stark white. He tossed the Beast Fire over to Gu Li…

“You wanted the Beast Fire, happy now? Can you let them go now? This has nothing to do with them. You want me, and I already gave you everything you want!”

“Idiot,” Gu Li suddenly laughed coldly after receiving the Beast Fire.

The old man beside Gu Li also shook his head, “I thought you to be a ferocious and ambitious one. It seems like I overestimated you.

“I never admitted that. Can you let my people go!?” Ye Zichen smiled.

Sun Bin shook his head, “No!”

“Mm,” Ye Zichen continued to smile without saying anything. Although Xuan-Yuan Xiang was cursing him to no end in his sea of consciousness, he still maintained a smile on his face as he shrugged. “Then how are you going to deal with me?”

“Ye Zichen, just what ploys do you have!?” Gu Li’s expression darkened.

“Stop joking around, what ploys can I have? You sealed Xuan-Yuan Sword and I gave you the Beast Fire, now you’re saying I have a ploy?” Ye Zichen shook his head. “I merely expected this to be the end result. That’s all.”

“Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan’s spirit is truly incomparable!” Sun Bin chuckled.

Ye Zichen nodded, “You might not know, but I’ve been enduring it this entire time. I’ve already cursed the eighteen generations of your family, but I can’t beat you now, so I’m holding it in.”

“Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan is truly interesting,” Sun Bin pursed his lips. “If you weren’t the arch nemesis of us demons, then I would love to have a drink with you.”

“Since that’s who I am, then what do you want to do?”

“Take you to see Lord Black Dragon!”

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