Chapter 598 The Unsealed Xuan-Yuan Sword

Chapter 598 – The Unsealed Xuan-Yuan Sword

Gu Li’s aura reached a new height the moment his second pair of wings were fully extended out.

Ye Zichen stared at the pair of wings, while Gu Li smirked in disdain.

“You really hurt me just then!”

Gu Li’s expression turned darker, then flapped his wings, causing a rampaging surge of wind to flow towards Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen subconsciously raised his sword to deflect it…


The wind sent Ye Zichen right against the wall. It was at that moment that Ye Zichen finally noticed Gu Li’s actual strength.

Mid stage Sky Immortal.

I didn’t expect him to actually improve so much in such a short period of time.

Also, the two pairs of wings behind him!

“Brother Ye, I never fight battles I have no confidence in winning. You should know that very clearly, right?” Gu Li snorted.

Lu Lu pushed back the Sky Immortal experts around her, and tried to back Ye Zichen up.

However, a huge skull appeared in her path. She could erected a wall of ice in front of her, then took a few steps back.

The demon sovereign old man slowly walked through the air towards her, while holding a crystallized skull in his hand.

“Ice Empress, I’ve heard a lot about you!”

“You want to stop me!?”

Lu Lu glanced at him indifferently. For some reason, she felt a bone-chilling sense of danger. That was something she would not feel normally, but since there was still poison lingering within her body, she was only able to use up to seventy percent of her actual strength.

The old man smiled silently in response. Seeing that, Lu Lu also smiled.

I can lose in strength, but I can’t in stature. Lu Lu refused to reveal any trace of worry.

“It seems like you truly want to stop me. Then I can only turn you into an ice sculpture, so that I can save my Lil’ Chenchen.”

“I have heard that Lord Ice Empress have already cultivated the power of ice to the utmost limit. I have always wanted to take a lot. I wonder just who is stronger between Lord Ice Empress, and the one in the Central Continent’s Fox Yao,” the old man smiled.

Lu Lu smirked, “I don’t know which of us is stronger, but both of us should be stronger than you! Helheim!”


With that, ice formed in the space surrounding her. Chilling winds howled, and feather-like snowflakes danced around them.

The snowflakes fell down extremely quickly, so the old man turned into a snowman in mere moments.

Then, the snow gradually turned to ice, and the old man became frozen within.

“Shatter.” Lu Lu called out quietly.

Yet, at that very moment, a crack appeared in the ice sculpture. Followed by another, and another, and another…


The entire ice sculpture shattered, yet the old man remained unharmed. The skull in his hand glowed with a purple light. He brushed off the ice shards on his body and smiled.

“Ice Empress, the ninth of the Beast Region, is merely so so! They always say give and take, and since Ice Empress showed me a spiritual technique, I naturally have to return the favor!”


Pitiful wails sounded out from all around them, which gradually affected everyone’s mentality.

Lu Lu immediately made the decision to shut off her hearing, while the old man tossed the skull up into the air.

“Soul Unity!”

Tens of thousands of souls flew out from the skull and begun to tear at each other. Then, they manifested into a huge skull over several tens of meters tall.


The old man pointed, and sent the skull flying towards Lu Lu.

“I wonder how Lord Ice Empress will break through my Soul Unity. I am greatly anticipating it!”


Ye Zichen pushed himself up from the ground using Xuan-Yuan Sword, while clenching his chest with the other. He quickly took out a Physical Recovery Pill and put it into his mouth, and began to stabilize his own condition.

I ended up like this just by him flapping his wings a bit. If he uses any spiritual techniques…

“Ye Zichen, hand over the Beast Fire. I can still let you live,” Gu Li smiled. Chiyou Sword also cycled around him as it released a faint aura as if it was mocking them.

“Ha…” Ye Zichen laughed coldly and looked up at Lu Lu. She’s fighting the huge skull, so it’s impossible for her to come and help me.

But based on what I know about Gu Li… If I hand the Beast Fire over, then I’ll lose my final bargaining chip.


A small blue flame rose up from Ye Zichen’s palm. Since he was holding Xuan-Yuan Sword with his right hand, and the Beast Fire was also summoned forth through the same hand, he noticed that the Beast Fire seemed to climb towards Xuan-Yuan Sword.

“Ye Zichen,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang called out in excitement in his sea off consciousness. “Hurry up, use this fire to burn me…”

Xuan-Yuan Xiang noticed in mere seconds that her seals seemed to loosen slightly.

It’s impossible for Ye Zichen to greatly improve his strength right now. So the only way is for me to be unsealed. Even unsealing a single seal would mean that Gu Li wouldn’t be able to match up to him.

Ye Zichen immediately maximized his fire output upon hearing Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s words.

Xuan-Yuan Sword became covered in a light blue fire in mere moments…


A shocking arc of lightning shot down from the sky and landed on top of Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s blade edge, causing it to sparkle with lightning, while the blue fire continued to burn…

Then, a rainbow light shone down from the sky, while Xuan-Yuan Xiang floated out of Ye Zichen’s hands.


Xuan-Yuan Sword’s humming became louder and louder while receiving the baptism of the holy light.


Gu Li, who was smiling in confidence, immediately noticed something amiss. He glanced at Xuan-Yuan Sword, then glanced at the unarmed Ye Zichen.


Gu Li instantly appeared beside Ye Zichen with Chiyou Sword and hacked down.

Ye Zichen expected him to do that, so he had already summoned out the Swirling Flash Plate.

A small sparkle appeared as the blade clashed against the armor.

Gu Li frowned, and clenched his teeth, “A divine artifact!”

Since Chiyou Sword was a divine artifact, the only armors it was unable to break was a divine artifact, or something of an even higher grade.

The humming of Xuan-Yuan Sword became even louder, while Gu Li’s eyes twitched even more. At that very moment, the aura Xuan-Yuan Sword released was already extremely dangerous, so he had to take Ye Zichen down before the sword finished strengthening itself.

However, Ye Zichen also understood that. What he had to do was simple. Hide…

Until Xuan-Yuan Sword was released from the holy light.

Clang, clang, clang.

Gu Li maniacally mustered spiritual energy and hacked at Ye Zichen’s armor, but… the Swirling Flash Plate was a full-body armor…

Gu Li was unable to break through its defenses.


Xuan-Yuan Sword, which was being baptized, rang, then return to Ye Zichen’s hand like a ray of light.

Ye Zichen was able to feel a hint of insuppressible sword intent just by gripping it…


He slashed downwards with the Beast Fire-covered Xuan-Yuan Sword in his right hand, and his left hand behind his back…

We can do this!

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