Chapter 597 Fight

Chapter 597 – Fight

As more and more people hurried over, Ye Zichen felt like he had fallen right into a trap.

A hint of mockery could be seen in Gu Li’s eyes as he shook his head and raised his eyebrows, “Brother Ye, I didn’t expect you to be such a fool. Couldn’t you tell that my words were specifically for you earlier?”

Ye Zichen frowned as he thought back.

Gu Li nodded, “What you are thinking is correct. I knew that insect was you. I intentionally didn’t kill you. You should thank me since I had someone to bring you over, since I was worried you wouldn’t be able to find Su Yan.”

“How did you notice?”

“It’s simple. Your smell,” Gu Li squinted his eyes and smiled. “I had already noticed you when you arrived in front of my mountain gate. However, I wanted to see how you were going to break in. Yet, since I didn’t get any news from the subordinates underneath, I assumed you got in some other way. But I did not expect the Seventy-Two Transformations at all. This seems to be a very high leveled ability for those in the Heavenly Court.”

Gu Li continued to smile in a completely relaxed manner.

It was impossible for Ye Zichen to do anything no matter how strong he was. After all, Gu Li had a plenty of Sky Immortal level experts gathered around him.

What’s more, with the entire sub-dimension as his territory, he did not believe that Ye Zichen could do anything.

“Wow,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile. “That’s pretty amazing. You actually manage to infiltrate into both the Heavenly Court and Underworld. Can you tell me who that Heavenly Court person earlier was?”

“Do you think I’m an idiot?” Gu Li snorted.

“I can’t possibly get out of here alive, so isn’t it fine for you to satisfy my curiosity before my death?” Ye Zichen replied.

“Since that’s the case… But… I want you to die with your curiosity,” Gu Li laughed mockingly. Then, he crooked his finger towards Ye Zichen. “Stop bullshitting. Give me the Beast Fire.”

“After so long, you should understand that I’m not the kind of person who likes being ordered around, right?”


At that moment, a huge commotion was heard over at the prison.

Lu Lu stepped into the air with chilling air surrounding her body.

“Damn Qilin Stone. You want to trap me? What a joke!”

The chilling hair caused the demonic energy in the surroundings to gradually crystalize.

Gu Li raised his eyebrows. Although he didn’t display too shocking of an expression, his twitching eyes still showed how stunned he was.

“You didn’t expect this did you!?” Ye Zichen snorted.

“Brother Ye, that is truly impressive,” Gu Li snorted.

He did not expect Lu Lu to be cured of her poison, so this truly caught him off guard.

“Ye Zichen, what are you thinking? Move!”

Lu Lu was already surrounded by several Sky Immortal level experts. Ye Zichen licked his lips, then allowed Xuan-Yuan Sword to float out of his hands.

“Sword Slash Maelstrom!”

Xuan-Yuan Sword floated above Ye Zichen’s head, and repeatedly sent out blades of wind.

However, Gu Li merely smiled indifferently, and released Chiyou Sword.


Ye Zichen threw a fist towards Gu Li. Gu Li blocked off the punch with both hands, then released his grey wings.

“Hmmph,” Ye Zichen laughed coldly, while his pair of black wings appeared.

Dong. Dong. Dong.

The two of them no longer used any spiritual techniques, and merely fought using pure strength. As intense echoes resonated through the entire sub-dimension, the Immortal Region elder, who was chain in the cell, looked up.

“So that young man was actually speaking the truth…” The elder sighed softly. I was too careful and lost the chance to return to the Immortal Region.


A huge noise sounded out where Gu Li and Ye Zichen fought in the air. Not long later, Gu Li spat out a mouthful of blood, and fell down onto the ground.

Ye Zichen did not hold back upon seeing this. Allowing Gu Li to live is definitely trouble. It was already impossible for him to make Gu Li realize his wrongs and correct himself.

I’ll beat you when you’re down!


Ye Zichen raised his hand, and Xuan-Yuan Sword shot through the air towards him.

“Crap,” Gu Li’s pupils contracted, and raised his hand to summoned Chiyou Sword back to his hands.


The blades clashed together. Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, and continued to apply force through his arms to press down upon Gu Li.


Gu Li kicked Ye Zichen, then frantically rolled over. Although he was still bleeding, the mockery on his face was ever more obvious.

“Brother Ye, impressive.”

Yet, what faced him was another wind blade.

“Brother Ye, that isn’t quite right, is it? We were chatting nicely just now. Hand me the Beast Fire, and I’ll let you and Su Yan leave. What the heck is all this fighting!?”

“Ha, don’t you find your words hilarious?” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth. “If it wasn’t for Lu Lu, then perhaps even if I did give you the Beast Fire, you wouldn’t have let us leave.”

“Brother Ye truly understands me!” Gu Li squinted his eyes with a smile. Then, his gaze turned cold. “But… Do you really think that victory is in your hands?”

“At least it looks this way,” Ye Zichen wasted no more time. Xuan-Yuan Sword floated into the air once more, while he punched towards Gu Li’s chest.


Gu Li staggered backwards. As blood continuously flowed from his mouth, Xuan-Yuan Sword also came shooting down.


Xuan-Yuan Sword radiated with a gold light and descended with a huge blade of wind.

Gu Li had nowhere to escape, but… He actually smiled.

Yes, I’m seeing this right. He is smirking.

“Geezer, it seems like I need you to act after all,” Gu Li smiled.


The blade of wind rang sharply as if it had slashed metal.

An elder with a dark expression also appeared beside Gu Li. He glanced at Ye Zichen, and picked Gu Li up.

“Twelve Demon Sovereigns!” Ye Zichen was stunned.

It was not the first time he had met this geezer. He should be one of the Twelve Demon Sovereigns.

“How many times have I said it already? Call me Lord Demon Sovereign.”

“Yes, Lord Demon Sovereign. I’ll leave Lu Lu to you. You seem very interested in her,” Gu Li replied.

“Ha, you get me,” the old man smiled. “Then can you handle this brat?”

“Handling him is just a piece of cake!”

With that, something else protruded out of Gu Li’s back…

It was another pair of wings.

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