Chapter 596 Seeing Su Yan

Chapter 596 – Seeing Su Yan

A faint light swirled around Lu Lu’s body. Ye Zichen gulped as he watched her slowly walk over in front of the jail bars.

“Open!” She grabbed the door to her cell and yanked.



Lu Lu shouted countless times, but the door to her cell did not budge even a single bit.

“Well… This is awkward,” Ye Zichen scratched his nose.

Lu Lu tried to yank it apart a few more times in disbelief.

“Stop trying, even complete stage Sky Immortals can’t get out of the cell. It’s funny how you think you can open it when you’re poisoned!” A prison guard walked over and mocked her when he heard the sound of her door being yanked on.

“Hurry up and open this damn door. Otherwise, you’ll be the first one I freeze into a popsicle when I get out,” Lu Lu frowned.

The prison guard merely smirked as he walked away.

Ye Zichen, who had transformed into an insect, returned to human form and glanced at the cell door, “Since the prison guard said that, then stop wasting your strength. If we get out right now, they might do something to Su Yan anyways. Stay here for a while, I’ll check out where Su Yan is first. Then I’ll go and steal the keys to the cell.”

“That’s the only way,” Lu Lu nodded, then kicked the jail bars with a snort. “Damn this shitty door, I didn’t expect it to be made out of Qilin Stone.”

Qilin Stone was exactly like its name suggested, it was the spiritual stones where from where Qilin inhabited.

Actually, they were originally just normal stones, but since they had been with a Qilin for a long time, they managed to receive some of a Qilin’s magical immunity, thus increasing their toughness.

If one wanted to shatter it, then they had to be at least a complete stage Sky Immortal, as well as using all their strength.

Although Lu Lu was a complete stay Sky Immortal expert, she was just cured of her poison, so she needed some time to allow her body to return to its peak condition.

“I’ll wait for you here.”

Ye Zichen nodded towards Lu Lu, then transformed into an insect and flew out.

Just where is Su Yan!?

Ye Zichen immediately raced around like a headless chicken. He had pretty much searched everywhere, and the only places he hadn’t searched was the courtyard with several Sky Immortal experts guarding it.


Left with no other choice, Ye Zichen could only flap his wings and fly towards the courtyard.

The moment he entered…

“Don’t contact me like this anymore. The Heavenly Court guys are surely bound to notice.”

Ye Zichen heard a quiet conversation. He looked around towards the entrance of the manor, and saw Gu Li walking out with a black-hooded elder.

Heavenly Court…

Ye Zichen was intrigued, and subconsciously flew towards the pair.

“Who!?” The elder turned around, and saw Ye Zichen, who was flying around.

“It’s just an insect, nothing special,” Gu Li swatted Ye Zichen to the ground and stepped on him.

“Heh,” the elder snorted. “I will try my best to do as you ask, but don’t think of me as your ally. Keep in mind that I’m merely helping you due to back then.”

“No worries, you might think that we’re not allies now, but there will be a day that you’ll understand. Now that’s that, my door here will always be open to you,” Gu Li opened his arms wide and with a smile.

The elder snorted, then left.

When he left the sight, Gu Li ground his foot against the ground and snorted, “A puny insect dares to try and pry on our conversation? Heh, what foolishness. Ahh, I just wonder when my old friend Ye Zichen is coming. I have to take good care of that young lady before he comes.”

With that, he snapped his fingers at a nearby attendant. “Go and wait in front of Su Yan’s room and satisfy any needs she might have.”

Then, he left the courtyard.

When the attendant watched him leave, he walked further into the courtyard. Ye Zichen, who had been squished by Gu Li, quickly got up, and followed the attendant into the courtyard.

“Young Lady Su, just tell me what you need directly,” the attendant stopped in front of a solitary room, and smiled.

“Screw off. Tell Gu Li to hurry up and let me go. Otherwise, when Ye Zichen and my Liu’er-jie comes, he’s definitely in for punishment.”

Ye Zichen, who lay on the attendant’s shoulder, raised his eyebrows.


Is Su Yan!

Ye Zichen flew into the room through the gap in the door while the attendant was unaware.

At that moment, Su Yan was still biting her lips and shouting angrily towards the door. However, the attendant merely closed the door after telling her to make herself at home.

“Hurry up and tell Gu Li to let me out of here!” Su Yan banged against the door angrily.

After a while, perhaps due to her becoming a bit tired, she sat down onto the floor and began to weep.

“Damn it! Why was I so foolish! Why did I believe in what he said!?” Su Yan’s sobbed in a self-reprimanding tone.

Ye Zichen let out a sigh, then returned to his normal form and brought her into his arms.

“Hmm?” Su Yan looked up in confusion. When she saw who was in front of her…

“Sorry, I caused you to go through a lot,” Ye Zichen patted her back and smiled warmly.

Su Yan’s heart raced as she laid in his arms. Her eyes blinked as she looked closely at him.

“Am I dreaming?” Su Yan muttered. Then, she closed her eyes and snuggled into Ye Zichen’s embrace. “If it’s a dream, then don’t let me wake up.”

Five minutes later, Su Yan stood up from Ye Zichen’s arms.

She looked up with her watery eyes, and muttered to herself, “This dream is great. If only if it wasn’t a dream.”

“Dummy, this isn’t a dream,” Ye Zichen patted her head.

Only then did Su Yan react with a joyful but surprised tone, “It really is you?”

“Of course!” Ye Zichen smiled. “I came to get you out of here.”

“No, if it really is you, then run!” Su Yan started to shove him out. “Gu Li has surveillance in this room. He’ll definitely find you here.


The door to the room opened, and a slither of sunlight fell in through the gap.

Gu Li smiled indifferently with many experts by his side as he crossed his arms and looked at the pair in the room. “Brother Ye, long time no see! Sorry, but I don’t think you can take her out of here.”

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