Chapter 595 Poisoned Old Li

Chapter 595 – Poisoned Old Li

Old Lord Taishang was truly annoyed in the recent times. There’s actually someone even more talented than me at pill refinement in this world! He’s managed to learn the art of spiritual guidance right after coming into contact with pill refinement, and even managed to get a Beast Fire.

Just look at these apprentices I took in…

Exploding furnaces!

Exploding furnaces everywhere!

All they do is waste my materials. Even though the materials were only of the lowest grade, he was still beyond annoyed.

“Look at you guys! You’ve learned pill refinement from me for around half a year haven’t you? Yet, you only have a thirty percent success rate for the most basic of pills. Don’t you dare say that you’re my disciples. I’m way too ashamed for that!” Old Lord Taishang scolded them.

The surrounding disciples all lowered their heads, and did not dare to retort.

“Master, stop getting angry at these junior brothers,” Old Lord Taishang’s chief disciple walked over with his phone. He smiled towards his junior brothers, then handed Old Lord Taishang’s phone over. “Someone is looking for you. Take a look, please allow me to watch over these junior brothers for you.”

“Mm,” Old Lord Taishang nodded.

If I continue to stay here, I might really beat them to death due to my anger…

Thus, he took his phone, and went to sit down on a vine chair. He thought that it was only Yue Lao telling him to play cards with them, but…

“Why is it him again!?” Old Lord Taishang threw his phone to the side in his anger.

At that very moment, the phone rang.

Old Lord Taishang picked his phone back up and was rather annoyed by the new message notifications.

“Just what do you want!? I’m not in a good mood, so don’t annoy me!”

Back in the Demon Realm…

Ye Zichen sat on top of the pile of straw in the prison cell. Since Lu Lu was around, the prison guards did not dare to get near them at all.

“How is it?” Lu Lu asked.

“Doesn’t seem too good,” Ye Zichen replied, and rolled his eyes at Old Lord Taishang’s response.

Is he having his menopause? God, it’s so hard to understand what makes him angry and what doesn’t!

“I don’t want anything. You should have some sort of poison curing pill right? Give me one.”

“Do you think I’m your pharmacy? Do I have to give you a pill just because you want one?” Old Lord Taishang replied in anger. “I don’t have any. Go and look somewhere else, stop pissing me off.”

“Old Lord, look at what you’re saying…” Ye Zichen smiled. “No matter what, you’re one of the Three Pure Ones, you have to be more magnanimous. What’s more, doesn’t our revolutionary friendship run deep? Did you forget how I gave you better cigarettes when you were competing with Yue Lao?”

“This old man bought it from you,” Old Lord Taishang snorted.

“Alright, alright, stop throwing a tantrum. I’m really desperate here, so be more forgiving and send me one,” Ye Zichen replied with a smile.

“What poison is it?” Old Lord Taishang didn’t want to waste his breath. I’ll just give him the pill, so he’ll stop annoying me.

“What sort of poison is it?” Ye Zichen asked Lu Lu.

Lu Lu blinked, “How would I know?”

Ye Zichen looked at Lu Lu speechlessly, then typed out a reply.

“I don’t know what poison it is.”

“Send me a blood sample.”

Old Lord Taishang was already speechless. Instead of retorting, he directly sent a red packet over.

You received Old Lord Taishang’s red packet.

Clay vial x1.

“Put the blood sample inside and send it back over. I’ll examine it, then give you the cure.”


Ye Zichen withdrew the vial, and crooked his finger towards Lu Lu.

“What?” Lu Lu walked over.

“I need some of your blood.”

Then, Ye Zichen used a blade formed from spiritual energy to make a small cut on Lu Lu’s arm before she could react, then moved the vial so that blood dripped into it…

Her blood was a purple shade that had a hints of black smoke coming out of it.

“Ouch!” Lu Lu yelped softly.

Ye Zichen used spiritual energy to seal her wound, then stared at the vial.




Old Lord Taishang received your red packet.

“This is the blood sample of the person you said was poisoned?”

Old Lord Taishang’s eyes twitched. Purple blood with black vapor… I literally just cured someone of that poison.

“Yes,” Ye Zichen nodded. “How long would it take for you to prepare the cure?”

The moment he sent the message, he noticed that Old Lord Taishang had already sent him a red packet.

You received Old Lord Taishang’s red packet.

Blood Exorcism Pill x1.

“Here’s the cure, give it to him,” Old Lord Taishang replied. Then sent a follow up message. “Where did your friend get poisoned?”

“How did you know that it’s a friend and not me?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“After getting poisoned, the victim will suffer a shock. When they awaken, they will feel powerless in their limbs. You’ll be very lucky if you manage to actually survive this poison with your pitiful cultivation level,” Old Lord Taishang snorted. “Even Old Li couldn’t get up for half a month after getting poisoned.”

Old Li!

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li!

Ye Zichen was stunned.

“You said Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li fell victim to this poison as well?”

“Mhmm, don’t you remember him investigating the situation after the Seven Fairies’ concert?” Old Lord Taishang confirmed. “Oh yeah, where did your friend get poisoned? Tell me, I might be able to find out more.”

“The demon realm!” Ye Zichen squinted his reply and typed out his reply. If Old Lord Taishang was in the same room as him, he would be able to see just how unmistakably dark Ye Zichen’s expression had turned.

“There!? Doesn’t that mean you are currently…”

“Yeah, I’m in the Demon Realm,” Ye Zichen confirmed. “It seems like demons have already infiltrated into the Heavenly Court. This isn’t the time to speak. I’ll come to the Heavenly Court after getting out of here. Let’s chat in detail then!”

“Okay. Do you need me to get God of Thunder and co. to back you up?” Old Lord Taishang replied.

“Probably not, the demons haven’t noticed me yet,” With that, Ye Zichen told Old Lord Taishang that he’ll talk to him later before putting his phone again.

Yet, he was unable to calm down…

Heavenly Court… underworld…

The demons have their claws on these two realms already, and there was the elder from the Treasure Tower as well…

Just what exactly is the demons doing!?

Are they trying to take over the Three Realms at once!?

No matter what, I can’t let them get what they wish for. But more importantly right now, I have to break Lu Lu and Su Yan out.

“How’re you doing? Have you recovered?” Ye Zichen turned around and raised his eyebrows.

Lu Lu, who was sitting cross-legged, opened her eyes. Her sharp gaze seemed to pierce through everything.

She stood up from the straw pile and stretched lazily.

“Old Lord Taishang is truly the top pill refiner in the Three Realms. Kid, come with me, it’s time for the slaughter!”

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