Chapter 594 The Domineering Lu Lu

Chapter 594 – The Domineering Lu Lu

“Senior, why are you so stubborn? Why do you keep on saying that I’m a demon?” Ye Zichen shook his head helplessly. “The pill I gave you just now was a healing one. As for why I have the Tower Head Token, it’s because I have a bit of relationship with the Treasure Tower, and Lady Zuo Mo is a good friend of mine.”

“Lil’ Mo,” the elder’s blurry eyes displayed a bit of emotion.

Then, he used a tiny portion of the slither of spiritual energy to check up on his body’s condition. He’s telling the truth, he really gave me a recovery pill.

“Kid, do you think that I will believe you just like that?” the elder snorted. “You despicable demons, you can do anything. Don’t think that faking kindness will make me believe you.”

“Whatever, I’m not going to waste my breath with you anymore. Do you know if a girl called Su Yan is imprisoned here? And if you do, where is she?”

This old man’s too stubborn, I can’t be bothered with him. I came here to save Su Yan.

“What do you want!?” the elder snorted.

“I came here to break her out. She’s my girlfriend,” Ye Zichen glanced at the elder. “If you know, then tell me. If you don’t want to tell me, then I’ll look for her myself.”

With that, Ye Zichen transformed back into an insect. At that very moment, the elder stopped him from leaving, “I don’t know where the Su Yan girl you’re talking about is, but I do know that there is a girl in this prison. She didn’t seem like a demon. She’s at the very depths of the prison, you can go over to take a look.”


After Ye Zichen got out of the elder’s cell, he immediately flew towards the depth of the prison.

The truth showed that the elder did not lie to him. There was indeed a woman locked at the end of the prison hall. However, there was only a single oil lamp within, so the dim light was unable to shine onto the woman’s face.


Ye Zichen quietly flew towards the woman.

Lu Lu!

Ye Zichen was shocked. He understood very well just how strong Lu Lu is. It was no falsity even if he called her one of the strongest existences in the Three Realms. Everybody had to give her face.

After all, the title of Ice Empress was not just for show, but… Why is she here?

Her face was stark white, and her eyes were blanked out.

She hugged her legs tightly, and sat against the wall in the corner of the cell. Ye Zichen was unable to tell what she was thinking.

“Lu Lu!” Ye Zichen settled on the oil lamp and called out to her.

Lu Lu, who was spacing out, looked up in confusion. However, when she noticed that the person she thought she heard wasn’t there, she chuckled in self-mockery, and resumed how she was acting before.

“Lu Lu!”

This time, Ye Zichen directly flew in front of her.

Lu Lu blinked, and looked at the tiny insect in front of her, “You…”

“Yes, it’s me. I’m Ye Zichen.”

With that, Ye Zichen transformed back to how he originally looked.

Seeing him, Lu Lu’s expression drastically changed, then punched him on the chest. “You bastard.”

“Alright, alright, I’m a bastard. But honestly, how did you get caught by the demons? Even the twelve demon sovereigns might not match up to you,” Ye Zichen frowned.

Lu Lu bit her lips and snorted, “It’s all your fault.”

“My fault?” Ye Zichen was confused.

“Yeah, the only reason I’m here is because of you. I wouldn’t have come over here if I didn’t go and look for you in Maple City,” Lu Lu bit her lips, while hints of tears appeared in her eyes. “I’ve ruled in the Three Realms for so long. I have never been treated like this before.”

“Stop crying, I’ll definitely get you out of here,” Ye Zichen patted her shoulders. Although she did not go into detail of the situation, since she said it was his fault, Ye Zichen could only accept it.

“Stop it, you didn’t come here to save me did you? Tell me, just who did the demons capture to make you risk your life?” Lu Lu twitched his mouth.

“Su Yan!” Ye Zichen replied.

“Su Yan? How did she get captured by the demons?” Lu Lu squinted his eyes and raised his eyebrows. “I get it now. Ye Zichen, you really are unlucky. Your luck as Zhang Junbao was already terrible. It seems like the demons want to make you worried using your woman.”

“Perhaps,” Ye Zichen smiled wryly.

“Let’s think more carefully about breaking me out. You should have seen the two gate guardians outside when you entered, right?”

Ye Zichen nodded. After all, he was nearly slapped by one.

“Those two gate guardians are left behind to deal with me, but they’re just scum and terribly weak. If I didn’t get poisoned, so that I can’t even use a hundredth of my actual strength, do you think I would stay here?” Lu Lu snorted domineeringly.

Ye Zichen glanced at her.

She wasn’t like this before!

“You scared?” Lu Lu raised her eyebrows. “Ahh right, this should be the first time you meet my main body. You only talked to my Body Double before. I’m telling you, I’m like this. You have to marry me whether you like it or not.”

“…” Ye Zichen was rather confused.

“Oh well, it’s too early to talk about all this with you. Can you see if you can get me a cure? I can definitely help you slaughter the way out if you can get me the cure. Getting Su Yan back is just a small thing then, I can even help you shatter this sub-dimension,” Lu Lu patted her chest in certainty.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, “This is a sub-dimension?”

“What do you think? The Demon Realm is tiny as it is, they can’t live without using sub-dimensions,” Lu Lu smiled. “Most demon higher-ups have their own sub-dimension.”

Ye Zichen nodded.

“307, stop shouting. You speak to much.”

“Stop shitting me. Come over here if you dare. I’ll slap you to death,” Lu Lu replied mercilessly.

Hearing that, the prison guard did not dare to retort.

Lu Lu’s probably the only one in the entire prison who dares to talk like that to the prison guards!

“Keep pretending. When Lord Gu gets the Beast Fire, then you’ll just be moaning underneath him,” the prison guard muttered as he walked away. Although the prison guard spoke very softly, everyone in the prison could still hear him.

Beast Fire.

Just what exactly does Gu Li want the Beast Fire for? Is he going to become stronger than Lu Lu when with it?

“Hey, what are you blanking out for? Hurry up and get me the cure,” Lu Lu frowned. “Or do you want me to get on a bed with that Gu Li brat?”

“You have to at least give me some clues, alright?” Ye Zichen was speechless. The personality of the Main Body and Body Double are like complete opposites!

“Clue? How could I have any clue? Don’t you know Old Lord Taishang? Get him, he’ll definitely have a way!”

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