Chapter 593 The Elder in the Prison

Chapter 593 – The Elder in the Prison

“This geezer…” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile when he noticed that Old Lord Taishang did not reply anymore.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile when he saw that Old Lord Taishang no longer replied.

It seems like the pill refinement manual is extremely important to him, so he is rather reluctant to give it up.

Ye Zichen merely shook his head, but did not retort.

I did get the Beast Fire, but it won’t be mine much longer.

Since that’s the case, it doesn’t matter even if I don’t get the pill refinement manual.

Then, Ye Zichen began to go on a shopping spree in the Treasure Shop, leveling his Fiery Eyes of Truth, Seventy-Two Transformations, Body-Freezing Technique, Unbreakable Body etc. to level 3.

He also purchased plenty of spiritual sigils. He had no idea whether they’ll be useful for him.

But I still have to be ready just in case!

Ye Zichen took a look at the pills and sigils in the Treasure Chest, then at the secret scriptures that the system notification informed him that he already studied, Ye Zichen stood up from the ground and slowly walked towards the portal.

“Brother Ye,” said Yuan Hong.

“Tell Liu’er-jie that I’ll definitely bring back Su Yan safe and sound,” with that, Ye Zichen stepped into the portal.

Su Liu’er shot through the air the moment he entered.

“Where did Ye Zichen go!?”

“He just went in, he also said that he’ll definitely bring lil’ sis back safe and sound. Sis, this portal…” Su Zhu looked at Su Liu’er in confusion.

At that moment, Fatty Yin urgently descended from the sky. Then, he couldn’t help but frown as he watch the portal begin to disappear, “I’m late!”

With that, he took out a phone and sent a message.

“Ye Zichen already went over to the Demon Realm. I didn’t make it. Time for Plan B!”

Purple mist swirled in the area. The place where Ye Zichen exited the portal was gate at the foot of a mountain.

The mountain itself reached into the mountains, and Ye Zichen could see that there were plenty of muscular humanoids with pupil-less black eyes patrolling around with bats in their hands.



Ye Zichen had called out silently in his heart, then turned into a little mosquito which then flew up the mountain.

As Ye Zichen had anticipated, pretty much every single level of the mountains was heavily guarded. From the looks of it, Gu Li wants me to slowly fight my way up, but he could never possibly imagine that I know the Seventy-Two Transformations.

It was the first time Ye Zichen had come to the Demon Realm, and he paid attention to the strength of the guards as he flew up.

They truly are strong.

Yet, after flying for so long, he still didn’t see a single expert below the Human Immortal level.

Since this is the Demon Realm, I wonder where Yumei is. It’d be great if she’s with Su Yan, then I can save them both together. Ye Zichen murmured silently as he neared the apex of the mountain.


Two ten-meter-tall humanoids stood at the top of the mountain, and guarded a jail-like building in a way befitting a gate guardian.

“Mosquito? Why’s there a mosquito here?”

One of them clapped towards Ye Zichen with both his hands evoking a huge gust of wind.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen hurried dodged to the side, then snuck in through a crack in the prison gate.

“It escaped.”

“So be it. A mosquito can let the girls inside feel the passion of our Demon Realm mosquitos,” the other humanoid laughed. “I just wonder what Lord Gu is thinking, why did he capture human women.”

“Shh, don’t talk about Lord Gu Li in private. Did you forget about those guys…”

The man’s face lost all its color and gradually turned stark white.

How could I forget? It was just last month when a thousand demon elites were all killed due to disobeying Gu Li’s orders.

“Let’s just guard this place properly.”

After Ye Zichen entered the jail, he intentionally transformed into an insect that caused less vibrations in the air in order to prevent himself from catching other people’s attention, while he searched for Su Yan inside the jail.

There were plenty of people inside the prison’s many cells, and Ye Zichen could tell that none of them were demons, yet none of them were people from the Three Realms either.

Wait, no, there’s one over there.

Ye Zichen flapped his wings and flew over towards the cell. The one in the cell was an old man with cuffs around his hands and legs. What’s more, he was also locked by the neck and essentially pinned to the wall in a pitiful state.

“Senior, senior…” Ye Zichen called out to the man. The man lifted his head and struggled to open his eyes.

When he saw the insect in front of him, he was momentarily stunned before asking, “You are talking to this old man?”

“Yes, senior. It’s me,” Ye Zichen flew up and down. “You look like someone from our Immortal Region. Why are you here?”

“Immortal Region. You are someone from the Immortal Region!?” Clear excitement  flickered in the elder’s eyes, and the chains around him also rattled as he tried to move. Yet, not long later, he began to laugh coldly. “Heh, demon scum, you still want to trick this old man? I’m telling you, the Treasure Tower will not be your cohorts!”

The elder struggled intensely as if he wanted to eat Ye Zichen alive.

But what he said just now…

Treasure Tower!

This old man is from the Treasure Tower!

I might not be able to prove my identity if he was from any other place, but proving my identity to someone from the Treasure Tower is all too simple. Ye Zichen flew out to see where the prison guards were, then quickly transformed back into a human to withdraw the Tower Head Token from his phone.

“Senior, look…”

“You think I’m going to look just because you told me to… The Treasure Tower’s Tower Head Token!? You damned demons, you actually dared to make a move against this old man’s clan!?” The elder struggled even more intensely, causing his wrists, ankles and even collarbone to begin to bleed.

Ye Zichen quickly pushed him down, and chucked a pill into his mouth.

“Heh, you can’t stand it anymore? You’re finally going to kill this old man? Demons, this old man will not yield even as a ghost!”

God knows what this old man has been through here, but it looks like he already made up his mind that I’m a demon.

Ye Zichen could only shake his head helplessly.

At that very moment, a prison guard ran over.

“Stop acting insane. If you continue to do so, then I’ll whip you!”

With that, the prison guard left with a snort.

Ye Zichen, who had transformed into a brick, let out a sigh. That scared me to death, that prison guard came way too suddenly.

“Heh, aren’t you together? Why are you still pretending in front of him? Or were you sent by another demonic faction?” the elder smiled mockingly. “Demons, stop trying to waste your efforts on this old man. I will not collude with you. It’s just death, nothing special!”

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