Chapter 592 There’s a Spy amongst the Ten Yama Kings

Chapter 592 – There’s a Spy amongst the Ten Yama Kings

The ghost servants caught by King Pingdeng and King Chujiang in the Howling Valley kneeled on the floor of King Kṣitigarbha’s palace, while Blackie stood at the center of the palace.

Meanwhile, King Kṣitigarbha sat at the very end of the palace with Diting lying down beside him.

The Ten Yama Kings sat on either side of the palace with their eyebrows locked.

“Tell me about the situation.”

“Basically, these ghost servants were going to bring souls, who were going to be reincarnated, over to the Howling Valley where someone was consuming them in order to strengthen themselves. King Pingdeng and I saw this, so we captured them, and are currently handing it over so that you can handle this,” King Chujiang stood up from his chair. Although he spoke simply, he made everything very clear.

Hearing that, Diting looked over at the ghost servants, while King Kṣitigarbha nodded and spoke in an indifferent manner, “I see. So that means someone in the Underworld is practicing demonic cultivation?”

“Yes, this black-faced man is one of the many victims. King Kṣitigarbha, if you need to know any other details, you can ask him about it,” said King Chujiag.

“No need,” King Kṣitigarbha shook his head slowly, then pointed at the ghost servants and Blackie. “Tell them to leave, they are not needed here anymore.”

After Blackie and the ghost servants left the hall, King Qinguang spoke up, “Did you notice something?”

“Know your wrongs, correct yourself, you still have time to turn back. Don’t make mistakes until the end,” King Kṣitigarbha said randomly as he departed from the hall with Diting in tow.

The moment they left the hall, King Kṣitigarbha spoke up, “The Underworld is getting harder and harder to control. I think we might have to ask the Great Emperor to start doing things.

“Is someone of the Ten Yama Kings also working with the demons?” Diting asked.

King Kṣitigarbha smiled, “You should know that better than me, right? You probably already caught the scent of the Demon Realm.”

“A little,” Diting nodded. “I can pretty much sense which of them it is. I’ll pay more attention to them.”

“Don’t let them notice,” King Kṣitigarbha reminded him.

“Of course,” Diting nodded.

The Ten Yama Kings did not leave the hall after King Kṣitigarbha departed. King Qinguang frowned as he looked in at the other Yama Kings with a hint of coldness in his eyes.

What Lord Kṣitigarbha had said was clearly directed at them. It was very obvious that someone amongst them had taken a wrong turn.

All of the Yama Kings looked at each other.

Sensing the strange atmosphere, King Chujiang quickly chuckled, “King Kṣitigarbha’s words might not have been talking about any of us, so don’t think too much into it. We, the Ten Yama Kings, cannot be worried and in a mess, otherwise, the Underworld will be unable to function properly.”

King Qinguang nodded in agreement, “King Chujiang is right, let us return to our posts. But, whoever you are, don’t let me catch you. Otherwise, don’t blame me for disregarding our brotherly bonds.”

Thus, King Qinguang and King Chujiang left the hall with a snort.

“Old Chu, who do you think it could be?” King Qinguang couldn’t help but frown after leaving the palace.

King Chujiang shook his head, “I can’t tell right now, but what King Kṣitigarbha and Big Brother said just now will definitely cause that person to expose themselves. But I just didn’t expect one of us to actually go over to the other side.”

“Heh, that’s his decision,” King Qinguang snorted. “Oh yeah, who else did you bump into at the Howling Valley?”

“I bumped into Master.”

Ye Zichen wore

a completely solemn expression after returning to the fox yaos. When he had arrived, all of the fox yaos were gathered at a space in their back mountains.

There was a portal that had appeared there, which nobody knew where it led.

Yuan Hong, Su Zhu and the guards had encircled the portal, and prevented anyone else from getting within a ten meter radius around it.

“Brother Ye…”

At that moment, Yuan Hong saw Ye Zichen.

Su Zhu also ran over in excitement and looked behind him.

“Liu’er-jie and lil’ sis…”

“Liu’er-jie should be behind me. I didn’t manage to save Su Yan,” Ye Zichen said plainly. Then, he ignored the disappointment in Su Zhu’s eyes and pointed at the portal. “When did that appear?”

“About two hours ago,” said Yuan Hong.

That should be around when I met Gu Li. I guess this is what he was talking about.

“Okay,” Ye Zichen nodded, then went to the side.

He was indeed very anxious to save Su Yan, but that didn’t mean that he was going to charge in blindly. God only knows how many traps Gu Li has laid for me on the other side of the portal. I don’t need to care about my own life in order to get Su Yan, but at the very least, I have to live until I get her back.

What’s more, when it comes to a petty villain like Gu Li…

I can’t count him on holding up his end of the promise.

Ye Zichen walked to a secluded space in the back mountains, then sat down and sent a message to Old Lord Taishang.

“Give me a few thousand bottles of Physical Recovery Pills and Spiritual nurturing Pills that complete stage Human Immortals can take.”

“Ha…” Old Lord Taishang chuckled coldly. “Weren’t you going to refine pills yourself? Why are you asking me for them? I heard Yue Lao tell you where the beast fire was. How was it, did you manage to get it? If you did, then I’ll give you the pill refinement manual. I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Old Lord Taishang was merely mocking him. If beast fire was actually so easily gotten, then there would have been pill refiners everywhere.

“Oh, I nearly forgot, I found the Beast Fire. Send me that pill refinement manual.”


Old Lord Taishang was shocked. Thus, he immediately sent Ye Zichen a video chat request in disbelief.


“Show it to me, I don’t believe that you got the beast fire,” Old Lord Taishang frowned.

Ye Zichen smiled and lifted his right hand, “Watch closely.”


A ball of light blue flames appeared in his hands.

Seeing that, Old Lord Taishang opened his eyes wide.

“How’s that? Do you believe me now?”

“Hmph,” Old Lord Taishang ended the video chat, and clenched his teeth angrily in the pill refinement room.

“He’s so damn lucky. He knows the technique of spiritual guidance, and managed to get a Beast Fire…”

“Hey, hurry up and send me the secret manual,” Ye Zichen said with a smile.

A good five minutes later, Old Lord Taishang finally replied, “What were you asking me for again? Physical Recovery Pills and Spiritual Nurturing Pills, right? Wait a moment, I’ll send those over right now.”

With that, a red packet appeared on the screen.


You received Old Lord Taishang’s red packet. Physical Recovery Pill x30, Spiritual Recovery Pill x100.

“Alright, I already sent you what you wanted. My apprentices managed to cause their furnaces to explode again, so I have to take a look. Talk to you later.”

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