Chapter 591 Come and find me in the Demon Realm if you want to save her

Chapter 591 – Come and find me in the Demon Realm if you want to save her

King Chujiang had clearly seen how capable Blackie was at influencing others, and Blackie had also made a great chant. While he looked at the souls, he was sure that Blackie could make the ghosts do anything for him with a single sentence.

The entirety of the Underworld was rather worried, and they lacked an official with Blackie’s capability.

“An official? I don’t like being an official,” Blackie twitched his mouth. “What’s more, you’ll have to ask my boss before I agree or disagree.”

King Chujiang turned towards Ye Zichen. The latter was still someone he had to treat carefully.

“Master, do you think…”

“I’ll let him go if you need,” Ye Zichen smiled. It was a good thing for him if Blackie became an official in the Underworld. “But before we worry over that, can we think about now?”

When Ye Zichen noticed that he still didn’t see Gu Li after so long, he already had an idea of what was going on.

He’s messing with me.

Gu Li’s very careful. It’s impossible for him to just be waiting here just because he set this as our meeting point. He might be watching over me somewhere to see if I’ll bring anyone here.

If Gu Li appears now with King Chujiang and King Pingdeng here, then he’d just be a fool.

“Blackie, did you see anyone around here?” Ye Zichen asked.

“Not any humans, but I did see a few who seemed like ghost servants from the Underworld,” Blackie raised his eyebrows. “Those ghost servants would come here every half an hour or so to lead a bunch of souls away, then bring them back half an hour later. But all of those souls would have already turned into menacing spirits.”

“What!?” King Chujiang’s opened his eyes wide. At that very moment, several ghost servants lead a group of menacing spirits over.

“Stop right there!” King Pingdeng shouted.

The ghost servants immediately wanted to run when they saw King Chujiang and King Pingdeng.


King Chujiang instantly blocked off their path, causing the ghost servants to shiver and kneel down on the floor with a trembling form, without daring to look up.

“You really are daring!”

“Sire, we had no choice!” The ghost servants replied in abject terror.

King Chujiang snorted, “Then do tell, just who exactly ordered you to do this?”

All of the ghost servants merely looked down at the ground without speaking.

King Chujiang immediately frowned, “Speak!”

“Sire, actually, it is…” One of the ghost servants wanted to speak, but before he could even utter the name, he immediately imploded.

Seeing that, the other ghost servants also sobbed, “My lord, we can’t say it. If we try to say it, then we’ll die!”

“Then do tell this king whether the person instruction you is still inside the valley, and just how many more souls of the deceased are in there!”

“Sire, you definitely wouldn’t be able to see him if you go in now. We only brought these souls out, these and the ones at the entrance to the valley.”

“King Pingdeng!” King Chujiang knitted his eyebrows tightly.

King Pingdeng immediately walked over and glanced over at the ghost servants.

“Take them back to the Underworld. King Kṣitigarbha might have a way,” King Chujiang nodded with a sullen look, then turned around and cupped his hands towards Ye Zichen. “Master, the situation is rather dire this time. Pingdeng and I have to quickly bring them back to the Underworld to see the bodhisattva. The black-faced man beside you also needs to return with us.”

“Alright,” Ye Zichen nodded towards Blackie, indicating for the latter to depart with the Yama Kings.

Approximately five minutes later, Ye Zichen looked up and snorted. “Come out, I know you’re keeping watch over this place. The Underworld folks have already left, so you should show yourself!”

“Brother Ye truly understands me,” a meaningful laughter sounded out from the sky. Not long later, Gu Li, who was dressed in a black robe, appeared in front of Ye Zichen.

“Heh, I didn’t expect you to actually have contact with the people of the Underworld!” Ye Zichen snorted.

“Likewise,” Gu Li smiled. “Doesn’t Brother Ye have contact with them?”

“Where’s Su Yan!?” Ye Zichen demanded.

“You’re talking about that little beauty? Of course she’s not here,” Gu Li smirked, then glanced at Ye Zichen’s pocket. “I’m no fool. If I brought her over, you’d shatter the jade tablet, then wouldn’t I be screwed?”

“Then what do you want?”

I didn’t expect him to even know about the jade tablet Su Liu’er gave me. Doesn’t that mean he has spies amongst the fox yaos?

But only Su Liu’er and Su Zhu were there at the time…

But it can’t possibly be either one of them.

“Stop trying to think about it, I naturally have my ways of getting information,” Gu Li smiled. “This test is just to see how sincere you are, but sorry, I’m not satisfied with you at all.”

“Then tell me, what exactly do you want?”

“Don’t be so anxious. It’s very simple, I want your beast flames.”


A ball of flames instantly rose up from Ye Zichen’s palm. The flame itself was bluish, and was swirling with a cold aura.

“If you need it, then I can immediately cut off my link with it and hand it over, but I need to see Su Yan safe and sound.”

“You truly don’t disappoint, but do you think that you actually have the right to negotiate right now?” Gu Li laughed mockingly.

At that moment, the temperature in the area rocketed down.

“Why do you bullshit with him so much when we can just directly capture him?”

Actually, Su Liu’er had followed Ye Zichen the entire time, so she had heard most of Ye Zichen and Gu Li’s conversation as well as the ordeal with the Yama Kings. So this guy is the one who kidnapped lil’ sis…

“See? How can we have a proper conversation when you’re being followed?”

Gu Li’s body suddenly twisted, then eventually disappeared from the valley, leaving only the echo of mocking laughter within.

“If you really want to save her, then come to my palace in the Demon Realm. Remember, only come by yourself. If anyone else follows, or give you some teleporting item, then don’t think about seeing her ever again. As for how, just go back to the fox yaos, you’ll see there!”


This time, Ye Zichen was kind of annoyed. What should I do if Gu Li does anything to Su Yan because of this!?

“Are you throwing a tantrum with me?” The cold aura around Su Liu’er turned colder.

“I know you’re very worried about Su Yan, but my worry is no less than yours, or even a lot more. Su Yan getting in trouble is indeed partially my fault, but I am doing all I can,” Ye Zichen snorted coldly. “You are very powerful, but your emotional intelligence is terrible. Please allow me to take care saving Su Yan, just wait back in your territory for her to return. If you really want to see your little sister safe and sound, then stop adding to the troubles!”

With that, Ye Zichen turned around and left.

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