Chapter 590 Souls

Chapter 590 – Souls

At a crack on the ground…

As a sinister wind howled, one was not able to see the bottom of the crack. If one listened carefully, they would be able to hear the terrible screams coming out from within the crack.

There were no living beings within a five kilometer radius. There wasn’t even a single strand of grass, one of the most resilient plants.

That is the Howling Valley, the place which was called a dead zone in the Three Realms.

“Act according to the plan. Understood?” Su Liu’er glanced at Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen held the jade pendant in his hand tightly. It was something that Su Liu’er had given to him as they were coming over here. As long as he gets into any danger or sees Gu Li, he would immediately shatter the jade pendant, and she would immediately teleport over.

“Understood,” Ye Zichen nodded.

“Now go in.”

Ye Zichen nodded, then put the jade pendant into his pocket and walked into the valley.

The death aura within the valley caused Ye Zichen to feel like he was unable to breathe. Thus, he could only erect a barrier around him with spiritual energy and slowly walk in.

“Gu Li!”

Ye Zichen shouted every few steps. The video in the jade tablet did not clearly tell him the exact location of their meeting.

“Gu Li!”

After an hour of walking, Ye Zichen’s throat felt hoarse from all the shouting, but he still did not see Gu Li.


The strange calls from within the valley became more and more piercing.

At that very moment…

“Be careful,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang said in Ye Zichen’s sea of consciousness. Then, the Xuan-Yuan Sword came out by itself surrounding with a swirl of flames and sliced forward. “Activate your Fiery Eyes of Truth. There are souls of the deceased here.”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen quickly did as she instructed.

What he saw was countless souls of the deceased floating around in midair. All of them revealed menacing expressions as they screeched and circled Ye Zichen.

They wanted to get closer, but were afraid of Xuan-Yuan Sword.

“Why are there so many souls here?” Ye Zichen frowned. Then, he recalled the news he had read in the Underworld’s staff chat.

Could these be the souls that the Underworld lost?


At that very moment, a shout sounded through the valley. Ye Zichen looked around and saw King Chujiang, who was in a green robe, holding a box in his hands which was sucking in the surrounding souls.

These souls immediately wanted to escape as if they had seen their arch enemy…

“All of you, stay here,” King Pingdeng, who was in a white robe, also appeared, as a large green net fell down from the sky, covering all the souls in the valley…

As well as Ye Zichen.

“Hmmph, there really is someone in the Underworld in cohorts with an outer realm. I didn’t expect to see so many souls here,” King Pingdeng frowned, while the captured souls wailed.

“Every single one of them are lacking a physical and a spiritual soul. It seems like someone is using them to increase their strength,” King Chujiang’s face was completely dark. Using the souls of the deceased to increase one’s strength was forbidden within the entirety of the Three Realms.

In simpler terms, it was a method of demonic cultivation!

Although absorbing the physical and spiritual souls of the deceased could quickly increase one’s strength, it was very wrong!

“This seems like it’s no longer something we can suppress. We must see Lord Kṣitigarbha when we return,” King Pingdeng spoke plainly.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also shouted out, “You two, stop chatting up there. Hurry up and get me out of this net!”

Only then did King Chujiang and King Pingdeng notice Ye Zichen trapped inside the net.

So, they quickly retracted it. At the same time, King Chujiang also asked, “Master, why are you here?”

“This sovereign cares about all life. I felt like something was amiss over here at the Howling Valley, so I came to investigate,” Ye Zichen smiled.

As expected of a master.

Ye Zichen’s reply instantly caused King Chujiang and King Pingdeng’s respect for him to rise.

“I wonder if Master has noticed anything?”

“The Demon Realm,” Ye Zichen smiled. “There are demons here and looking at these souls…. King Chujiang, it seems like some people in the Underworld is not acting properly!”

Ye Zichen’s words were not just baseless accusations, it was something that he had concluded.

Gu Li had set this place to be their meeting point, and the Underworld’s staff chat had also mentioned that some higher-ups are often going to the Howling Valley. What’s more, there were also large numbers of souls, which were the lost souls missing from the Underworld.

After arriving, it was clear that the lost souls ended up in the Howling Valley. What’s more, although the air was filled with a deathly aura, one could still feel traces of demonic energy.

Thus, there was a very high chance of some people in the Underworld being in cohorts with the demons.

“How’s that possible? Those of the Underworld cannot possibly be in cohorts with the demons,” King Chujiang immediately shook his head in denial.

Ye Zichen smiled and raised his eyebrows, “Then do you dare to come with me?”

The deeper into the valley they traveled, the more souls there were, and the denser the violent demonic energy was. At the same time, King Chujiang and King Pingdeng’s expressions only grew darker and darker. They were no fool… Quite contrary to that, all of the Yama Kings were exceptionally bright people.

Even if they didn’t believe it before, they could no longer help but admit…

Someone in the Underworld was indeed in cohorts with the demons.

“Brothers, the time of revolution has come. Why should we become that guy’s goods? Why should we submit to their ideas? Regardless of man or beast, we should be treated equally. Are we just going to allow those guys to suck our souls!? Definitely not, we will resist…” At that moment, a man’s call sounded out from a short distance away.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but gasp. Is this the start of a revolution!?

Thus, the trio quickly walked over, and saw a muscular man with a dark colored face clench his fist tightly as he floated above the other souls as he shouted.

“Think about how many of our brothers and sisters died in their demonic claws. Do you still remember how much like living corpses they were like when they came out? Do you want to become vengeful spirits and never be reincarnated!?”


“Since you don’t want to, then what should we do?”

“We will resist, we will protect our rights!”

“Yes, we will resist! We will protect our rights!” The man in the lead continued to wave his fist.

The surrounding souls also began to raise their fists under his influence, “We will resist. We will protect our rights!”

“Blackie!” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but call out.

The man in the air looked down. When he saw Ye Zichen, he quickly flew over,” Boss!”

Meanwhile, the surrounding souls all surrounded King Chujiang and King Pingdeng, and begun to tell them about their sufferings.

“Alright, get back there!” King Chujiang took out another box, which all of the souls entered, except for Blackie.

“Dark faced guy, you have quite a bit of talent for leading. How about getting an official position in the Underworld?”

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