Chapter 59 Black and White Impermanence

Chapter 59 – Black and White Impermanence

Ye Zichen had merely wanted to give Su Yiyun something to believe in in order to get himself back together in the smoking area.

However, everything happened just as Su Yiyun had said.

The operation truly failed.

Was his promise still in effect?

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but ask himself. Did he truly had the ability to save Elder Su; who even someone at the pinnacle of medicine couldn’t?

“Ye-zi! Answer me!”

Su Yiyun roared like a maniac. Ye Zichen raised his head and took a deep breath.


Everyone was confused by Ye Zichen and Su Yiyun’s conversation. Only Su Qilong’s eyes lit up.

“I can save Old Man Su, but I have conditions.”

Ye Zichen’s words invoked a variety of emotions, both the Su family and the hospital workers were shocked.

“Young man, you can’t just randomly  say things.”

The person who spoke up was also a rather reputed expert in medicine, and he was there during the operation.

Elder Su, who was inside, already lacked any possibility of living. Or else, they wouldn’t have stopped the operation.

“Brat, this isn’t the place for you to brag.”

Su Qihu was also shocked by Ye Zichen. However, Ye Zichen merely smiled lightly and said, “Don’t question the truth in my words. The fact that you guys can’t do it doesn’t mean that no one can.”

“Young man, do you study medicine?” Deng Cheng asked when he felt Ye Zichen’s confidence.

Ye Zichen nodded without denying anything. Actually, he studied to be a vet, but he needed the chance to enter the operation room.

If he boldly said that he was a vet…

Then he had no possibility of entering.

“Alright, I’ll give you the chance.”

Deng Cheng called over the medical staff to bring over a sterilized jacket for Ye Zichen. Meanwhile, Su Qihu was unable to understand why Deng Cheng agreed, “Professor Deng…”

Deng Cheng raised his hand to stop Su Qihu’s words with a smile, “Since this young man is so confident, then we might as well let him try. Of course, this requires the acceptance of your family. However, I feel like both you guys and Elder Su need this chance.”

At the same time, Su Qilong also added on the side, “Qihu, Lil’ Ye is not normal. Believe him.”

Since the two people with the most right to speak spoke up, Su Qihu could only clench his teeth and move out of the way.

“I said that I have conditions.”

“Raise your conditions after you succeed.”

Su Qihu didn’t like the look of Ye Zichen at all, so his tone was not particularly friendly either.

Ye Zichen wet his lips and said, “I want to raise it now!”

“Say it!”

“After I succeed, you cannot use Su Yan for a political marriage.”

Ye Zichen looked over at Su Qihu’s furious gaze.

Actually, Ye Zichen was rather afraid of Su Qihu in his heart. Su Qihu’s time in the military caused him to always have a murderous aura about him that was hard to endure.

However, Ye Zichen didn’t care about him anymore for a chance to help Su Yan and Elder Su.

“Don’t thinking about lying to me, I can tell whether you speak truth or lies.”

Ye Zichen’s eyes flashed gold, causing Su Qihu to feel stunned all of a sudden.

When he came back to himself, his gaze had a hint of wariness as he looked towards Ye Zichen.


“If Su Yan wants to be with me, you cannot stop her.”

Su Yan, who was covered in tears, blushed, while many of the surrounding medical staff also showed an understanding expression.

No wonder this young man would act like this, it was actually for this girl.

Even more people started to wonder, if this young man completely had no chance and merely wanted to show himself off.

“Don’t hesitate, Elder Su doesn’t have much time. Give me an answer.”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows when Su Qihu did not give a reply after a long while.

“Fine,” Su Qihu glared at Ye Zichen. “However, if you fail, then you cannot have any contact with Su Yan in the future.”

“You are truly a great son.” Ye Zichen smiled mockingly. “Don’t worry, I won’t fail. Remember your promise.

With that, Ye Zichen walked into the operation room.

Deng Cheng, who was behind him spoke up, “Do you need help? I can be your assistant.”

“No need,” Ye Zichen’s reply was cold, resolute and extremely confident. When he walked into the operation room, the door of it closed behind him.

Deng Cheng looked towards Su Yan, he saw Su Yan clench her fists as she prayed, while the back of the hero-like figure from just now appeared in his head.

Perhaps, this young man can truly succeed.

A white cloth already covered Elder Su within the operation room. This was the declaration of them failing the operation.

Ye Zichen clicked on the Treasure Chest within WeChat and withdrew a Great Recovery Pill.

“Lil’ Ye, why did you come in?”

A question sounded out from mid-air. Ye Zichen raised his head, and saw Elder Su’s soul floating in the air.

“Elder Su!”

When he shouted this, the Great Recovery Pill in Ye Zichen’s hand fell and clattered on the floor.

The soul exiting the body means that the person was utterly and completely dead.

The Great Recovery Pill was no longer of any use.

“Oh? Lil’ Ye, you can see me?”

Elder Su revealed an expression of shock and floated beside Ye Zichen.

Liu Qing also came out of the Dragon Eye at that exact moment and stretched.

“Aiya, sleeping is so nice. Ye Zichen, why did you ran into an operation room?”

When she saw Elder Su, who was also floating in the air, she immediately shouted out, “A GHOST!”

“What are you shouting for? Are you not a ghost?” Ye Zichen reached out his hand and dragged Liu Qing down. At the same time, he smiled wryly towards Elder Su and nodded, “Elder Su, I can indeed see you.”

“Haha, I knew that you, Lil’ Ye, were no normal person.”

Elder Su did not reveal too shocked of an expression, it was as if he had predicted all this.

“Good, Lil’ Ye, since you came, then help me pass on a message to my two sons.”

“Hubby, it seems like this is the place,” a sharp voice suddenly sounded out in the operation room. When Elder Su heard this sound, his body started to tremble intensely.

“This is it,” a slightly coarse voice sounded out. Not long later, two ghosts with tall hats and a sigil on their heads appeared in the air. One of them wore white clothing, and the other one wore black clothing.

The Black and White Impermanence!

Ye Zichen was shocked for a moment, he didn’t think that the Black and White Impermanence truly existed and were even a f*cking couple.

It seems like the two of them came to take Elder Su away.

“Elder Su, come behind me,” Ye Zichen shouted.

Hearing Ye Zichen’s shout, Elder Su immediately went behind him.

“Didn’t the higher ups say that there was only one dead ghost? Why are there two? And there’s also a living person as well!” White Impermanence’s sharp voice sounded out once again.

Black Impermanence looked towards Ye Zichen.

“Tsk, the heck does a living person have to do with us. However, this ghost girl, virgin ghost girl, she died before her time. This type of ghost needs to wait until their time is up even if they wanted to reincarnate. But, zeze…”

Black Impermanence licked his lips with his long tongue and rubbed his hands, “This virgin ghost girl is so beautiful.”

White Impermanence’s expression stiffened, it was clear that her man became interested in this virgin ghost girl. However, she was the weak one in the family, so she didn’t dare to speak up even though she was angry.

Just as the Black Impermanence finished speaking, the two of them walked towards Elder Su and Liu Qing with chains in their hands. Just as they made half of the distance, White Impermanence suddenly stopped, “hubby, that living person seems to be staring at us.”

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