Chapter 589 Trouble in the Underworld

Chapter 589 – Trouble in the Underworld

“Brother Ye, I’m not making excuses for Liu’er, but she’s really desperate,” Yuan Hong sat behind Ye Zichen as he transferred spiritual energy into Ye Zichen’s body.

Ye Zichen nodded, then thought back to the jade tablet. Su Liu’er must have seen it already, so she’s definitely worried.

“It’s all my fault,” Ye Zichen smiled bitterly, then squinted his eyes.

Gu Li.

His existence is truly troublesome.

“Big Brother Yuan Hong, do you happen to know where the Howling Valley is?” Ye Zichen asked.

“That’s the point of connection between the Eastern Continent and the Central Continent. It’s named the Howling Valley because terrifying screams can be heard from the valley all year long,” Yuan Hong removed his hand from Ye Zichen’s back. “But a deathly aura has always filled the place. No living things can actually live there. I suppose it counts as a forbidden location.”

“I see,” Ye Zichen nodded. “Thank you, Big Brother Yuan Hong.”

“Welcome, I just stabilized the spiritual energy within your body, but you still have to sort it out yourself. I’m going to take a look at Liu’er. You stay here for now.”

With that, Yuan Hong departed from the room.

Ye Zichen nodded, then walked around Su Yan’s room after Yuan Hong left.

The room was arranged in a similar way to her room in the Modern Realm, and both the cabinet and dressing table had photos of her with either Xia Keke or him.

There was a large hole in the corner of her room, which seemed like where Gu Li had taken her from.

“Damnit,” Ye Zichen clenched his fist tightly.

At that moment, Su Liu’er suddenly walked in.

“Liu’er-jie,” Ye Zichen said apologetically.

Su Zhu and Yuan Hong also hurried in after her. They were truly afraid of Su Liu’er actually killing Ye Zichen in her present state of mind.

“I’ll send you to the Howling Valley tomorrow morning. I don’t care whether you live or die, I just want to see my little sister return safely,” Su Liu’er said coldly, while her eyes lacked any sort of caring as to whether he lived or died.


“Heh, then enjoy your evening,” Su Liu’er snorted, then left the room, while Yuan Hong quickly followed.

Su Zhu walked in and smiled wryly, “Don’t think too much into it. Liu’er-jie doesn’t actually mean that. You have to go to the Howling Valley, but we’ll ensure that you’re safe as well.”

“Mm,” Ye Zichen nodded.

“Then I’ll leave.”

As the room turned quiet again, Ye Zichen rubbed his head, and wanted to smoke. However, when he remembered that it was Su Yan’s room, he put the cigarette back into the box again.


His phone rang. Ye Zichen took it out and saw that Xia Keke had sent a message to him.

“Zichen-ge, what did Liu’er-jie find you for?”

“Nothing,” Ye Zichen smiled.

“Then are you at Susu’s? Hurry up and tell Susu to explain why she deleted me. Seriously, I’m so mad. She actually dared to delete me from her contacts.”

Ye Zichen could easily imagine just how Xia Keke was acting from the other side of the screen, so he could only smile wryly, “I didn’t see her.”

“How’s that possible? If you went to the fox yao’s, Susu will definitely go and find you. Or did Liu’er-jie tell Susu to go into closed cultivation again?”

“Perhaps,” Ye Zichen replied. Then, in order to ensure that Xia Keke doesn’t notice something amiss, he immediately added. “Alright, I’m a bit tired, so I want to rest.”


With that, Ye Zichen closed his chat with Xia Keke. That was when he noticed a friend request on his contact list…

Su Yan.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows when he saw it, and quickly accepted it.

“Su Yan?”

“This is Su Liu’er. Lil’ sis’s phone is with me. Get some rest. See you!”

Ye Zichen didn’t dare to make any other replies. Then, as he was closing the chat, he accidentally clicked open the Underworld’s Staff chat.

The staff chat which had turned silent for a long time suddenly became lively once more.

Yet, from the looks of it, they seemed to be talking about…

The Howling Valley.

Ox-Head: I have to report to the higher-ups in the group. Recently, some higher-ups haven’t been doing their job properly, causing large amounts of beast souls to flow into the other realms. What’s more, they have been going over to the Howling Valley very often. The Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven had once said that those of the Underworld are not allowed in the Howling Valley.

Horse-Face: Adding to that, large amounts of souls, which should be sent to hell have disappeared. I hope the higher-ups go and investigate this thoroughly!

Judge Cui: Got it.

Xie Bi’an: The Underworld has indeed been very strange lately. I have felt outsiders visit the Underworld several times, but when I look on the register, I don’t see any visitors recorded.

King Chujiang: Several Yama Kings have been investigating this matter recently. Please don’t worry.

Meng Po: @King Chujiang, recently, the traffic here at the Bridge Henai[1] has been way too much, so I’m requesting an increase in salary.

Ox-Head: There must be something wrong. With such huge amounts of souls coming to the Underworld recently, something might have happened in the Three Realms.

Xie Bi’an: According to my apprentice Impermanences, all of the lost souls they were tracking were lost around the Howling Valley.

King Qinguang: Alright, everyone, stop worrying for nothing. Do your jobs properly and stop discussing in the group.

Ox-Head: Got it

Meng Po: Got it.

Judge Cui: Got it.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when he saw the messages. I didn’t expect something to have happened in the Underworld, and linked to the Howling Valley on top of that.

I wonder if this has any connection to my problem.

If there is, then the problem might not be so tiny. The person there is Gu Li, someone of the Demon Realm. It is definitely shocking news for someone in the Underworld to be in cohorts with those demons.

Within the Yama King chat group.

King Chujiang: The situation is getting worse. I feel like we should sort this out before Lord Kṣitigarbha hears of this.

King Qinguang: Indeed. I guess that someone in the Underworld is getting in contact with other factions.

King Yanluo: And it isn’t a faction in the Three Realms.

King Songdi: Then we…

King Pingdeng: How about this. King Chujiang and I will go to the Howling Valley tomorrow to see what’s there.

King Chujiang: Alright.

King Lunhui: Count me in.

King Qinguang: Don’t, just them is enough. Too many will create too big of a target, making it easier for you to be spotted. It’ll be for the best if they manage to get anything when they go, but don’t go too far in. Prioritize safety above all else.

King Pingdeng: Understood.

King Chujiang: Wait for our good news!

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  1. Bridge Henai (奈何桥) is the bridge crossing a river in the underworld, and Meng Po stays on top of it and asks the souls that crosses to drink her soup so that the soul will forget everything about their life.

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