Chapter 588 The Kidnapped Su Yan

Chapter 588 – The Kidnapped Su Yan

“What’s happened to Liu’er-jie? She doesn’t seem like she’s in a good mood at all.”

Xia Keke couldn’t help muttering when she saw Su Liu’er abducting Ye Zichen.

“Young Lady, we shouldn’t stick our noses the dragon elder grabbed Xia Keke’s hand, then the pair left immediately.

Zhuge Hong and the Jail King also took Lil’ White and Zhuge Kongming away.

“Young lady Zuo Mo, I am Wei Chen, Ye Zichen’s number one fighter. A senior said that you will face danger as you return, so I was sent to escort you back,” Wei Chen walked over with a smile.

Zuo Mo looked towards Yang Jian.

“It’s true. I’ll be escorting you back as well. We will not be leaving before you return to your clan,” Yang Jian nodded with a smile.

Zuo Mo also nodded, “Then please do.”

“Then what about the two of us?” Third Fatty Jin wrapped his arm around Gou Yuzhan’s shoulders and smiled wryly. “You guys all have places to go, but what about us!?”

“You go back to the Immortal Region. That ahoge is going with the monkey,” Yang Jian rolled his eyes.

At that moment, Iron Bull walked over with a fierce glare on his face, “Why hasn’t my young master come out!?”

“Liu’er-jie, where are you taking me?” Ye Zichen asked as he was dragged through the sky by Su Liu’er.

“Shut up!” Su Liu’er shouted angrily at Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen peeked at her angry expression, then thought about it for a moment before deciding to obey her.

Within an hour, they arrived at the land of the fox yaos.

“Get in there.”


She shoved Ye Zichen into a girl’s bedroom.

Ye Zichen, who fell down on the floor, looked around.

The arrangement of the room looked rather familiar, for some reason, he seems to feel like he had entered the same kind of room while in the Modern Realm.

That was when he noticed the picture frame at the dressing table.

This is Su Yan’s room!

Ye Zichen stood up from the ground when he saw the photo in the frame containing him, Xia Keke and Su Yan.

“Where’s Su Yan?”

“See for yourself!”


Su Liu’er threw a jade tablet towards Ye Zichen angrily. The moment Ye Zichen grasped it, an image appeared in front of him.

“Hey, Ye Zichen. Long time no see, I’ve missed you!”

The person who appeared was a man who was smiling towards him as he sat in a chair.

Gu Li.

It’s him again!

“I’ve really missed you greatly. There was no helping it, so I could only use some tricks to be able to see you. Look…” with that, Gu Li shifted the scene sidewards.

“What exactly are you? Why did you trick me!?”

“It’s your fault that you were stupid. You just believed it when I said that I would take you to see Ye Zichen.”

“Su Yan!” Ye Zichen exclaimed.

At that moment, Gu Li lifted Su Yan’s chin. “Watch this place properly. I’m going to send Ye Zichen a video. You better act a bit more pitiful so that he’ll tremble in anger. Hahaha…”

“Ye Zichen, don’t come, he…”


Gu Li slapped Su Yan’s face, then snapped his fingers. Two black-robed men immediately appeared in front of Su Yan and gagged Su Yan’s mouth.

“Ye Zichen, how is it? Do you like this surprise I have for you? Believe me, my surprises never disappoint.”


Ye Zichen clenched his fist tightly, while Gu Li continued to speak in the video.

“If you want to see her, then come to the Howling Valley three days after you see this video. Oh yeah, don’t bring anyone else, I’ve very cowardly. My hands might tremble, causing me to kill Su Yan if there are too many people. Oh yeah, bring the beast fire you got in Mount Supreme. Don’t say that you don’t have it. I’m sure you definitely got it in Mount Supreme!”

“So despicable!” Ye Zichen cursed.

Gu Li, who was in the video, chuckled. “You must be saying that I’m despicable. Hahaha, thank you for your praise. Alright, the tablet can’t store too much information. If you want to see this woman safe, then come to the Howling Valley three days from now. See you then.”


Ye Zichen shattered the jade tablet with his hand. When he looked up and saw Su Liu’er’s dark expression…

“Liu’er-jie, sorry. This is all on me.”

“Just how long do you want to torture lil’ sis for!?” Su Liu’er shouted at Ye Zichen with a cold glare. “Back then, she died and reincarnated in order to protect you. Ever since then, lil’ sis has always followed you in all her lives. Yet, no matter which one of them it was, she’s never had a good ending. You are the scourge, why must you continually torture my little sister? Lord Yellow Emperor, I’m begging you, I, Su Liu’er, is even keeling down right now. Can you go and torture someone else?”

Su Liu’er trembled as she begged Ye Zichen.

Yet, Ye Zichen’s lips merely murmured, and only managed to reply with one word. “Sorry.”

“Apologize, all you know is how to apologize. Back when you were the Yellow Emperor, you also just said sorry when you brought my sister back. Just what do you want from us? I’m asking you, just what do you want!?”


Raging spiritual energy knocked Ye Zichen into the wall, causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood.

Ye Zichen merely silently stood up and wiped away the blood dribbling from the corner of his mouth, then slowly walked beside Su Liu’er with his head lowered…


Su Liu’er punched Ye Zichen in his stomach, causing him to cough up another mouthful of blood.

Ye Zichen stood up silently, then walked beside her once more.

“If hitting me makes you less angry, then please continue. But Liu’er-jie, please leave me with at least a single breath. I have to go and exchange myself for Su Yan at the Howling Valley.”

“You…” Su Liu’er clenched her fists tightly.

At that moment, the door pushed open. Su Zhu hurried in from the outside and grabbed Su Liu’er’s hand.

Yuan Hong followed behind her. When he saw the blood stains on the wall, he quickly used his spiritual energy to stabilize Ye Zichen’s condition.

“Liu’er-jie, stop hitting him. It’s not going to help Su Yan even if you kill him!”

“Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation, I’m warning you here. If lil’ sis can return safe and sound, then I will pretend like nothing happened. But, if anything goes wrong and you cause her to get hurt, then I don’t care whether you’re the Yellow Emperor, or the Jade Emperor or the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven, I won’t let you off. I definitely won’t!” Su Liu’er glared fiercely at Ye Zichen one last time before turning and walking out of the room.

Su Zhu looked down at Ye Zichen, “How are you, my sister…”

“It’s my fault,” Ye Zichen smiled wryly.

Su Zhu sighed, then turned towards Yuan Hong, “Big Brother Yuan Hong, please.”

“Ai, alright,” Yuan Hong nodded, then used his hand to transfer spiritual energy into Ye Zichen’s body.

When Su Zhu saw Yuan Hong nod towards her, she also turned and left.

After doing so, she walked up to Su Liu’er with a frown, “Sis.”

Yet, Su Liu’er, who always put up a strong front in front of other people, suddenly turned around and hugged Su Zhu with a weepy expression. “Lil’ Zhu, just what should I do now?”

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Could something have happened to Su Yan!? I have to find out!

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