Chapter 587 Qiu Yuan The Chosen One

Chapter 587 – Qiu Yuan – The Chosen One

“Holy woman of the Nine Li, isn’t that…” Fatty Yin muttered as he slowly walked towards Sun Yige.

“This has nothing to do with her,” Ye Zichen stopped him, and blocked off his path towards Su Yige. “She’s not from the Nine Li.”

“She said it herself just now. She’s the holy woman of the Nine Li,” the black-robed person continued to speak in a hoarse voice.

Ye Zichen frowned, “I said she isn’t, so she isn’t. We don’t know each other, so don’t stick your head into my business.”

The black robed person paused in confusion for a moment, then nodded, and walked to the side of the room.

Fatty Yin maintained his gaze on Sun Yige and raised his eyebrows, “Ye Zichen, is she the holy woman of the Nine Li or not? If she really is, then she’ll be huge trouble in the future.”

“She isn’t,” Ye Zichen shook his head.

Fatty Yin met Ye Zichen’s gaze for ten-odd seconds, but Ye Zichen refused to look away.

“Whatever, you really are the same person. Even your choices are the same. I don’t care about so much. Since you said that, then I’ll pretend that she isn’t,” Fatty Yin shook his head with a smile, while his expression darkened slightly.

“What did you come to find me for?” Ye Zichen yanked Fatty in away from Sun Yige’s side.

Fatty Yi chuckled, “Didn’t I say it earlier? I’m going to get you out. Mount Supreme has nothing to do with you anymore, but I do have some things to take care of before that.”

The Eight Formation Origin Chart surfaced above his head once more. Not long later, the scenery in front of them changed, and everyone, who were searching for treasures, returned to the Niflheim Hall.

“What’s going on?”

“Why did we all suddenly return? Is it because time’s up?”

“But that senior didn’t say anything!”

All of a sudden, many of the players fell into intense discussion.

Fatty Yin coughed twice, then slowly walked over to sit down on the throne as he squinted his eyes at the people underneath the throne’s dias.

“All of you, quiet down.”

“Who’s this guy? He isn’t the senior from earlier.”

“I didn’t see him when we were forming teams earlier…”

“What’s going on with Mount Supreme!?”

“Be quiet!”


Fatty Yin slapped the armrest of the throne, and released terrifying pressure that instantly turned everybody else silent.

“Mount Supreme’s games ends here. From now on, you can choose to search for treasures within Mount Supreme, or you can choose to leave,”


A huge door appeared at the end of the hall.

“That leads to the outside of Mount Supreme. You can leave now if you want. Of course, the original owner of Mount Supreme did not lie to you. There are opportunities here, but at the same time, it is also filled with danger. If you want to take your chances, then you can stay here as well.”

With that, Mu Chengtian begun to walk out with a tremble. Qiu Yuan also wanted to sneak out…

“Get back here!” Ma Teng raised his hand and grabbed Qiu Yuan once again.

At this moment, Fatty Yin also spoke up, “Which of you is called Qiu Yuan here?”


Qiu Yuan, who was being dragged by Ma Teng, immediately raised his hand.

Fatty Yin nodded, then glared at Ma Teng, causing the latter to immediately smash against the wall behind him with a cough of blood.

“Come over here.”

Qiu Yuan gulped, then walked over, “Senior.”

“This armor is for you,” Fatty Yin took out an armor from his spatial artifact and placed it onto the floor. “Drip a drop of a blood on it and bind it to you.”

The surrounding people couldn’t help but feel envious when they saw it. The armor seemed to be even stronger than the bell that had been given to Gou Yuzhan.

“Senior, I’m not interested in cultivation. I think I don’t need this armor. There are plenty of people stronger than me here, you…”

“I said it’s for you, so it’s for you!” Fatty Yin said plainly, then grabbed Qiu Yuan’s arm, and stabbed it.

“Ouch!” Qiu Yuan leaped up in pain, while blood flowed down from his arm onto the armor.


The moment blood soaked through the entire armor, it lit up and disappeared into Qiu Yuan’s body.

Then, a teleportation gate appeared by Fatty Yin’s side.

“Walk through this gate. Mount Supreme’s Duan Gu’s inheritance lies behind the gate. Now go!”

Everyone else in the hall looked towards the gate with a heated gaze. If they were able to get the inheritance of Mount Supreme’s master, they would definitely become the strongest person in the Three Realms.

“Senior, I’m not going to cultivate!” Qiu Yuan sobbed.

“Go in, or do you want me to kick you in?” Fatty Yin knitted his eyebrows.

“O-Okay,” Qiu Yuan said with a troubled manner, then walked into the teleportation gate unwillingly.

At the same time, Fatty Yin also snorted at the others, “I know some of you are displeased, but let me tell you. That kid is Mount Supreme’s Chosen One. It’s natural for the inheritance to be given to him.”

None of the people in the hall dared to retort. After all, the fatty’s strength had already far surpassed theirs.

Even if Qiu Yuan was not the Chosen One, they wouldn’t dare to go against Fatty Yin’s words.

“Alright, before Qiu Yuan finishes accepting the inheritance, Mount Supreme will remain open to the public. I’ll set down some seals later so that those above the early stage of the Sky Immortal level will be unable to enter. That means some Sky Immortal leveled people will be able to enter. However, there is no need for you to worry. I will set up a mirage formation so that anyone who enters will lose their direction. Whether you can find a treasure will be up to your luck. Let me say it once more, if you want to leave, then the door is right here. If you don’t want to, then… good luck.”

With that, Fatty Yin walked in front of Ye Zichen and raised his eyebrows. “Come with me, this has nothing to do with you anymore.”

“Are you guys going to stay? Or are you coming with me?” Ye Zichen looked towards Zuo Mo and co.

“I’ll stay. It wasn’t easy coming down. If I don’t bring a few divine artifacts back, the clan elders will cause trouble for me,” Bai Hai smiled.

“I’m staying here too,” said Ruan Qingtinan.

“Then are the rest of you coming out?” Ye Zichen glanced at the others.

They all nodded.

Ye Zichen picked Tiantian up with a smile, then looked towards Fatty Yin, “Let’s go!”

Outside Mount Supreme.

Su Liu’er held her hands tightly together and paced in front of Mount Supreme. Although only several minutes had passed since the fatty went after Ye Zichen, she was still extremely anxious.


Ye Zichen and co. suddenly appeared outside Mount Supreme. The moment they appeared, many people crowded around them.

“Little friend Ye, I wonder if our…” the three Yao Emperors immediately asked.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then thought back to the three people who didn’t stay with them, “They should have stayed inside to look for treasures.”

“I see,” the female Yao Emperor nodded in comfort. “About the things that you wanted us to give you before you enter…”

“Move aside!”

At that moment, Su Liu’er shouted, and pushed everyone else in order to walk in front of Ye Zichen, then looked at him in such a way that if looks could kill, he would have been dead.


“Come with me!”

With that, Su Liu’er grabbed Ye Zichen’s arm and began to leave.


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