Chapter 586 Holy Woman of the Nine Li

Chapter 586 – Holy Woman of the Nine Li

The dagger sliced through the air with a silvery light.

Ye Zichen, who was standing in front, had placed all his attention on the three new black-robed people, and could not react to the attack from his own teammate at all.

“Heh,” at that very moment, Ye Zichen’s other teammate snorted coldly.

He reached out and grabbed the person by the wrist, causing the dagger to fall down onto the floor.

The smaller black-robed person immediately pushed the person aside, then leaped over to where the three other black-robed people were. However, the hood covering her face also slid down to her shoulders as she jumped.

“Sun Yige,” Ye Zichen was stunned when he saw the familiar face.

“Do it,” one of the black-robed people at the entrance frowned.

Sun Yige looked towards Ye Zichen, then bit her lips and covered her face with her hood again. She took out a short sword and charged towards Ye Zichen alongside the rest of the black-robed people.

Why is Sun Yige here? Why is she trying to kill me?

Although Ye Zichen’s mind was filled with questions, the situation did not allow him to consider any of them at all. Sun Yige was already moving towards him. Thus, he merely took a few steps back, and fixed his gaze on Sun Yige.

“Yige…” Ye Zichen repeatedly stepped backwards as he called out her name.

The black-robed man near Sun Yige smiled sinisterly, “I didn’t expect you to know the Yellow Emperor. Lil’ Sun, don’t hold back.”

“I know,” Sun Yige nodded. “I will not forget the vendetta of the clan.”

With that, Sun Yige’s attacks became fiercer.

Ye Zichen grabbed her by her wrist and frowned. “Yige, can you wake up? What ‘vendetta of the clan’?”

“Let go of me!” Sun Yige frowned.

Ye Zichen subconsciously let her go.


She kicked Ye Zichen, then used the dagger to force him against the wall.

“Sun Yige, what exactly are you doing? Just what happened to you after all this time?” Ye Zichen shouted repeatedly.

His black-robed teammate tried to go over to help him, only to get encircled by the other three people in the room.

“Don’t even think about going over there,” then, they turned towards Sun Yige. “What are you waiting for? Shouldn’t you just kill him now? We have no idea what’s wrong with Mount Supreme, so hurry up and finish him so we can go back.”

“I don’t need you to lecture me,” Sun Yige turned around with a angry shout. Her cold gaze caused the three people to immediately turn silent.

“Yige,” Ye Zichen.

“Enemy,” Sun Yige bit her lips. She raised her dagger up high, but was unable to stab down. Her arms trembled… Her lips trembled… Her shoulders trembled…

The person in front of me is the one I had a crush on in university…

If I kill him, I….

“Why are you the Yellow Emperor!?” Sun Yige grabbed Ye Zichen by his collar and shouted, while droplets of tears began to form in her eyes. “Why am I the holy woman of the Nine Li!?”

Tears flowed down her cheeks and dropped to the floor.

Ye Zichen was completely shocked when he heard her words.

Nine Li.

Doesn’t that mean she belongs to the clan that the Yellow Emperor had committed a genocide against during his battle with Chiyou? I saw that scene while I inherited Xuan-Yuan Sword…

It didn’t matter if they were woman or child, young or old; It didn’t matter if they surrendered or not.


Every single one of them were killed.

“How could you be the Nine Li’s…” Before Ye Zichen could finish his words, a strange mark began to form on Sun Yige’s forehead. That was the mark Ye Zichen saw on the people the Yellow Emperor slaughtered when he inherited Xuan-Yuan Sword.

“I don’t know either,” Sun Yige began to weep. Back in the Modern Realm, her father had suddenly said that he was taking her somewhere.

Ever since then, she was called the holy woman.

At the same time, she was also given a task – to kill Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan, the enemy of the Nine Li!

More importantly, the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor was actually Ye Zichen!

“I…” Sun Yige’s dagger remained held up, it did not come down.

Ye Zichen let out a long sigh, then slowly reached up to pull Sun Yige’s raised arm down. “Sorry, I feel deeply apologetic for what the Yellow Emperor had done back then. I will go to the Nine Li and ask for my punishment in the future, but not now… I have other things that I have not completed that are very important right now.”

Then, using the opportunity of Sun Yige’s internal struggle, he hit her on the back of her neck. “Sorry.”

Ye ZIchen carried her slowly to the corner of the room, while a cold light surfaced in his eyes. He also drew Xuan-Yuan Sword.

“Nine Lis!”

“What do you want?”

The three black-robed people, who acted rather cockily earlier, suddenly shot backwards. It wasn’t because they were scared of Ye Zichen. Rather, it was Xuan-Yuan Sword…

That sword had affected the Nine Li way too much.

A single person, and a single sword…

Had slaughtered essentially their entire clan.

“What else could I want? Nine Li, die!”


Ye Zichen sliced horizontally, sending a blade of wind from Xuan-Yuan Sword. The three people immediately raised their weapons to defend themselves. Yet, even though they could feel that the person holding the sword wasn’t exactly too strong, they were unable to muster up any confidence to defend themselves.

“Ye Zichen! Is Ye Zichen here!?”

The three people judged from the tone that the incoming person had a grudge against Ye Zichen…

“Here, Ye Zichen is here!” The three Nine Li clan members shouted.

Not long later, a fatty appeared at the entrance of the room.

“Fatty Yin.”

“Your position is way too hidden away, I’ve looked for you for ages,” Fatty Yin twitched his mouth and grabbed Ye Zichen’s shoulders. “Your journey through Mount Supreme ends here. Come with me.”

“You… can’t be the system, can you?” Ye Zichen was stunned.

“The heck you talking about? It’s because a person who cares a lot about you told me to come and bring you out. Of course, before that… What’s with the three of them?” Fatty Yin indicated towards the three members of the Nine Li.

“Nine Li clan members. They want to kill me,” Ye Zichen replied faintly.

“Oh,” Fatty Yin nodded.

The three of them were already worried. They had thought that the incoming person was going to kill Ye Zichen like they wanted to. They didn’t expect it to be Ye Zichen’s acquaintance at all!

They immediately began to run, but soon after, they hit against an invisible wall.

“Oh, a formation master,” Fatty Yin raised his eyebrows at the remaining black-robed person, but didn’t say anything else. He merely pointed towards the three Nine Li Clan members. “I can’t leave trouble like the Nine Li running around!”

Thus, all three of them fell dead onto the floor without a chance to scream. Then, he turned towards Sun Yige.

“She’s the holy woman of the Nine Li,” at that moment, the black-robed person helping Ye Zichen said in a hoarse voice.

Hearing that, Fatty Yin raised his eyebrows.

It’s actually her!?

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