Chapter 585 A Sky Supreme Expert

Chapter 585 – A Sky Supreme Expert


Ye Zichen was completely dumbfounded. Is the system telling me that he’s coming to see me?

“You’re coming?”

System Notification: Kind of. I might not see you though, it’ll all depend on how I feel. Alright, stay there and don’t move, I’m breaking through the formations right now.

Then, the system notifications gradually disappeared. I guess he’s not interested in chatting with me anymore.

Even so, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but be stunned by the news…

The person breaking the formations outside is him, the system!

Ye Zichen rubbed his nose, then returned his phone to his pocket before walking beside the two black-robed people. The two of them did not show any hints of wanting to hurry Ye Zichen along. They merely sat quietly in different places without making a sound.

“Uhm, how about we not go out? What do you guys think?”

“Okay,” the two nodded together. The system really was right! They really didn’t refuse.

“Wait, didn’t you two come here for treasures? You really agree to not going anywhere?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

The two people merely nodded softly once again, then proceeded to get lost in their own worlds.

This is so strange! Ye Zichen scratched his head as he looked at the two black robed people who had their backs to him. What’s up with them?

They spent so much effort to get to Mount Supreme, and it wasn’t for any treasures? Could they just be here for fun?

But since they don’t want to do anything, then I guess that’s alright…

“Senior!” Su Liu’er couldn’t help but speak up for her little sister, even though she didn’t dare to go against the person who was breaking the formation, when she saw that person went to play with his phone. “Are… you going to break through the formations?”

“Liu’er-jie, it’s hard to imagine you actually speaking to me like that. You were really fierce back then,” the man smiled plainly with a hint of wryness. “I kneeled in front of the gate of the Fox Yao’s mountain for a month, but you still didn’t even do so much as go to look at me.”

How’s that possible!

Su Liu’er’s eyes were filled with shock. Although she was rather cold, and didn’t look at most people properly, it was impossible for her to ignore an expert of a senior like the one in front of her for a month, while he kneeled in front of her household.

What’s more, I don’t even remember that happening.

“Senior,” Su Liu’er asked in a testing manner. “You…”

“I was just speaking randomly,” the man smiled. “I have to break into Mount Supreme, so Liu’er-jie, don’t worry. Just wait over to the side for the results.”

With that, he walked in front of Mount Supreme’s arched door.

“Senior Six Eared Macaque.”

“What do you want me to do?”

The Six Eared Macaque is a female spiritual monkey who spoke very gently.

She was attentive and observative, and able to discern the origins of many things.

It could be said that her strength laid not in battle, but in deduction.

“Can you help me take a look and see which two spots on the arched door are completely identical?”

The Six Eared Macaque raised her eyebrows, then walked in front of the arched door as her pupils turned violet. If one looked at the door with their naked eye, the arched door seemed to have identical spots all over the place.

However, if one could look at it in more detail, that wasn’t the case…

An hour passed by in the blink of an eye.

The Six Eared Macaque pointed out two circles on the door, then said to the man, “These two.”

“Thanks,” the man cupped his hands towards the Six Eared Macaque, then went over and placed his hands on the two spots she pointed out.

A hint of ice-cold flames begun to appear forth from the center of his palm, then the two circled locations began to get burnt black.

Then, he retracted the flames and formed a fist with his right hand.

“Open!” He punched the arched door.

All of a sudden, the entirety of Mount Supreme trembled.


The door shattered.

“Who dares to cause trouble at Mount Supreme!” An angry yell rang out the moment the arched door shattered.

Then, Duan Hai appeared at the entrance with a frown, “Leave, or die!”

“Duan Hai, not killing you back then was truly my mistake,” the mysterious man smiled, then stretched his neck and walked over slowly. “Allow me to make up for my mistakes back then!”


Raging spiritual energy was released from the man.

All of the surrounding Human Immortal experts alongside Su Liu’er and the three Yao Emperors couldn’t help but kneel when they felt the pressure.

This spiritual energy.

This is definitely spiritual energy surpassing that of an Immortal King.

“You…” Duan Hai felt his eyes twitch when he felt the pressure. “How’s that possible? How could a Sky Supreme expert appear here?”

“Afraid? You were very cocky back then. You engulfed Qiu Yuan’s soul and took over his body, causing my friends to be completely slaughtered. You… never showed this sort of expression back then,” the man smiled coldly.

Then, as Duan Hai turned around to flee…

“You want to leave!?” The man lifted his hand and grabbed forward, causing Duan Hai to return to his hand uncontrollably. “Allow me to repeat what you said back then. You want to run in front of me? You’re just delusional!”


The man smacked down on Duan Hai’s skull cap.

Duan Hai struggled repeatedly, but was unable to get free. Then, his gaze became empty, and his body turned small until he was the size of a four or five years old child.

“Return to being an artifact spirit.”


Duan Hai’s body shattered, then turned into speckles of light while disappeared into Mount Supreme.

At this moment, the man raised his eyebrows and looked towards the Fatty, “I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“You’re not going to see him?” the Fatty raised his eyebrows.

The man shook his head with a smile. “There’s no need for us to meet. We will naturally meet when the time comes. Oh yeah, give the inheritance to a kid named Qiu Yuan. It’s supposed to go to him. And also… give him this armor.”

The man took a set of armor out of nowhere and placed it onto the ground. Anyone could tell from first glance that it was no ordinary item from the glow of spiritual energy around it.

“Give it to him. It’ll work as a compensation.”

“You really are daring,” the fatty was surprised. Then he picked up the armor and nodded. “I understand.”

With that, the man leapt into the sky and disappeared.

“Mount Supreme’s rules cannot be destroyed. Wait here, I’ll go and bring Ye Zichen out. Remember, no one is allowed to step in there!” the fatty swept his gaze over the Sky Immortals, then walked into the cave.


Ye Zichen, who was sitting idly in the room, suddenly felt the space around him vibrate.

“An earthquake?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and noticed his two teammates already standing up.

“We’re running?” He looked toward his teammates.

At that very moment, three more black-robed people suddenly appeared at the entrance to their room.

“Sun Yige, if you’re not going to make the move now, then when are you going to do it!?” The three people suddenly shouted.

Then, the smaller black-robed person behind Ye Zichen suddenly took out a dagger and thrust towards Ye Zichen.

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