Chapter 583 That Guy

Chapter 583 – That Guy

“I, Old Sun, seem to have seen you before,” the Great Sage sat cross-legged on the ground and looked at the Fatty in front of him.

Yang Jian also couldn’t help but blink, “Now that the monkey said so, I feel like I’ve seen you before as well.”

“I’m your grandfather, since I’ve seen him before, then of course you have too,” even though the Great Sage was healing on the ground, he still couldn’t help but verbally attack Yang Jian.

“Since you’re injured, I’m not going to bother with you,” Yang Jian twitched his mouth, then squinted his eyes at the Fatty. “I seem to recall it being you who took us over to the Modern Realm when we led our armies, right?”

“Mhmm, now move aside since you’ve remembered,” Fatty lifted his hand and signaled the people in the surroundings to step back.

When everyone retreated by approximately ten meters, they saw a huge go board[1.], with the black and white pieces placed on very special spots.

“Eight Formation Origin Chart!” Wei Chen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

Everyone else also opened their eyes wide when they heard it.

Eight Formation Origin Chart!

That was a primordial divine artifact.

During the Great War of Demons and Gods, the Lich Clan had sent out the descendant of the Twelve Great Liches[1. Take note that the “Lich” (巫族) mentioned here is not those skeletal mages you normally think about. They can look vastly different according to the novel they are from. However, the origin of the Twelve Great Liches (十二大巫/十二巫祖) is more or less constant. They are formed from the blood essence of Pangu.] to bring the Eight Formation Origin Chart to the God Emperor of the time.

The God Emperor was able to trap and kill millions of demons into the Eight Formation Origin Chart, which was what brought about their victory.

However, the Eight Formation Origin Chart disappeared after that.

The God Race had once sent out their troops to search for it, but they had never found it anywhere. What’s more, there was never any news about it after that.

The only reason Wei Chen could mention it was because of his inheritance memories from one of the Four Sacred Beasts.

“This is really the Eight Formation Origin Chart?” The dragon elder gulped. Zhuge Hong also raised her eyebrows in shock.

The divine artifact that caused the entire Demon Realm to tremble in terror actually appeared here.

“Shut up,” Fatty scolded. Although everyone else were people were of high status, none of them even revealed a look of impatience.

They merely looked at the formation overhead silently as it glowed with a gold or blue color…


The Fatty in front of the formation suddenly retreated after receiving an attack. He quickly found his footing once again, but the formation above his head gradually faded.

“This is strange.”

“Senior…” Su Liu’er naturally knew that the Eight Formation Origin Chart represented as the clan head of the Fox Yaos. She disregarded her injuries, and forced herself up to kneel in front of the fatty, “Senior, please. I beg of you. Please save my little sister!”

As her crystal-like tears dripped onto the ground, the fatty looked at her as suddenly recalled the image that person had shown him.

“You are… Su Liu’er?”

“Yes!” Su Liu’er looked up and nodded I confirmation.

“I know about you. Did your little sister get captured by someone who requested Ye Zichen in exchange for her?” the fatty asked.

“Yes!” Su Liu’er nodded once more.

“I came here due to someone’s request to get Ye Zichen out in order to save a… what was she called again? Su Yan? Ahh, I think that’s it. Is that your little sister?” the fatty asked.

“Yes!” Su Liu’er nodded once more.

“That’s right then. Stop kneeling here, I can’t accept it. I heard that person say that you’re my older sister-in-law in the future. I seem to have married that little sister of yours called Su Zhu.”

“Tsk,” Su Zhu suddenly frowned. “Who’re you? I’ve never seen you before. Stop being so shameless. Marry me? I hate fatties.

“You’re Su Zhu? That guy seriously didn’t trick me. You really are beautiful,” the fatty couldn’t help but nod, then rubbed his chin. “This isn’t my main body, it’s a body I exchanged for using points. My main body is beyond handsome and cool. You definitely won’t regret being with me!”

“Go and die!” Su Zhu scolded.

“Lil’ sis!” Su Liu’er frowned in anger. Then, after Su Zhu calmed down, she spoke up once more. “Senior, can we not talk about all this? My little sister…”

“That guy has said it already. It has to be Ye Zichen who goes to save her. That is something he must experience,” the fatty twisted his neck and replied. “But he gave me the Eight Formation Origin Chart when we were coming over and told me that it can open the seal. But when I tried just now, I felt like something was missing…”

“Fatty, no need for you to do it now,” at that moment, an aged man appeared in the sky. What caught everybody’s attention was that there was the mark of a celestial sword on his right arm.

“Didn’t you say that it’s not good for you to reveal yourself?” the fatty asked

“Things started going out of my expectations. This is no longer what I’ve experienced,” the man in the air sighed.

The fatty quickly raised his eyebrows, “Then is she still my wife? I like her quite a bit.”


“Lil’ sis!

Su Liu’er dragged Su Zhu back, and looked up into the sky. Yet, no matter how hard she tried, there seemed to be a thin veil covering the man’s face.

“Yes. You were madly in love back then, but… Never mind, let’s not talk about it.”

The man slowly descended in front of the seal and tapped it…

“Trying to resist?” the man laughed mockingly. “A puny artifact spirit is actually trying to be fierce in front of me? Shatter!”

When the word “shatter” came out of his mouth, it felt like it was absolute. It was as if the laws of the world were his to command.


All of the seals shattered like a broken mirror.

Then, the man walked in front of Su Liu’er and smiled, “Liu’er-jie, I will not allow Su Yan to leave Ye Zichen. Absolutely not!”

With that, he turned back towards the woods, “The seals outside Mount Supreme have indeed been destroyed, but the interior seals of Mount Supreme is more than a hundred times stronger than this. Six Eared Macaque, I need your help!”

Meanwhile, at the Niflheim Hall.

Fortunately, everyone who survived the trials found the hall. Of course, that was only because Ye Zichen had brought them over together due to his kindness. Otherwise, unless they were insanely lucky, it was merely a dream for them to find the hall in a place as huge as Mount Supreme.

However, there were indeed new players just like what Ye Zichen heard during the trials.

Yet, all of them wore black robes, so he didn’t know who they were.

At that moment, a black-robed man suddenly appeared on the throne in the hall they were in.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Duan Hai, then current master of Mount Supreme!”

“Duan Hai, you are truly daring,” Ye Zichen smiled.

The man on the throne nodded, “Why wouldn’t I dare? But let me tell you all now. Someone is forcingly breaking through Mount Supreme’s seals from the outside. So the way we play the game will have to speed up. I don’t want anyone to destroy this banquet of ours.”

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