Chapter 582 Identity Exposed

Chapter 582 – Identity Exposed

Duan Hai couldn’t help but exclaim when Ye Zichen and co. came out of the door riding Lil’ Blue. “Duan Lan!”

“Uncle Hai,” Lil’ Blue looked around in confusion for a moment. “Uncle Hai, why can’t I see you? Where are you!”

“Why did you come out?” Duan Hai could not suppress the shock in his heart, especially when he saw Duan Lan carrying Ye Zichen and Tiantian. “Why are you with this brat, and who is this little girl?”

“Uncle Hai, you really have a lot of questions,” Lil’ Blue twitched his mouth. “Of course they are my friends. Otherwise, I wouldn’t let them sit on my back.”

At this moment, Ye Zichen also jumped down from Lil’ Blue’s back and after giving a cue towards Xia Keke and co., he laughed coldly, “Duan Hai, was pretending to be the master fun?”

“You found out everything?” Duan Hai’s tone was rather sinister. All of a sudden, the sky became completely dark. “You really are lucky. Three out of the four paths led to fierce beasts, and you actually chose the path with Lil’ Blue.”

“Uncle Hai, what are you doing!?” Lil’ Blue said angrily.

“Duan Lan, your father told you to wait for the Chosen One, but look at who you ended up with? He’s not the Chosen One. Did you forget what your father asked of you?”

“But my father also said that everything is on fate,” Lil’ Blue snorted. “It was he who came to find me, so what’s wrong with me coming out with him. Also, what do you want to do? Do you want to kill the people who came? My father never told you to kill anyone!”

“…” Duan Hai suddenly turned silent. After a long time, the rain clouds in the sky finally dispersed. “Lil’ Blue is right, I was too impulsive. The third stage of the game has already begun, there is still thirty six hours left. Hurry. Hmmph!”

Thus, Duan Hai’s voice disappeared with a cold snort.

Only then did Xia Keke and co. go over to Ye Zichen, “What did you guys talk about just now?”

“The person hosting this game isn’t the great deity who left Mount Supreme behind. It’s actually the artifact spirit of the protective artifact held by that great deity while he was still alive,” Ye Zichen said plainly. “I was fortunate enough to gain an armor the great deity left behind and talked with his lingering spirit. The purpose of this game is to train us juniors, but it merely became an entertainment tool for the artifact spirit.”

“Then he made the rules of killing whoever fails in the game?” Bai Hai couldn’t help but frown. “Just now, two people died because they couldn’t pass the trail, but what was surprising was that the kid without any spiritual energy actually managed to come out alive. The sickly guy who seems to be on bad terms with you also came out, and I seem to recall him having the second hardest trial.”

“Yeah. I feel like one of them should be the Chosen One,” Ruan Qingtian added.

The person without any spiritual energy should be Qiu Yuan, and the sickly person should be Mu Chengtian.

The fact that the two managed to get out of the trials were surprising for the others. However, Ye Zichen knew about Mu Chengtian, and how he was actually very strong. Yet, the fact that Qiu Yuan actually lacked spiritual energy, and disliked cultivation…

Just as Ye Zichen was pondering the issue, Xia Keke and Zuo Mo already walked in front of Tiantian.

“Little girl, what’s your name?”

“I’m Tiantian,” Tiantian giggled. Although her face was very dirty, it was still unable to hide her cuteness.

Xia Keke took out a handkerchief to wipe Tiantian’s face clean, then smiled, “What a cute girl.”

“Daddy, where are we going now?” Tiantian giggled, then ran over to hold Ye Zichen’s hand. Yet, the moment she said that…

Everyone else was completely petrified, especially Zuo Mo and Xia Keke.

“Zicehn-ge, when did you get a kid?” Although Xia Keke knew Ye Zichen in the modern realm, she had never found out about Tiantian.

“You actually have a kid!?” Zuo Mo exclaimed.

“Is that the issue right now?” Ye Zichen frowned speechlessly, then turned towards Lil’ Blue. “Lil’ Blue, Senior Duan Gu asked me to wipe away this artifact spirit’s memories before I met you. Do you have any suggestions to go about doing that?”

“To be honest, I don’t know,” Lil’ Blue shook his head. “Uncle Hai has always been with my father before, and father died pretty much right after I was born. He told me very little.”

“That’s troublesome,” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but frown. Since Duan Hai knows that his identity has been exposed, he’ll definitely use more dirty tricks against me, or even against those around me.

If I let him continue on like this, then not only us…

Even the Chosen one might get played to death.

“Brother Ye, I feel like we should put aside what you’re talking about. We still need to complete the stage,” Bai Hai fanned himself with a fan and turned to everyone else. “I wonder if you have realized. Although the person hosting the game said that he was going to kill the candidates, he never did it directly. He could only do it through the hands of the game, or as a punishment when they fail. I’m sure that it’s all too easy for him to kill us with his strength. Since he hasn’t done it proactively, then there must be rules limiting him!”

“I agree,” Ruan Qingtian nodded. “Brother Bai is correct. Although he is hosting the game, the Senior Niflheim Dragon is still the master of Mount Supreme. The host might be able to alter the rules slightly, but he is unable to change it completely.”

“No matter what, he is still the host, so we should continue on with the game. At the very least, we can’t allow him to find any excuses,” the moment Bai Hai said that, everyone couldn’t help but nod. “The main thing right now is how we’re going to find that Niflheim Hall…”

“I’ve got a map,” with that, Ye Zichen took out the map and said after glancing at it. “Follow me.”

When everyone else left, Li Jiayi, who stayed at the very end looked up, then slowly followed behind the rest.

“Brothers and sister, I, Yuan Hong, has never asked you for anything. But this time, please,” Yuan Hong cupped his hands.

The ones standing in front of him were the Great Sage, the Red Bottomed Horse Monkey and the Six Eared Macaque.

At a slight distance from them, Su Liu’er sat onto the floor with a stark white face. Meanwhile, Su Zhu frowned as she sat behind Su Liu’er to treat her. Su Liu’er’s attempt to break through Mount Supreme’s seals had already harmed her origins.

However, what was worth nothing was that despite all that had happened inside Mount Supreme, only an incense of time had passed on the outside.

“Third Brother don’t worry, watch I, Old Sun’, knock this open for you,” The Great Sage scratched his face, then gradually became huge with the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his hands.


He smashed the Ruyi Jingu Bang down onto the seal. Yet, the Great Sage’s body trembled. Then, his staff flew out of his hands and returned to a normal size as it fell down upon the ground, while he also coughed up a mouthful of blood.

The other two spiritual monkeys also used their natal artifact. However, they didn’t manage to achieve anything different from the Great Sage.

“Using brute strength to try and destroy Mount Supreme’s seal is… just seeking death!” At that moment, a Fatty appeared and laughed coldly as he walked in front of the seal. “Move aside. I’m going to break through the formation now.”

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