Chapter 581 Contract

Chapter 581 – Contract

Soul Pearl Yiyuan was definitely in spiritual body form. The reason Ye Zichen could see him was because it was his.

It was a bit strange that Tiantian could see him.

“Yeah!” Tiantian giggled, and pointed at Tenner. “I saw him playing with bricks at the mansion, and even played with him! I also know that there was a big sister who was also in Daddy’s room!”

Xuan-Yuan Xiang couldn’t help but appear when she heard Tiantian’s words.

Tiantian clapped her hands with a smile when she saw her, “Look, big sister is here too.”

This is strange.

Ye Zichen and Xuan-Yuan Xiang looked at each other. It was clear that neither of them understood how Tiantian could see artifact spirits which were in their spiritual body form.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows after putting Tiantian down by the bonfire, “Why are you here?”

“Bluey’s fire brought me over,” Tiantian pointed at the winged dragon beside her. In all honesty, Ye Zichen was still rather stunned when he looked at the winged dragon. This guy’s huge.

At the same time, the ball of fire also blew beside Tiantian.

The fire radiated a bone-chilling cold, causing Ye Zichen to subconsciously take a step back. However, the wariness in his eyes quickly turned into interest.

“Is this beast fire shed by a Niflheim Dragon?”

“Yeah, it’s Bluey’s,” Tiantian nodded, then pouted towards the dragon. “Bluey, turn small. You’re too big.”

Not long later, the winged dragon approximately thrice as tall as Ye Zichen became a small winged dragon of a meter in height.

“Bluey’s great. He’s been taking care of me this whole time,” Tiantian nuzzled her head against Bluey’s.

Ye Zichen looked at Tiantian and the dragon in complete shock.

“Your  daughter is truly… special,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang exclaimed. in his sea of consciousness.

However, Ye Zichen did not reply.

It is shocking. Tiantian is actually able to be so close with the winged dragon, and the fire doesn’t seem to harm her at all.

“Daddy, did you come to get Tiantian?” Tiantian tilted her head and asked.

Ye Zichen nodded, “Mhmm, but Daddy also came for other things.”

“What is it?” Tiantian blinked.

Ye Zichen glanced at the winged dragon, “I came here because I want to get a bit of beast fire.”

“Oh, okay. Bluey…” Tiantian called out towards the dragon. “Didn’t you shed another ball of fire a few days ago? Can you give that to my daddy?”

The winged dragon nodded in a human-like fashion, then ran off.

Not long later, it came back with a ball of fire in its mouth. It placed it by Ye Zichen’s feet, then flapped Ye Zichen’s shoulders with its wing, telling him to pick it up.

It’s giving it to me so easily? Ye Zichen scratched his head, then reached out towards the flames.

There’s no coldness to it.

The moment he picked up the fire, the winged dragon yelped a few times, then the fire entered Ye Zichen’s body through his palm.


“You are definitely a pill refiner since you wanted the beast fire. I heard my dad talk about those before. I just told the beast fire to enter your body. All you have to do is summon it out when you want to use it,” the winged dragon suddenly spoke in human words, completely shocking Ye Zichen. Then, it continued. “I’m a divine beast, so there’s nothing strange about being able to speak.”

Ye Zichen nodded like an idiot, and silently willed the ball of fire to come out by his hand.

It really is simple. I thought I would only get it after a lot of trouble. I didn’t expect to get the beast fire just on Tiantian’s request.


“You can just call me Lil’ Blue.”

“Lil’ Blue, then do you know how to get out of here?”

“You’re going to leave?” Lil’ Blue’s tone suddenly became rather sad. He looked towards Tiantian with a hint of reluctance to part.

“Bluey, just come out with us. Staying here all the time is so boring!” Tiantian giggled. “Our house is huge. I’ll tell Mommy to give you a room, so you can just stay here. Oh yeah, Daddy, why didn’t Mommy come with you?”

“She…” Ye Zichen’s expression revealed a hint of sadness, as he patted Tiantian’s head. “She’s out on a trip. It’ll be a long time before she can return.”

“Oh, Mommy always went out on trips before,” Tiantian said, then looked towards the winged dragon with a smile. “It’s okay even if Mommy’s not here. You can just stay in my room. My room is also huge.”

“But my dad told me to stay here and leave with the Chosen One after Mount Supreme activates,” Bluey shook his head. Then, soon after, he looked towards Ye Zichen. “You can’t be the Chosen One, right? Wait, if you’re not, then how could you even appear here? Yes, you’re definitely the Chosen One. That’s good, wait a moment.”

The winged dragon immediately ran away. When he returned, he threw several pieces of spiritual stone onto the ground with his mount.

“Oh, divine deities. I, Duan Lan, will form a… Wait, what’s your name?”

“Ye Zichen!” Ye Zichen answered subconsciously, but just when he was about to say that he wasn’t the Chosen One, Lil’ Blue had already continued to speak.

“I, Duan Lan, will form an equal contract with the Chosen One, Ye Zichen!”


The stones on the ground suddenly emitted a blinding light. When the light finally faded, Ye Zichen felt like he was somehow connected to the winged dragon.

“Hurry up, let’s go. I’ve been so bored of staying here.”

“Actually, before we leave, I have to clarify something with you,” Ye Zichen raised his hand. “I’m not the Chosen One!”

Lil’ Blue’s expression turned into one that was complete dumbfounded.

“You’re not the successor my dad chose? Then how did you get here? My dad said that only the Chosen One can enter.”

“Uhm…” Ye Zichen smiled wryly. “I’m not sure of how either.”

“Mhmm, I guess I didn’t follow dad’s last will. But the contracts already set, so all of this talk is useless. C’mon, let’s quickly get out of here.” Only a brief moment of remorse flashed across Lil’ Blue’s face before it was replaced by excitement.

Ye Zichen looked at him. I wonder if Duan Gu will turn in his grave due to this!

“You children are insistent on waiting for him here?”

Whenever anyone got out of the Hell Trials, they all hurried over to find the Niflheim Hall. That was everyone except Xia Keke and co., who merely sat in front of the door and waited for Ye Zichen to come out.

“His trial is no simple task. He might die!”

“You’re not allowed to curse him!” Xia Keke glared, as her eyes flashed with a gold light. “We like waiting, how’s that any of your business?”

“The youngsters nowadays are really getting…” Just as Duan Hai laughed mockingly, a light suddenly shone out from the door.

“I’ve finally come back out!”

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