Chapter 580 Tiantian, Bluey, Tenner

Chapter 580 – Tiantian, Bluey, Tenner

Ye Zichen was able to clearly see what was happening in the cave using the Fiery Eyes of Truth.

However, when he walked towards the right, he noticed that the cold aura suddenly became more intense, and there were even faint mists which blocked off his vision.

“I feel like you made a not-so-smart choice,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang floated in mid-air. Even though she was in her spiritual form, she was still shuddering from the cold. On the other hand, Ye Zichen was in a slightly better position, since the armor was using up spiritual energy in order to help him guard against the cold.

“If you feel like it’s too cold, then come back,” Ye Zichen raised his arm.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang nodded, then disappeared. Not long later, she spoke out in Ye Zichen’s sea of consciousness, “It’s pretty warm with you, but are you really going to continue on ahead? I feel like that’s the source of the cold.”

“Well, we’ve got to kill the boss in the mission. My instinct tells me that this is the place,” Ye Zichen replied, then held Xuan-Yuan Sword closer, as he begun to walk more carefully.

Tap, tap.

As Ye Zichen walked closer and closer to the end of the cave, the sound which had attracted him in the first place became clearer and clearer. Then all of a sudden, a glimpse of a fire on his left-hand side caught his attention.

“Someone’s there!”

There seemed to be two figures which moved by the fire.


At that moment, the sound of a dragon’s roar echoed through the cave.

Droplets of water dripped down alongside some falling rocks. Ye Zichen lifted Xuan-Yuan Sword to deflect the rocks, then when he could pay attention to other things, he noticed that a huge figure had appeared in front of him.

It had two legs and a pair of wings. Its body was pitch black, with balls of blue flames on its wings.

A winged dragon!


The dragon roared once again, and the gust of wind due to its breath sent Ye Zichen crashing into the wall.

“Niflheim Dragon,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang frowned.

“Did you make a mistake? How could there be a Niflheim Dragon here? Could it be Duan Gu’s son?” Ye Zichen was surprised.

“Kid, hurry up and run. We can’t beat it,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang shouted in his mind.

Ye Zichen did want to run, but the winged dragon had already flapped its wings and walked in front of him, then locked him onto the ground with a claw.


The dragon let out a deafening roar. As Ye Zichen met the dragon’s cold gaze, his body began to stiffen.

At the same time, some people had already finished their trial.

Some of them were even able to gain some benefits from with in the trials, so all of them had expressions of joy as they met up with their teammates.

At that very moment, the room they were in suddenly shook as if there was an earthquake.

“What’s going on?” Everyone frowned in confusion.

Duan Hai spoke up, “It has nothing to do with you. This is caused by someone’s Hell Trail. Hurry up and get to the third stage, you don’t have much time.”

As everyone else begun to walk away, Gou Yuzhan clenched his fist tightly as he looked at the door. “Boss Ye…”

Why is my luck so terrible? Ye Zichen couldn’t help but retort as he looked at the winged dragon, which pinned him down.


Ye Zichen through Xuan-Yuan Sword at the winged dragon, but it merely caused a sound when the blade collided with it, and didn’t leave any marks behind.


The winged dragon howled once more, then used its wings to hit Xuan-Yuan Sword into the corner.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang grunted in Ye Zichen’s consciousness, causing him to quickly ask, “Are you okay?”

“Just what sort of luck do you have?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang replied weakly. “This guy is seriously ridiculously strong. What looked to be a casual attack just now actually damaged my origins.”

F*ck, am I really going to get screwed here?

Ye Zichen’s eyes twitched. What was strange was that the winged dragon merely roared repeatedly and did not actually attack him.

“Bro,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows at the winged dragon then coughed. “You don’t like you want to eat me. Indeed, I’m old and the meat’s tough, it’s not delicious at all. If you want to eat, then go and eat Xuanzang, his meat can make you truly immortal. I didn’t mean to disturb you, so how about letting me go?”


This guy doesn’t understand human speech?

Ye Zichen thought about it for a moment, then…




“What are you doing?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang asked in his sea of consciousness.

“I’m talking with him, what else?”

“You’re an idiot,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang was speechless.

“You’re the idiot. You try and communicate with it. I’ve really ran out of ideas.”

“Bluey, don’t mess around,” at that very moment, a childish voice sounded near Ye Zichen’s ear.

Someone’s here!

“Say, you should understand what I’m saying, right? Tell this guy to get off me!” Ye Zichen shouted. Not long later, a cute and petite girl sitting on a ball of blue fire flew over.

“Daddy!” the little girl on the fire suddenly smiled in excitement, then jumped down.

Ye Zichen looked at the girl for a while…


“Bluey, move. This is my daddy,” Tiantian put her hands on her hips with a pout.

The winged dragon shrank, then silently moved his claw aside.

Ye Zichen pushed himself up, while Tiantian leaped into his arms.


Yet, after a while, Tiantian began to weep in his arms.

Ye Zichen caressed her hair, and patted her back, “Daddy’s here.”

Meanwhile, the winged dragon merely blinked on the side. When it saw Tiantian cry, it lifted its wing and slowly patted her, as if it was comforting her.

A while later, Tiantian finally stopped crying, and wiped away at her dirty little face as she choked, “Mommy and Daddy were both gone. I thought you didn’t want Tiantian anymore.”

“How could we not? Tiantian is daddy and mommy’s treasure. How could we not want Tiantian anymore,” Ye Zichen repeatedly comforted Tiantian and stood up from the ground.

The winged dragon fixed its gaze onto Tiantian with care.

Ye Zichen carried her over to the fire, then saw Tenner sitting there playing with bricks. The bricks would occasionally fall down, and that was the sound that he had heard.

“Oh? Big Brother Ye,” Tenner looked up. When he saw Ye Zichen, he immediately pushed the bricks to the side and ran over.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head. I didn’t expect Tiantian to end up staying with Soul Pearl Yiyuan.

“Tenner, you really didn’t lie to me. Daddy really came!” Tiantian giggled in Ye Zichen’s arms.

Ye Zichen was stunned for a moment, then raised his eyebrows, “Tiantian, you can see him?”

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