Chapter 58 Old Man Su is in danger

Chapter 58 – Old Man Su is in danger

The fact that the beauty class rep actually had business with him truly surprised Ye Zichen.

“Class Rep Sun, I wonder what do you need this puny one to do. As long as this puny one can do it, the task shall definitely be done properly.”

Ye Zichen acted just like a servant in tv shows. Seeing that, Sun Yige wanted to laugh, but didn’t.

That’s what introverted people were like, they didn’t really like showing their mood to others.

“You don’t need to be like that.”

Sun Yige’s voice was sweet like honey. Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, before listening to her continue.

“It’s the school’s 60th anniversary soon, the school requests every single department to put on a few shows, I want to ask you…”

“To do a show.”

Ye Zichen finished Sun Yige’s unfinished sentence. Hearing that, she nodded slightly.

“About that… I… Actually… It’s…”

Sun Yige stuttered, but didn’t manage to finish her sentence, as if she was worried about Ye Zichen refusing.

Ye Zichen smiled, “Sure, I’ll do it.”

A joyous smile immediately surfaced on Sun Yige’s face. She used a tiny voice and replied, “Thank you.”

Then, Ye Zichen waved and left after nodding and smiling towards Sun Yige.

Ye Zichen truly felt bad for this class rep after seeing her be like this after being a class rep for so long.

Ye Zichen couldn’t say that her sort of personality was bad, he could only say that it would be truly disadvantageous for her when she needs to step into society.

Ye Zichen shook his head and sighed softly when he saw the goddess Su Yan swiftly run outside school. He wanted to call out to her, but at that exact moment, his phone rang. He put his phone beside his ear, while his expression turned extremely solemn very quickly.

At the entrance of the school half an hour later.

A silver sports car stopped in front of Ye Zichen. The car door opened, and Su Yiyun hurriedly ran down from the car with an anxious expression.


“How is the old man?”

Su Yiyun’s entire expression displayed just how nervous he was. Ye Zichen had wanted to comfort him, telling him not to worry, but Su Yiyun grabbed him and dragged him into the car.

After they got in, Su Yiyun kept on pushing down on the pedal with no fear for his life.

Ye Zichen’s heart sunk after seeing his serious expression.

“Ol’ Three, don’t worry too much, I’m sure your family’s old man will get better.”

Within Bingcheng Number One People’s Hospital.

The lights in the emergency room were still lit, while ten-odd people stood in the corridor right outside it.

Every single one of them had a solemn look in their eyes as they stared intently at the bright light of the emergency room.


Hurried footsteps sounded out from the end of the corridor. It was Su Yiyun and Ye Zichen.

“Lil’ Yan, how is grandpa’s situation?”

Su Yiyun asked Su Yan, who was getting worried as she stood in the corridor. Su Yan turned her head, bit her lips and shook her head.

“Ol’ Three, you and Su Yan…”

Ye Zichen didn’t quite know how to react when he saw this. Su Yiyun let out a long sigh and nodded.

“Su Yan is the child of my uncle. I’m her older brother.”

“Doesn’t that mean…” Ye Zichen looked at Su Yan in shock, then pointed towards the operation room, “It’s Old Man Su inside?”

Su Yan nodded slightly. When Su Qihu, who was standing right outside the entrance of the operation room heard this, he turned around. Seeing Ye Zichen, he immediately frowned, “Who brought him here?”

Su Qilong also turned around. When he saw Ye Zichen, who was beside Su Yiyun, his eyes suddenly brightened.

Perhaps it was due to him being too worried about his old man, he actually forgot about this master.

On the other hand, his son did remember to bring this master here.

“Uncle, I brought him here.”

Su Yiyun raised his head and replied, while meeting Su Qihu’s gaze. Su Qihu glared at him and cursed, “Is this somewhere that just anyone can come?”

“Qihu, Lil’ Ye is no commoner,” Su Qilong reached out his hand and patted Su Qihu’s shoulder.

“Older brother, you know him as well?” Su Qihu revealed a shocked expression. When he saw the other person nod, he sighed with a frown, “Older brother, I don’t care what relationship he has with you guys. But just what sort of place is this? Do you know the background of this brat? You guys actually allowed him to come.”


From Su Qihu’s tone, Su Qilong could tell that his little brother seemed to have a huge issue with Ye Zichen.

However, he was certain that Ye Zichen was definitely a master from that place.

“Qihu, stop talking, if you have the time to do that, you might as well pray that dad will be alright.”

Su Qihu went silent, clenched his teeth, then turned around.

Thirteen hours later, the operation was still on-going.

Ye Zichen and Su Yiyun smoked as they leaned on the wall in the smoking area. Neither of them had uttered a single word in the past thirteen hours.

After smoking their cigarettes, the two of them walked towards the operation room together.

At this moment, Su Yiyun suddenly pulled on Ye Zichen’s shoulder.

“Ye-zi, if the doctor can’t manage to save my grandpa, do you have any way to save him?”

At that moment, Ye Zichen finally noticed that Su Yiyun’s eyes were completely red.

Ye Zichen could tell that Su Yiyun was very nervous at the moment, and he was under a tremendous amount of pressure. Ye Zichen smiled and patted him on the shoulders.

“Old Man Su is fortunate and destined to live long, the operation will definitely be a success.”

“No, I need you to give me a certain answer. I believe in you more than those doctors.”

Su Yiyun stared right at Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen touched the phone in his pocket. The effects of the Great Recovery Pill could save those people that were on the brink of death. He couldn’t be certain that whether the Great Recovery Pill would have any effects if anything really happened to Old Man Su.

“Ye-zi, give me an answer.”


Only then, Su Yiyun finally relaxed his tensed nerves. He laughed loudly and bear-hugged Ye Zichen.

“Thank you.”

Su Yiyun relaxed a lot after hearing Ye Zichen’s promise.

When the two of them returned to the corridor of the operation room, they saw that the operation had already been completed.

“Dad, how did grandpa’s operation go?”

Su Yiyun quickly ran over, but when he saw Su Qilong and Su Qihu’s expressions, he looked towards Ye Zichen.

“Director Su, Major Su, I’m truly very sorry.”

The main surgeon this time was an elder around sixty with the name of Deng Cheng.


Just as everyone tried to silently accept this fact, Su Yiyun suddenly loud out loud and swore towards Deng Cheng with red eyes, “Charlatan!”

“Lil’ Yun!” Su Qihu roared at Su Yiyun. Deng Cheng was an existence that was at the pinnacle of modern medicine, he was someone that Su Qihu had invited over in person.

“What, is someone that couldn’t succeed an operation not a charlatan.”

Su Yiyun laughed.


Su Qihu slapped Su Yiyun, “Lil’ Yi, stop messing around!”

Su Yan was already covered in tears, but when she saw Su Yiyun get hit, she silently walked beside him and sobbed, “Ge…”

Su Yiyun ignored the pain on his face. He merely turned towards Ye Zichen and laughed, “Ye-zi, your promise is still effective, right!”

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