Chapter 579 Duan Gu, who screws people over

Chapter 579 – Duan Gu, who screws people over

“Ridiculous!” Duan Gu’s lingering spirit howled in Ye Zichen’s consciousness, causing the latter to gulp in surprise.

“Senior, don’t get so worked up. You’re in my head, what if you scare me to death?”

“Hmmph, I can’t believe that Duan Hai actually acted to outrageously,” Duan Gu cursed. “I told him to stay in Mount Supreme to help me choose some capable youngsters to give opportunities to. I didn’t tell him to mess with them.”

Duan Hai.

So that’s this great deity’s brother?

“Senior, is he your brother?” Ye Zichen asked.

“Kind of. Actually, he was the artifact spirit for my protective artifact, which was what transformed into Mount Supreme. He can also be said to be the control center of Mount Supreme,” Duan Gu replied plainly, which did not hide his endless anger. “I can’t believe he actually did not listen to my words. Does he really think that nobody can do anything to him just because this old man died?”


Ye Zichen was definitely unable to make conversation when the old person was having a monologue.

“Child, can you do me a favor?”

“This junior definitely will not refuse senior’s request,” Ye Zichen promised. Perhaps this senior might tell me Duan Hai’s fatal weakness, so I can easily cripple him when I get out.

“Duan Hai might have a terrible personality, but he is not bad at heart. He just learnt to love messing about from me, but what he is doing now has already twisted my wish. I want to ask you to help me wipe his memories away, and turn him into a new artifact spirit…”

“Senior, then can you tell me his weakness?”

“I’ll be counting on you. My lingering spirit is about to disperse. It’s all on you now.”

“Hey… Hey…” Ye Zichen looked around and shouted as he stood on the boulder, but Duan Gu’s voice did not appear again.

What on earth!?

He gave me a mission, then went away? That’s way too irresponsible. What’s more, that Duan Hai is way too strong, he didn’t even tell me that guy’s weakness, and he actually wants me o wipe that guy’s memories clean…

He’s insane!

Or at least tell me what do I do now.

I thought I would get to know how to pass this stage.

“Who were you shouting at just now?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang asked.

Ye Zichen sat directly onto the boulder, then rolled his eyes, “Guess who I bumped into?”

“Bumped into?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang paused momentarily. “Oh, I get it now. You met the person who crafted this armor, right? It’s that great deity. So what did he tell you? More rules? Let me guess, did you have to answer questions when you put on the armor, and if you got it wrong, then its defensive capabilities are halved?”

“I feel like you could be Duan Hai’s family!” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth.

“Who’s Duan Hai?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang asked.

“Actually, the Niflheim Dragon’s name is Duan Gu. The person setting the game rules right now is Duan Hai. He’s the artifact spirit of the former’s defensive divine artifact, and is the control center of the entirety of Mount Supreme. Just now, Duan Gu gave me a mission that is impossible for me to finish. He wants me to wipe the artifact spirit’s memories clean,” Ye Zichen said helplessly.

“Then go. As the master, he must know the weakness of his artifact spirit,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang replied.

“But, the problem is that his spirit was about to disperse, so he told me jack shit,” Ye Zichen was speechless. “Say, what the heck am I supposed to do? Duan Hai can kill me with a single slap. Isn’t it delusional for me to even try and wipe his memories?”


Xuan-Yuan Xiang, who was floating in midair, suddenly giggled.

Ye Zichen glared at her, when she finally responded.

“Why are you glaring at me? It’s not like I set you the mission. But then again, you don’t have to complete the mission. He didn’t say that you’ll get killed if you don’t complete it, right?”

“He didn’t say it, but what about my friends if I don’t kill that evil artifact spirit? What’s more, I can’t even ensure that I can clear each stage successfully. I’m not the Chosen One,” Ye Zichen replied plainly.

At that very moment…

“New players have entered. The final destination of the third stage will be the Niflheim Palace. Please arrive within 48 hours. Those who are unable to do that will be killed! The countdown begins now. Good luck.”

New players!

Don’t you need the keys to enter Mount Supreme. How did these new players pop up?

What’s more, I have to find the Niflheim Hall now, and the countdown has already begun.

“I have to hurry up and get out of this damn place,” Ye Zichen immediately stood up, then jumped down into the water.

What he should consider right then was not Duan Gu’s mission. Even if he was going to feel troubled by it, it should be after he gets out.

What’s more, he has to get out as quickly as possible. Only then could he bring Xia Keke and co. over using the map.

“I’ll definitely end up passing a boss or something, right? Oh yeah, the system seems to know everything, I might as well as it.”

“System!” Ye Zichen held up his phone, then shouted towards it. The system didn’t care about the lack of signals, and Ye Zichen understood that he would be unable to comprehend how the system worked.

System Notification: What? You shouldn’t have reached the Niflheim Hall yet. The time isn’t matching up.

“You even know about that?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “System, just what are you? Why do you know everything? Are you an oracle or can you predict the future?”

System Notification: I can’t tell you about the details. What business do you have with me? You have the map, it shouldn’t be any problem for you to reach the Niflheim Hall.

“I’m not anxious because of that. You know about the Hell Trial of Mount Supreme, right? I don’t know how to pass that. Hurry up and tell me the secrets to passing so I can go and get Xia Keke and the rest,” Ye Zichen replied.

System Notification: Hell Trial? What’s that? Why don’t I remember?

The message was immediately redacted the moment it popped up. However, Ye Zichen still caught a glimpse of it.


Could the system have experienced Mount Supreme before?

But isn’t this the first time Mount Supreme activated?

System Notification: Figure the Hell Trial out yourself. I’m sure you won’t be stuck in there.

“Hey, explain to me what you meant by don’t remember,” Ye Zichen asked.

However, he did not get another reply, while the system notifications begun to disappear one by one.

What’s going on?

Ye Zichen knit his eyebrows tightly together. He felt like something was amiss. However, time was passing by and he had no time to waste. He gradually sent his spiritual energy outwards, and walked forward as he remained vigilant.

Tap. Tap.

When he reached a crossroad, Ye Zichen heard a soft sound. He stopped and frowned, and listened carefully to the origins of the sound.

“The right hand side!”

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