Chapter 577 A Different Ending

Chapter 577 – A Different Ending

“You’ve got a problem with it?”

The voice sounded out once more.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then pondered.

This is actually beneficial for me!

There are six people afterward. If anyone of them can get a higher score than Gou Yuzhan, then I don’t have to risk it to break the record.


“Then, Team Eight, if you will.”

Suddenly, a huge black shadow appeared, then once again disappeared before anyone could react to it.


It was a very run of the mill score.

A black-robed man appeared afterwards, and this person acted with more simplicity, and merely touched the machine.


A very low score.

Yet, Mu Chengtian managed to get a even lower score after him…


This grandson is seriously like paper, he even needs Bian Tianrui supporting him to walk. But he wasn’t like this at all when he lifted the boulder.

Also, when did their relationship get so good?

All the surrounding people were rather confused by these last few groups. All of the people earlier tried their hardest to get the best score to get the divine artifact.

Yet, they seemed to be trying to get the lowest score.

There’s definitely something wrong with it!

The more Ye Zichen watched, the more he felt like there was something wrong with the test. Otherwise, the other people wouldn’t have hid their strengths as well.

That was especially true for the black figure and the black-robed man. He could clearly feel that they were definitely capable of getting first place.

“It’s your turn now.”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen licked his lips and walked up.

While he walked over, Gou Yuzhan yammered repeatedly, and told Ye Zichen to get a mediocre score, and not take his first place.

Ye Zichen couldn’t be bothered with him anymore.

Hopefully you’ll be able to be a rich person in your next life, and live in wads of cash!

A score of more than thirty thousand shouldn’t be that easy to beat. Ye Zichen took out a deep breath, then focused all his strength into his right fist, while a faint mirage of a dragon appeared behind him.

“Brother Ye is a dragon?” Bai Hai suddenly asked.

The others all shook their heads. Only Xia Keke understood that Ye Zichen was using the power of the dragon race’s secret manual.

Dragons have always been famous for their strength. Of course there were elemental dragons, but dragons were undoubtedly the physically strongest in the Beast Region.

Since he’s using it, then it looks like he’s going to try and break the record.

“Boss, don’t takeover my record!”


Ye Zichen swung his first the moment Gou Yuzhan spoke.

Wind whirled around his fist, while Mu Chengtian actually wobbled and nearly flew up into the air.


“1. Currently ranked in the twenty second place!”

“You’re screwing me over!” Ye Zichen cursed with bloodshot eyes. My score couldn’t have been 1. This cheat is way too obvious.

“Everything is based on the numbers shown by the machine. What right do you have to say that I screwed you over? Do you have any proof!?” A chuckled sounded out in the air.

Ye Zichen nodded, then walked back to his group.

“Zichen-ge, don’t get mad,” Xia Keke held Ye Zichen’s hand.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a frown, “I just wonder what sort of tricks this old guy will pull this time.”


At that moment, a huge golden bell appeared in the air.

The bell glimmered, and there was an image of a pine on the surface.

“The Sky Trembling Bell. It is a top notch controlling type divine artifact. This is for the one in first place.”

The bell gradually shrank until it became the size of a palm before flying in front of Gou Yuzhan.

Gou Yuzhan grabbed it in excitement.

Ye Zichen wanted to stop him in fear of it being transformed from a poisonous snake, but then realized that it was a real divine artifact.

What’s going on? Ye Zichen frowned. This is different from what I expected.

“Heh, I didn’t expect the chief disciple of the Hundred Flowers Gate to be their cohort,” someone who Ye Zichen didn’t recognize shouted angrily in the group. “There’s a plot behind this competition? Hmph, isn’t it just because you didn’t want us to get first place to get the divine artifact? As the head of the three gates, I can’t believe the Hundred Flowers Gate would do something like this!”

“I saw her walk over with those people just now. Seriously, although she has a pretty face, she thinks about such ploys.”


“I agree…”

Plenty of people agreed, including Ma Teng, Earth Traveler Sun’s disciple.

“I didn’t, I really didn’t…” Li Jiayi bit her lips and shook her head as the people around her shouted angrily.

Yet, her actions only made the people around her even cockier.

“Come back,” a hand pulled Li Jiayi by the arm. Li Jiayi turned around and saw Ye Zichen scan the group coldly. “Can you guys be more logical?”

“Heh, you want to speak up for your person now? What a joke!”

“Joke? What I said where merely my guesses. It was all for the sake of getting my friends to pass the stage safely. Li Jiayi told you in good will because she’s kind and didn’t want you all to die. What’s more, you had the choice to believe it or not. You were scared of the danger and didn’t dare to get a high score, but now that you see an actual divine artifact, you are criticizing her. You people seriously know how to thank people!” Ye Zichen smiled mockingly. “Then again, even if we did it for the divine artifact, what are you going to do about it?”

Ye Zichen came off extremely strongly.

When Qiu Yuan noticed him, he tried to sneak over, only to be grabbed by Ma Teng once again, who also snorted. “What? You have to give us an explanation!”

“I’m right here. If you want to say anything, then bring it!”

Raging wind began to blow.

Ye Zichen merely stood straight up in front of Li Jiayi, and looked at the people in front of him fearlessly.

“Who allowed you to fight here? Do you all want to be killed?”

Everybody else turned quiet when they heard the voice.

Ye Zichen snorted, then looked up, “Since this stage has ended, then let’s begin the next stage.”

“Who said it’s over?” the voice said in a meaningful manner. “If the second stage is so simple, then wouldn’t I be at a loss for giving out a divine artifact?”

“Then what do you want!?” Ye Zichen’s eyes twitched. I knew this geezer wouldn’t be so nice.

“Aside from the first place in the test of strength just now, everyone has to participate in this next section of the game – The Hell Test!”

The expressions of the players drastically changed when they heard the name…

“The difficulty will increase the lower down on the rankings for the test of strength. If the one for the second place is dead easy, then it will be at a nightmare difficulty for the last place. Since it’s a game, then it’ll only be interesting when it’s exciting. Challenge the extremes and break through your limits. This might even be able to let you improve your strength.”


Ye Zichen gritted his teeth tightly together.

No wonder…

I was wondering why the geezer gave me a “1”. I thought my actions ended up costing Gou Yuzhan.

But no, this was actually what was waiting for me.

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