Chapter 576 A Test of Strength

Chapter 576 – A Test of Strength

“Third Fatty!” Ye Zichen immediately grabbed Third Fatty Jin by his shoulders, and pressed him down, while channeling spiritual energy into his body to stop his blood from boiling.

“Boss Ye, I’m fine. I have thick skin,” Third Fatty Jin smiled, but Ye Zichen still chose to leave a bit of spiritual energy behind in his body, before standing up and shouting towards the sky.

“Niflheim Dragon, you set a trap to lure us in to act like toys for your enjoyment. What? Can we not talk about it? You can act in such a dictator-like manner just because you’re a mighty god, and we’re cultivators!?”

“Youngster, you want to challenge me!?”

The atmosphere in the surrounding area became more serious, but Ye Zichen merely looked up with a smile.

“So what if I am? So what if you’re a god? Didn’t you still die? You left behind Mount Supreme and told others that it was for training the juniors, but it is merely a game. I heard that although you loved playing around while you were alive, you never joked around with people’s lives. Did your mind get twisted when you died? A shameless god like you deserved to die.”

“Heh! I have no time for you. I said it already, if anyone else dares to complain, then die! You can try!”

Nobody expected him to say something like that. Although it was still coming off strong, but it kind of seemed like he… gave in.

“It can’t be!” Bai Hai gave Ye Zichen a thumbs-up secretly. Ye Zichen was definitely the first person he has seen who dared to go against a Supreme like that, especially since Ye Zichen was only of the Human Immortal level.

“I really am speechless,” Ruan Qingtian also gave Ye Zichen a thumbs-up in secret.

“Do you want to die!?” Zuo Mo yanked Ye Zichen. She was completely shocked by the conversation earlier. What if the Supreme got mad and killed him?

Ye Zichen didn’t mind so much. After all, he was about to change his equipment.

I got the divine artifact, and didn’t even get to use it once. If he dares to do anything against me, then I’ll blind him!

“Heh, Stage 2, start.”


A huge strength-tester-machine like machinery suddenly appeared. Then, the voice spoke up once more.

“As you can see, it is a test of strength. Hit it as strong as you can. The first person in the rankings will have a divine artifact as their reward. As for the order, just follow the order in which you formed your teams!”

A simple test of strength!

The first place can get a divine artifact.

Everyone was excited, and wanted to do their best.

Only Ye Zichen frowned. From how he was nearly screwed over twice, Ye Zichen felt like it was not going to be that simple.

“Don’t use your full strength later. Just keep your ranking in the middle for this competition of divine artifacts. There are plenty of divine artifacts waiting for us in the future.”

“Why?” Third Fatty Jin raised his eyebrows. “Boss, I’m really strong.”

“Stop bragging. You want to use spiritual energy even though you got injured so much? Just make sure that you’re not in the last place,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

“Brother Ye, do you know something?” Bai Hai couldn’t help but ask.

“Why should I tell you. Ugh, oh yeah, we aren’t really close, so why are you moving so close to me?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “We only met once before Mount Supreme.”

“Brother Ye, don’t kid around. They saw people get familiar the second time they meet. It was our second meeting before we entered the mountain, so this is already the third meeting, so we should be friends!” Bai Hai smiled, then indicated towards Li Jiayi with a smirk. “Brother Ye isn’t even going to tell her?”

“Fine, much wow. But I don’t want to explain in detail. I said don’t use your full strength, so don’t. Believe me if you want. Tell Li Jiayi later. She’ll definitely believe what I said,” Ye Zichen said impatiently.

Bai Hai nodded with a smile, then walked over to tell LI Jiayi something.

Not long later, Li Jiayi glanced over at Ye Zichen. When she saw Ye Zichen wave at her, she turned around coldly once more.

“Brother Ye, the outsiders are gone, so you can tell us now, right?” asked Ruan Qingtian.

“I’m just guessing, but we should be careful,” with that, Ye Zichen told them about what he had encountered right after entering Mount Supreme, and in the cave.

“So that’s the case,” Ruan Qingtian nodded. “Alright, I’ll believe Brother Ye. What’s more, Brother Ye shouldn’t worry so much. There are experts from all the realms here, even if we use our full strength, we might not get first place. Let’s just do as Brother Ye said. After all, staying safe is the key.”

“Group three!”

“It’s our turn,” Xia Keke skipped over, then punched the machine softly.

“17494, currently in first place!”

Everyone was completely shocked when they heard the score Xia Keke got.

Her score was more than twice that of the previous first place.

Yet, Xia Keke frowned when she heard the number, then she looked towards Ye Zichen nervously.

She really didn’t put any strength into it.

“ZIchen-ge,” Xai Keke walked over with a sob.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes as he looked at the data, then touched her head, “Don’t worry, there are more people after you.”

Bang, bang, bang.

A few more people went up, but their highest score was merely about twelve thousand, and that was when Lil’ White hit as hard as he could.

“What should I do!”

Xia Keke stomped her feet anxiously. Then…

“Group Seven!”

“Boss Ye, I’m going first,” Gou Yuzhan ran over, and punched…

“33756, currently in first place.”

“Haha, boss. See? I’m amazing aren’t I?” Gou Yuzhan laughed out loud, then walked over. Yet, when he got to where Ye Zichen was…


Ye Zichen kicked him onto the floor.

I told them not to get such a high score. Is this guy deaf? He actually nearly doubled Xia Keke’s!

“What? Boss. I’m number one. I’ll get a divine artifact, it’s worth a lot!”

“Worth a lot, worth a lot!” Ye Zichen clenched his teeth. Just what the heck is he thinking? It’s either food or money! Doesn’t he think about anything else!?

“Boss, what are you doing!?”

“Did you treat what I said just now as a joke!? Who can break your record now?”

“Why should I let others break it? Getting first place to get the divine artifact is great. Didn’t you hear what the geezer said? A divine artifact for the first place. Do you know how much that’s worth?” Gou Yuzhan shouted. “The Great Sage’s Ruyi Jingu Bang I apparently worth more than a trillion!”

“Ugh…” Ye Zichen glared at Gou Yuzhan. This money lover!

His only thinking about money!

“Boss, calm down!” Third Fatty Jin quickly yanked Ye Zichen.

Only then did he let out a long sigh, then glared at Gou Yuzhan once more, “This is all your fault.”

He gritted his teeth, then walked forward…

“Wait, I want you to get tested last!”

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